Chapter 45. Businessman Kang Chul-In

Lee Chae-Rin decided to return to the Pangaea continent first and wait for Kang Chul-In there.

5 days later.

After making the excuse that he was taking a vacation, Kang Chul-In spent lots of time with his mother. After that, he went to met Old Man Kwon before deciding to meet Lee Chae-Rin again. It was to discuss the trade going on between the Pangaea continent and Earth.

“Soon, my territory’s economy will be able to grow.”

While heading to Yongsan (a place in Seoul), Kang Chul-In thought of the contract he had made with Lee Chae-Rin with his eyes shining.

The contract was wonderful.

It was beneficial to both sides, and even Lee Chae-Rin was right when she said they would both be happy with it.

It was good for her as she would gain the protection of Kang Chul-In, and it was good for him as his economic might would increase. It was time for the immense synergy of both economic and military might.

Since he was so broke, he couldn’t even use his “cosmic force” ability. Instead of expanding his territory or buying units, he had to spend his precious money on hunting the Peacock Dragons.

But by being able to solve this request well, he would be able to aim for total domination of the Eastern Plains. Dominating the Pandemonium region. This was Kang Chul-In’s number one priority right now.

“Hey, it’s you! Good thing you came. Kuhahaha.”

Old Man Kwon was greeting him as if...

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