Chapter 42. Trade and Alliance (1)

Kang Chul-In went back to Earth through the warp gate as soon as he recovered.

“Please be swift. I, Lucia, will wait for my lord.”

Lucia saw him out.

Laputa’s most trusted advisers were too busy executing Kang Chul-In’s “Special orders”. They had to accomplish all of their given orders before he came back.

“It’s going to be around 2 weeks.”

“That is too long.”

“My hands are tied. I have business back home.”

“I am afraid that I might wither to death while waiting for you my lord.”


“Please remember that I am waiting for you and hurry back.”

Lucia looked like she was in such despair; she looked like a puppy that lost its master.

I really don’t understand why she acts like this recently.

Kang Chul-In could not get used to Lucia’s change after the hunt. He also thought that he was not like her.

Think about it.

167cm, cup size well over D, a skinny waist, broad pelvis, and nice thighs. Lucia was a merciless idol who easily outranked other females.

And her face?

She had sharp eyes as well as glasses, making her a “cool beauty”, which...

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