Chapter 41. Kang Chul-In also has a limit.

“… what could happen to that fellow?”

Kang Chul-In answered with a grim voice as he was fatigued.

“He is recovering from the trauma, but due to the exhaustion of losing extreme amounts of mana, it seems that the flow of mana was mixed up. If we leave it like that, I think he won’t make it through the night….!”

The matter was pretty serious.

“So, it was that.”

But Kang Chul-In’s thoughts were different. He knew how to improve Dorian’s condition. There was a very simple and easy way.

“Cut the heart of the Peacock Dragon in half and feed it to him. Help him absorb the mana. He will be fine.”

Half of the female Peacock Dragon’s heart. That’s enough to fix Dorian’s condition.


Lucia was surprised.

“Dragon Heart is a spirit elixir. I think that Mr. Dorian’s life is important, but it is a treasure…..!”



“Lucia, don’t look at me like some small fry.”

“I, how would I dare to see Your Majesty as such a disgraceful thing?!”

Lucia glared to show she was being treated unfairly.

“How can you draw a big picture by being stingy? It seems like the value of the Peacock Dragon’s heart made your hands tremble. I just want to do my best for the future instead...

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