Chapter 355: Epilogue (2)

“Huh?” Desdemona’s eyes widened. “The programme code of Erinyes?” 

“That’s right.” 

“Why do you ask?” 

It was a pretty unexpected question. It had already been five years since they defeated the Agnaga. The Agnaga that threatened Earth and Pangaea no longer existed. They were perfectly extinct, so why was Kang Chul-In asking for the programme code? 

“I need it.” 

“Huh?” Desdemona was surprised once again. “W-Why do you need it? Don’t tell me...” 

“No.” Kang Chul-In shook his head. “There’s no third coming of the Agnaga, of course.” 

That certainly had nothing to do with Desdemona’s concern. 


“I have a plan.” 

“What sort of plan requires the programme code of Erinyes?” 



“I plan to create a virtual world with similar conditions as Pangaea.” 

That came out of nowhere. Why was he trying to create a virtual world with similar conditions as Pangaea? Desdemona could not comprehend his rationale. 

“Why? Are you perhaps bored…? Could it be that you want to make your own virtual world and play in it?” 


“You know. Playing lord with some humans, like last time.” 

By last time, Desdemona was referring to the time when Kang Chul-In had just become a Lord after the Great Summoning. In other words, Desdemona believed that Kang Chul-In wanted to play a game. 

“That’s an interesting idea.” Kang Chul-In smiled faintly. “That may be quite fun. To return to those days...” 

Kang Chul-In recalled his past. That was when he had first become a Lord – 20 years ago, if he included the past that no longer existed. He could barely remember those days. 

Those were the good times. Kang Chul-in smiled. That might have been the most exciting period of my life... 

It wasn’t just exciting. Kang Chul-In had a burning enthusiasm when he...

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