Chapter 354: Epilogue (1)

Two years later, Metallia, in the Laputa Castle... 

“Hmm…!” Kang Chul-In was nervous. “Hmm… hmm…!” 

In fact, he was extremely restless. 

“Honey… Why are you so restless…? You have to maintain your composure.” Lee Chae-Rin told him. 

“That’s right, your imperial Majesty… Please calm down.” Skadi agreed with Lee Chae-Rin. 

“Oppa… you are not acting like an emperor now; do you know that?” Han Ye-Sun, who had become his fourth wife after Skadi, also reprimanded him. 

“Why are you so distressed!?” Desdemona, his fifth wife, pouted. 

“What?” Hecate, his sixth wife, had a strange look on her face. “My husband had this side to him?” 

She was right. Truly, the current Kang Chul-In did not seem like the emperor at all. Nobody would believe that he was the ruler of Pangaea. He had restless eyes, cold sweats, and fidgety fingers. In fact, he didn’t even act like a man. However, he had a clear reason for that.

“Heung… should I get pregnant too? Will he be this anxious at that time, too?” Hecate narrowed her eyes and spoke. 

“What? Pregnant?” Desdemona turned around to face her. “Hey, Hecate. What are you saying?” 

“What’s wrong, elder sister?” Hecate asked. 

“There’s an order to everything, don’t you know? How can the youngest get pregnant earlier than the older ones? Huh?” 

“Why not?” 


“Who says there’s an order to who gets pregnant first?” 

That was right. Kang Chul-In was nervous because of a pregnancy. To be exact... 


Ninetails, his first wife, was about to give birth!

“Are you telling me that you will have a baby before me?” Desdemona asked Hecate again.

“Why not?” Hecate replied curtly. 

“You…!” Desdemona was about to explode due to Hecate’s disrespectful behaviour. 

“Kyaaaaa!” Ninetails’ scream echoed from within...

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