Chapter 352: The Final Frontier (1)

“Could it be...” 

“You are right.” Desdemona nodded. “Rindermergel must be waking up.” 

“We are running out of time.” 

“Yes, we have to hurry! We don’t have time!” 

“I will go first.” Kang Chul-In made his move. “I will send you the coordinates when I arrive. Can you warp the imperial army accordingly?” 

That was Desdemona’s role. Kang Chul-In would send Desdemona the location coordinates using the Core of Pangaea, where she would then warp the army. 

“Of course.” Desdemona nodded. “I will make the preparations. Hurry and go.” 

“Well then, see you later.” Kang Chul-In leaped off the ground immediately. 


Meanwhile, the great conqueror who was never meant to exist in this universe had resurrected in the Moscow Kremlin...

Thump! With tremendous sound, 

Thump, thump! ‘He’ began to make his move. 


Thick sulfuric mist spewed out like steam from his mouth. It was truly a sight to behold. Over 4 meters tall, ‘he’ was even more intimidating than the great demons of hell. Red lava could be seen within the cracks on his matte black skin. His eyes gleamed with a great demon’s chaos and primitive malice. His wings flapped threateningly, as if trying to contaminate the whole world with darkness. 

“Finally.” Rindermergel the Relentless Eater spoke for the first time. His voice instilled despair and anguish in his audience. 

“Well done, Milenius.” Rindermergel paid his respects to the dead Milenius, but that was all he was going to do. Rindermergel was the parent of his species as he possessed the DNA of all high-class Agnagas. Therefore, all...

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