Chapter 351: The Descent of the Imperial Army!


The North Korean soldiers were flabbergasted. What was that gigantic building? The reddish-brown castle was about twenty times the size of a domed stadium. It had an overwhelming splendor that made everyone gasp in awe. 

The building that Kang Chul-In had summoned was the largest and the most grandiose building in Pangaea. It was none other than Laputa, the Sky Fortress, also known as the landmark of Metallia, the Valhalla Empire’s capital! 

Flash! There was another flash of light. An airship as large as an aircraft carrier revealed itself. It was Overlord Hecate’s Temeraire. 

Flash, flash, flash, flash! The flash of lights were relentless. A huge stingray with a castle on its back, a ghost ship made of ectoplasm, a gigantic whale that could swim across the sky… various fantasy-like infrastructures appeared and floated in the sky. They were buildings that belonged to both the existing Lords and Erinyes. 

Why were they summoned to Earth by Kang Chul-In? It was because Kang Chul-In was the true emperor of Pangaea – the one who ruled over all! 

Flash! With a final flash, ‘they’ arrived on Earth-- over one million soldiers. Comprising 700,000 humans and 300,000 non-humans, the Valhalla imperial army made its appearance. 

“Go.” Kang Chul-In commanded. “Kill them all.” 


“Long live the Valhalla Empire!” 


“Long live his imperial Majesty, Kang Chul-In!”


Over a million soldiers charged viciously at the...

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