Chapter 350: Agnaga Invade Earth (2)

The battle at Kaesong was broadcasted live on television for everyone in South Korea to watch. The defense line fell in a blink of an eye. Over 3000 North Korean tanks exploded into bits. 

Even the more advanced 3rd and 4th generation Russian tanks had exploded hopelessly. Therefore, it was impossible for those inferior North Korean tanks to resist the advancement of the Agnaga army. In fact, they lacked the stability to even fire properly. 

That wasn’t all. MiG-17 fighter jets of the North Korean Airforce were shot down like paper planes by the Agnaga air units called ‘Stingray.’ 

There was an incapacitation of the army and a lack of air superiority. These two factors led to a massacre of the North Korean soldiers. 





They were helpless against the charging Agnaga soldiers. It was because the AK47 bullets made in North Korea couldn’t penetrate the thin barrier surrounding the Agnaga soldiers, and even if the bullets could, they would have lost their kinetic energy and hence be unable to inflict damage on the Agnaga soldiers’ tough skin and muscle.

The frontline of the Agnaga army became cannon fodder, allowing the main troop to charge into the North Korean army and create chaos. Ordinary humans...

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