Chapter 349: Agnaga Invade Earth

While Kang Chul-In was listening to Kwak Jung’s story, on Earth... 

  • Emergency, emergency!

A news anchor announced desperately. 

  • An army comprising millions of monsters has emerged from Irkutsk, Russia, destroying everything in sight!

Park Sun-Ja was puzzled to hear the news. “M-Monster army…?” She pondered what it could be. “Could it be similar to that incident in the past?” 

Park Sun-Ja recalled the tragic ‘Monster Gate’ incident that took place two years ago in Seoul. Monsters appeared in the city, destroying buildings and killing people. 

  • Russian president Vladimir Putzar [1] has immediately declared a state of national emergency and has requested reinforcements from the UN and United States of America. In addition, over 200,000 soldiers have died in battle. Normal weapons are ineffective against the monsters, which led the Russian president to even authorize the use of a nuclear bomb!

A nuclear bomb? Russia, which boasted the second greatest military power in the world, was considering dropping a nuclear bomb on itself. The situation clearly seemed worse than the Monster Gate incident. 

That would be the third nuclear bomb to be used in history. 

“What to do… oh no… so many people...” Park Sun-Ja grieved at the news. “Are they really going to drop a nuclear bomb? Where did those monsters come from...” 

Suddenly, Park Sun-Ja recalled the face of her most beloved man in the world. 


Those monsters were definitely associated with her son, Kang Chul-In’s, world. 

  • B-Breaking news!

The news anchor announced anxiously. 

  • A nuclear...

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