Chapter 346: The Reconstruction of Pangaea

[System Erinyes identifies Kang Chul-In, the Supreme King of the West, as the ‘Emperor’!] 

[Change in title!] 

[Job advancement!]

[Kang Chul-In’s title is changed from the ‘Supreme King of the West’ to ‘Emperor’! (King -> Emperor)] 

[Congratulations! You’ve ascended the imperial throne!] 

Kang Chul-In became sentimental upon reading this message. 


Pzzt! He could feel the electric current shooting up his entire body. His dream finally came true. Nothing in this world could stimulate this thrill and delight. Kang Chul-In went through 10 years of trial and error, had his heart pierced by his rival’s sword, and also had his head sliced off. He then returned to the past. Seeking vengeance, he had never relaxed for the past 5 years after he had returned to the past. He worked day and night. Not only did he refine his combat abilities, but he also placed an emphasis on dealing with domestic affairs.  Kang Chul-In never dismissed any paperwork and struggled to earn money to change the economic system, which previously relied on looting others. 

That wasn’t all. He suppressed his bad temper and tried his best to accommodate for all the territories he had conquered. At the same time, he never neglected his family. Kang Chul-In was a filial son to his mother,...

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