Chapter 345: Ascending to the Imperial Throne!

“Guys.” Kang Chul-In spoke. “I’ll leave those dregs to you.”

Even he couldn’t take care of all the “guardians of the nest” at once. 

“Of course, oppa.”

“Then will you give it to me once?”

“Leave it to me!”

“You can let us handle it, your Majesty!”

The nuance of each reaction was different, but the unit all complied with Kang Chul-In’s orders without any complaints. Cereb’s elimination would protect both Pangaea and the Earth. Each of their desires were different, but they could all only be possible when the world existed. They had to protect it. The world was the base of life. This fight was unavoidable for the sake of each of their dreams and desires!

-Kang Chul-In… you’ll painstakingly regret coming here!

At the same time that Cereb exuded intense brain waves,




The guardians of the Agnaga began to run towards the unit. 

Kang Chul-In smiled. “Now it’s one to one. Should we have a nice little chat?”

-That’s what I wanted, Kang Chul-In. 

While the unit and the guardians of the Agnaga were fighting, the two who were connected by an ill fate stood opposite of one another. Kang Chul-In and Lee Gong-Myung. From the past that didn’t exist anymore to now, the fate of the two were tied complicatedly. 

I’ll be able to take care of everything tod...

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