Chapter 344: An old ill-fated relationship (2)

Yes, it was true. It had been too easy to find Cereb’s location. Cereb let off brain waves 24/7 with his twelve antennas to command the Agnaga army. Because the brain wave was at a very particular frequency, it was hard to find it, but that only applied to back during the Emperor of Blood and Iron’s time. Upon realizing that the army of Agnaga moved on orders from a single being, the Emperor of Blood and Iron and Emilia had to find where Cereb was through strenuous trials and errors. 

However, Kang Chul-In was different. There was no need for him to do that. He, or to be exact, Desdemona, had a way to find out where Cereb was emitting the brain waves from. 

Thanks to her, it was easy. Desdemona informed Kang Chul-In of where Cereb was, so all he had to do was ride on Temeraire with his companions to fly into the Shatyameba territory. 

“Seems like Milenius didn’t tell you about the way to hide, hm?” He mocked the great bug. “I suppose so… that scrawny guy probably didn’t even know how the Emperor of Blood and Iron and Emilia killed Cereb in the past. He wouldn’t...

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