Chapter 331: The Battle of Styx (2)


Everyone in the Gullveig Alliance’s command center was flabbergasted.

Dead… Mei Ling was dead, with her head crushed and disfigured some more. That was a pitiful death for the Heavenly Queen of the North, the leader of the Gullveig Alliance. 

Pat, pat. Saturnus brushed the blood and cranial fluid off his hands apathetically. He didn’t show any other movements. 

“From now on.” He declared. “I, Saturnus, the Emperor of Lunacy and Night, shall take over this place.”  



In the middle of his flight, Kang Chul-In was surprised to read a notification. 

[Syncing Ectoplasm Oversuit… 13% (Approximately 521 hours, 21 minutes, 21 seconds left)]

This mysterious suit had yet to sync completely with Kang Chul-In. 


[Muscle strength, 75% increase!]

[Stamina, 64% increase!] 

[Reaction speed, 33% increase!] 

[Defense power, 16% increase!] 

[Anti-Magic power, 16% increase!]

His main abilities were upgraded significantly, and they kept rising proportionally to the sync percentage. At this rate, nothing could stop Kang Chul-In when the sync was complete. He would truly be the strongest man alive. 

In addition...

Sonic ...

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