Chapter 327: Destiny

Project Erinyes was about to be complete after incorporating the ranking system, but Emilia still didn’t rest. Countless artifacts were added into the system as [Quest Rewards] or [Shop Items]. All the knowledge and abilities of this world were contained in the system as well. 

Furthermore, magic-engineered inventions were added into Erinyes. 

“Rest a while, Emilia.” 

I immediately proceeded on with my mission to give Emilia a break. I was in charge of the final step. I selected 20 million humans regardless of their age or gender and placed them into [System Erinyes]. 

“The selected ones… is it a blessing, or a curse… I have no idea...” 

Observing them gave me mixed feelings. They had a future… someday. A new life would unfold for these people when the 300 lords and 299700 warriors from the other world arrive. However, they had to lose all of their memories of their current lives. Moreover, I could not promise them that the future would hold a better...

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