Chapter 310: The Ragnark Begins! (1)

“Just to make it clear, I’m not trying to mock you, Brynhildr.” 


“But the truth...” 

“I will prove it.” 


“I do acknowledge my previous defeats. However...” 

Flicker! A bluish flame began to envelop Brynhildr. 

Shiver! Mei Ling almost collapsed from Brynhildr’s vicious spirit. 

“Not anymore.” 

Brynhildr placed an emphasis on his words. 

“I’ve become stronger.” 


“Do you know why I had left my post? It was because I was fully indulged in radical and agonizing training.” 

“I-I see...” 

“Do you know why I showed up again?” 


There was no need for explanation. Brynhildr had clearly gotten stronger. Through his asceticism, he had achieved a certain degree of improvement that gave him the confidence to defeat Kang Chul-In. That was why he returned to the Gullveig Alliance!

“Take a look for yourself.” 

Brynhildr spoke. 

“L-Look at what?” 

“Can’t you see?” 


Mei Ling was puzzled. 

“What are you asking me to look at...” 

At that moment... 

Crack! A nearby desk was split into half. 


Mei Ling was appalled. When and how did he even cut the desk? This was astonishing speed indeed. 


That wasn’t all. 

Crack! The bookshelves broke as well. 

Slice! So did the curtains.


Crack, crack, clang! The objects in the office began to break one by one. 


Mei Ling was lost for words. 


Extreme speed? No, that wasn’t good enough of a description. Light speed. Yes, light speed! Brynhildr had managed to surpass human limits!

“Your Majesty.” 

Brynhildr spoke in a staunch and charismatic voice. 


“Is this...” 

“Good enough…! It’s more than enough!” 

In the end, Mei Ling had to acknowledge Brynhildr’s strength. How couldn’t she? She had just witnessed the greatest speed with her very own eyes, after all. 


“Yes, your Majesty.” 

“I hereby appoint you as the general of the army, and I leave you to fight with Kang Chul-In.” 

Mei Ling’s decision was to no one’s surprise. To be honest, she had no reason to not take Brynhildr in, even if he hadn’t increased his strength. Heavy hitters like him were rare. In fact, he was one of the strongest warriors in Pangaea. To top it all off, he had mastered light-speed sword skills. It was quite a serendipity. 

“That’s not all, of course. I will...” 

Mei Ling tried to offer him more rewards but, 

“I don’t need it.” 


“I only care about my battle with Kang Chul-In.” 

Brynhildr denied Mei Ling’s proposal in advance. 

“Your Majesty. I only live to stop Kang Chul-In’s rampage, not to gain wealth and honor.” 

“Is that so…?” 



“Let me tell you first. I will leave you after I achieve my goal.” 


Brynhildr was drawing the line. He was stating that their relationship was a pure partnership, not that of a sovereign and subject. 

“Brynhildr… seems like it’s impossible to earn your loyalty… not even my late husband couldn’t...” 

“I’m sorry.” 

“N-No… I understand that you do not wish to be tied down. I shall not force it. You and I will be partners with a common enemy.” 

“Yes, your Majesty.” 

“In return… I hope you strictly uphold the military law at the very least. Although you are strong and worthy of respect, I can’t let our army’s discipline slack.” 

“Don’t worry.”

Brynhildr nodded. 

“Moreover, I wish to respectfully decline any events like commission ceremonies.” 


“Yes, then I will excuse myself...” 

Brynhildr cautiously walked away from Mei Ling.  


At that moment... 

His hand…? 

Mei Ling detected something peculiar from Bryhildr’s back view. It was a snow-white hand. Brynhildr wasn’t wearing a gauntlet on one hand. His hand was thin, white and beautiful.

It was as if...

A girl?!

As if Brynhildr was a girl. 


It was too early to jump to conclusions. Mei Ling only noticed Brynhildr’s pretty hand and failed to notice another peculiarity. On his ring finger was a light blue ring that was absent in the past...


“Roll left.” 


“Roll right.” 






“Roll right, stand, roll left, roll left, roll left, roll left, roll right, don’t stand and then roll right.” 


Vulkan, who had been rolling diligently according to Kang Chul-In’s order, was suddenly dumbfounded. 

“Got it wrong, huh?” 


“Time for some punishment.” 


“Bite the bullet.” 

Kang Chul-In clenched his fist with a ghastly expression. 


The thousand-year-old monkey had to experience bone-shattering pain and scream in agony. 

“Wow… he really has no mercy...” 

Hecate marveled. 

“How could a human be so cunning?” 

“Hmm… a bit too brutal, huh?” 

Dorian agreed. 

“Kang Chul-In’s personality is really...” 

“Really my type...” 


“How should I say… it’s very stimulating? Just my style. Also...” 


“He seems to be amazing in bed, according to the rumors. How can I not be tempted?” 

“Ah, okay...” 

Dorian, absolutely appalled by Hecate’s eccentric taste, refused to comment further. 

This person is a complete psychopath… why do women even crave for a guy like that…? 

Dorian, who was ‘somewhat normal’, couldn’t comprehend this phenomenon at all. 

“Oi, monkey.” 

“Yes sir?” 

“Let me give you a job.” 

Kang Chul-In stopped beating Vulkan into a pulp and began to engage in real business. 

Clang! Kaiforce and Mitra were casually tossed at Vulkan’s feet. 


“You are a blacksmith, aren’t you?” 

“T-That’s right?” 

“Then do your work, monkey.” 

“Do what…?”



“I heard that you are capable of upgrading an Epic-rank item to Immortal-rank.” 

“Y-Yes, I certainly can! Just these two?” 

Vulkan hurriedly replied. He didn’t want to get beaten up anymore. All he wished was for this devil to scram as soon as possible. 

“Can you upgrade more?”  

“I can upgrade up to four items. Anymore and...” 

“You can’t?” 

“Yes… skills aside, it is extremely costly to craft an Immortal-rank item… it’s not like money can solve that issue too...” 

“I understand.” 

Kang Chul-In nodded. The materials needed could be difficult to obtain even with money. 



“Do you happen to have the Seal of Pardon… without that, I can’t craft an Immortal-rank item, even if you beat me to death.” 

“Seal of Pardon?” 

“Yes… I need that to...” 

“Are you talking about this?” 

Kang Chul-In brandished the [Item Upgrade Ticket], which he had received from the system just now. 


Vulkan gasped. 

“T-That’s it! That’s definitely the Seal of Pardon! Oh…! Dear god…!” 


“Finally… finally…! Keeeeeeek!” 

Vulkan began to roar with his both fists clenched. A dramatic response indeed. 

“You are noisy.” 


“Didn’t I tell you to shut up?” 

To Kang Chul-In, Vulkan’s emotional response was nothing but an animal’s rabid cry. 


“Ignoring me, huh?” 



Bam! Kang Chul-In smashed his fist on Vulkan’s head. 


Vulkan screamed in pain, with his hands wrapped around his head. 

“Need more?” 

“S-Sorry… I was just so happy...” 


“I-I need three Seals of Pardon to escape this place...” 

“Escape? What escape?” 

“Actually, this place is...” 

“Ah, forget it.” 

Kang Chul-In waved his hand. 

“I don’t want to hear your business. Just do your work.” 

“Ah, alright!” 

Despite Kang Chul-In’s merciless violence, Vulkan brimmed with excitement and immediately began to work on Kaiforce and Mitra. 

“Mine too!” 

“Here, monkey.” 

Dorian and Hecate also handed their items and Seals of Pardon to Vulkan. 

“Just give me two days! I will upgrade your items in no time! Hahahaha~! Keek! Keeeeek!” 

Nobody knew what Vulkan was so happy about. It was smiling widely with its pink gums showing. 

“Meanwhile, we shall...” 

Kang Chul-In spoke. 

“…Have our meal. Oi, idiot!” 


“Prepare the meal.” 

“M-Me? Why me!?” 

“You dare to tag along for free and not do anything…?” 

“How about Hecate!?” 

Dorian pointed at Hecate. 

“Tell that...” 

“I want to eat food, not poison.” 


“Hecate is horrible at cooking.” 


“I would rather eat pig feed than to eat her food...” 

At that moment. 


Hecate shouted angrily. 

“How do you know!? Huh? You’ve never even tasted my cooking before!” 


Kang Chul-In suddenly froze, having realized his mistake. 

“I-I… shall excuse myself for some sightseeing.” 

Kang Chul-In hurriedly left the place. 


The Valhalla army led by Lucia marched towards Venedig at an incredible speed. There were 150,000 soldiers. That was purely comprised of combat-capable soldiers, excluding the supply squad. In other words, Valhalla’s army was the largest homogenous army in Pangaea at the moment. 

Two days later, the Gullveig Alliance commenced their expedition despite the chaotic atmosphere due to Vilhelm and Ao Xin’s death. They had about 450,000 soldiers. That was three times the strength of the Valhalla army. 150,000 vs 450,000. It would be an immensely large-scaled war involving over 600,000 soldiers in total. 

-Receiving orders from the commander-in-chief. Men, march faster! 

Kwak Jung, who had recovered somewhat, returned to his duties immediately. He was now riding a carriage and commanding the Valhalla army. 

-We can’t afford to camp today. Endure. Keep walking even if your feet blister. We have to reach Venedig by tomorrow morning! 

It was a tall order but, 

“Yes, commander-in-chief!” 

The soldiers replied loudly and heeded their leader’s order. They had to. If Kang Chul-In was the God of War, Kwak Jung was the ‘electronic brain’ who led the army to victory like a navigator. Thus, the soldiers believed that there was a reason for every instruction that was passed down from their tactician. After all, Kwak Jung’s tactics were incomprehensible for laymen. 

If we position the army in Venedig and wait for his Majesty to join...

Kwak Jung began to brainstorm. His head began to throb intensely, but he didn’t falter. 



“There’s an urgent message from Venedig!” 

The carriage door swung open and a signaller made his report rather anxiously. 

“Urgent message?” 

“A fleet of ten warships appeared 3 kilometres to the north of the port...” 


“And they are attacking our naval base indiscriminately!” 

“S-Steel warships? Who in the world…?” 

A thought crossed Kwak Jung’s mind. 

“Don’t tell me…?” 

Only one person could possess steel warships in Pangaea, which was a plot of large land. It had to be the ruler of the northern archipelago, the man who became the ‘King of the North Ocean’ two days ago,  the man who was, quoting Kang Chul-In, a hikikomori amongst the Overlords. Only Neptune Spear could possess ten steel warships in Pangaea. 

“Damn it!” 

Bang! Kwak Jung slammed his fist on the shelf. 

“Forget about our pre-emptive strike… we are getting attacked first…?” 

It was an emergency. At this rate, Valhalla’s plan to quickly expedite and conquer Esmeralda was going to become obsolete. 

-This is your commander-in-chief speaking!

Kwak Jung hurriedly picked up the magic-engineered loudspeaker. That signaled the start of the war… the Kingdom of Valhalla versus the Gullveig Alliance. 

These two superpowers were about to brawl it out!

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