Chapter 304: The Impending Ragnark (1)

“Fuck off, you maggots.” 

Kang Chul-In replied to the small fries.

  • F-Fuck off?! 

“Are you deaf?” 

  • ...!

“Fuck off.” 

Not even 1% of hesitation. It was a perfect rejection. 

“How dare you maggots try to negotiate with me?” 

Kang Chul-In was visibly annoyed, but that was to be expected. He didn’t like how these third-rate dregs whom he had no prior interactions with were taking advantage of the situation. In addition, the Sharada Alliance was trivial to him. Those nations were not worthy of allying with at the cost of splitting the conquered land after battle. 

  • Kang Chul-In, aren’t you being very disrespectful here?

Grekio tried his best to suppress his rage. He had expected this reaction. The Lords knew that Kang Chul-In was an arrogant man who had a horrible temper. It was natural for someone like that to become infuriated after hearing an exorbitant demand. 

That’s right, his pride is hurt… but if we state the facts, you will change your mind, Kang Chul-In. 

Grekio let out a smile. 

  • Look, Supreme King of the West. 

He then began to reprimand Kang Chul-In with a staunch voice.  

  • Try to read the grand scheme of things!


  • Strictly speaking, aren’t you on the losing end? 

Grekio raised his voice. 

  • Look at the Gullveig Alliance’s strength, Supreme King of the West! Although you may have murdered its chairman and vice-chairman, its fertile land and well-established infrastructures still remain! Honestly, what good is pride when the enemy has three times the national power of Valhalla? 

“Hmm… that is true.” 

  • See!

Greiko began to speak with fervor after Kang Chul-In agreed to his statement. 

  • Supreme King of the West, pride alone doesn’t guarantee survival. We acknowledge that our demands are slightly exorbitant, but you have to understand that we are taking a huge risk by joining your side. 


  • As long as you can win the battle for hegemony, isn’t it still to your benefit even after the distribution of land? You will be the emperor! The Sharada Alliance shall pledge loyalty to the newly crowned emperor! 

Grekio flattered Kang Chul-In and concluded his speech. 


Kang Chul-In nodded. 

“Let’s be allies then.” 

  • ...!

“Right now.” 

  • Kueh! As expected from the Supreme King of the West! A wise choice indeed!

Grekio exclaimed in delight, thinking that Kang Chul-In was a simple and naïve man. 

“I will work out an agreement right now.” 

Suddenly, Grekio’s face stiffened. 

  • Supreme King of the West, we do not need some useless papers like that. We want a genuine agreement via a spiritual contract!

“Haven’t you heard of a provisional contract?” 

  • ...!

“An agreement is a sort of down payment. It doesn’t truly indicate the formation of an alliance.” 

  • I-Is that so?

“We can first work out the agreement, then I can make a spiritual contract just before you send me reinforcements. Isn’t that good enough?” 

  • Oh! Great idea!

“I will immediately send my secretary and her underlings to your place, so do coordinate with them. I don’t like to dilly dally when signing contracts.” 

  • Alright! We will wait! Let us open up the warp gate channel right now. 

Grekio was jubilant. 

A secretary was a Lord’s aide and often the second-in-command in a territory. 

For Kang Chul-In to send his secretary over, it meant that he had given his trust. 


Kang Chul-In smiled. 


“Yes, Your Majesty!” 

“Head immediately over to the land of Corinth, where the headquarters of the Sharada Alliance is located at!” 

“Certainly, Your Majesty!” 

Lucia began to make her way to the warp gate. 

“What a turn of events, I’ve never expected to hold hands with the Sharada Alliance.” 

  • The same goes for us, Supreme King of the West. 

“It’s an honor to fight alongside the Sharada Alliance.” 

  • Not at all!

Grekio shook his head. 

  • Don’t say such things, Supreme King of the West! It’s a great honor to fight alongside the strongest man in Pangaea. This glory will be passed down for generations to come. 

“I’m flattered!” 

  • It’s the truth!

“Quite humorous, aren’t you? Hahahaha~!” 

  • Hahahahaha~!

A hearty laugh! Kang Chul-In and Grekio continued to flatter each other, as Lucia stepped into the warp gate. After 10 minutes, when Lucia finally arrived at the Lord’s hall in Corinth, trouble began to brew. 

  • Argh!

  • Arrghhhhhh!

  • W-What is this!?

A blood bath could be seen over the monitor. 

  • How dare you!?

Lucia bellowed. 

  • You dare to live after displaying such a disrespectful attitude towards the God of War? 

  • S-Secretary Lucia!

  • I, Lucia, shall punish you all in place of His Majesty!

  • Arghhhh!

Lucia was merciless when enraged. Zenith, the Sword of Heaven, ripped enemy bodies apart, while Aegis, the Shield of God, shattered their skulls. And that wasn’t all. The phantom steeds neighed, and the spectre cavalry swung their huge swords around frantically. 


Kang Chul-In grinned as he observed the situation through his monitor. The Epic item [Owner of the Ghosts] always came in handy. He could lend it to anyone (the level of the spectre knights depended on the user’s level), hence it was very convenient. In addition, it allowed the user to conceal the size of the ghost army and did not require any maintenance fee. The only notable downside was its long cooldown time. 

  • Kang Chul-In!

Grekio, who had spent a delightful time with Kang Chul-In just moments ago, was furious at this despicable act. 

  • You are absolute scum, motherfucker!

“Why don’t you come up with better insults?” 

  • W-What!?

“Scum, fucker, bastard… I’ve heard these words so many times that I’ve become immune to them.” 

  • You crazy fucker…!

“Ah, that too.” 

Kang Chul-In shrugged. 

“Try harder.” 

  • E-Eek… eek!

Grekio wanted to tear Kang Chul-In apart in anger. 

How could a human be so evil? 

  • Kang Chul...

“Before you call my name...” 

  • ...!

“You should watch your back.” 

  • Huk!



Lucia smashed Aegis on Grekio’s head without mercy. 


Grekio’s corpse, with a shattered skull, fell limp onto the ground. 

  • Your Majesty, your humble servant has accomplished her mission!

Lucia bowed to Kang Chul-In. 

“Well done, Lucia!”  

  • I’m flattered, Your Majesty. 

 “I’ve sent an adventurer with a waypoint nearby, so return as soon as possible!” 

  • Certainly, Your Majesty!

“Return safely. Don’t get injured.” 

  • Aye!

That was the end. The Sharada Alliance had been erased off the map without a trace. 

“Hmm… what a waste of time dealing with these fools. How dare they threaten me?” 

Kang Chul-In complained. Even if it was true that he was in a tough spot, he didn’t want to hold hands with such incapable opportunists. Well, he could have reconsidered if even one of them had a remarkable ability. 

“Your Majesty!”

At that moment... 

“Tactician Kwak is awake!” 

“Is that so?” 

Kang Chul-In stood up from his throne. 

“Let’s go! I have to meet Kwak Jung!” 

It was brutal to discuss work-related matters with a patient who had just woken up from a coma, but Kang Chul-In didn’t falter. It was inevitable.Since the Gullveig Alliance had already declared war, Ragnarök was about to begin.  


Meanwhile, the Gullveig Alliance was enveloped in a mournful and grievous atmosphere. 

“Oppa! Sob!” 

Mei Ling screamed herself hoarse at Vilhelm and Ao Xin’s funeral. 

“Kang Chul-In… Kang Chul-Innnn!” 

She detested him more than ever, but that was a given. Kang Chul-In was the reason why her married life had been in shambles, and also why her brother had died. 

“Lady Mei Ling.” 

A man approached Mei Ling, who was on the verge of losing her mind from anger. 

“Please calm down.” 

“W-What did you say?” 

“This is not the time to be furious.” 

“Are you kidding me? My brother and husband were murdered by Kang Chul-In. If you were in my shoes, would you be...” 

“Are you going to give Kang Chul-In more time?” 


“You have to be cool-headed in situations like this, lady Mei Ling! While you are mourning, Kang Chul-In is already making preparations to fight our army!” 

“T-That is!” 

He was absolutely right. Kang Chul-In was indeed getting ready for the upcoming war. 

“Lady Mei Ling, our alliance needs your help to respond swiftly!” 


That’s right. The man who approached Mei Ling was none other than Andrei Ivanovic, the rank 2 Overlord. 

“I do understand that my remarks may sound opportunistic, with an interior motive to take over the Gullveig Alliance.” 


“But there was no other alternative. I have to step up to deal with this chaos and launch a preemptive strike on Valhalla.” 

“B-But I don’t have any power to help!”  

“You do!” 

Andrei emphasized.


“I will find you later.” 


“We need to talk privately. Probably after the sun sets.” 

“I-I see… how about the location?” 

“Leave it to me. Well then, see you later...” 

With that, Andrei Ivanovic passed by Mei Ling with ghost-like movements. 

W-What is he thinking? 

Mei Ling couldn’t comprehend Andrei at all. 


“How are you feeling?” 

“Err… not too great actually… sniff sniff...” 

Kwak Jung’s face was pale. 

“Damn it. Why did this happen to me? This is so unfair… a fortune teller… to think that I’m a shaman now… eek!” 


“Do I have to flip tarot cards and read palms now? And interact with the spiritual realm?” 

Kwak Jung groaned. He seemed unaware of the difference between an oracle and a shaman. 

What an idiot. 

Thanks to that, Kang Chul-In had to doubt the intelligence of his most brilliant underling. 

“Keuk… by any chance, am I sick because a ghost possessed me?” 

“Not at all?” 

“T-Then what is it?” 


Kang Chul-In was lazy, but he still explained the oracle algorithm to Kwak Jung. The intelligent latter could clearly understand his condition now. 

“Ah, so that’s the reason? It’s because I’m too brilliant? Wow…” 

“It’s hard to believe… but yes, seems like it.” 

“Ha… no wonder they say geniuses die young.” 


“Am I now a bed-ridden tactician? Just like Zhuge Liang?” 


For a moment, Kang Chul-In almost wanted to punch Kwak Jung for spouting such bullshit. A bed-ridden tactician? What kind of nonsense was that?

“Enough with your bullshit. Just seal your prophetic ability, you hear me?” 

“Of course I will. I wanna live long, for as long as I possibly can.” 


“Urgh… but it still bothers me… welp...” 

“Save your depression for later. Let’s talk about work.” 

Kang Chul-In told Kwak Jung. 


He then swiftly listed out the sequel of events that had happened. He wanted to make it short and sweet to give more rest time to Kwak Jung. 

“Did Vilhelm and Ao Xin really die?” 

Kwak Jung’s eyes widened. 

“You heard me.” 

“B-But… wow… I’m shocked… that black silhouette bastard… what an insane...” 

It was at that moment. 


Kwak Jung tilted his head. 

“Y-your Majesty?” 


“I-I remember now!” 


“That black silhouette!” 

He exclaimed. 

“I can recall who it is!” 


Kang Chul-In also exclaimed. 

“Who is that person who returned from the past!” 



“Andrei, Andrei Ivanovic… it’s that bastard! That mosquito bastard!” 


“And that bastard, he isn’t the real Andrei Ivanovic. He is actually...” 

Kwak Jung began to speak the truth about this mysterious villain. 

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