Chapter 298: Desdemona’s Humiliation

The ending of Kang Chul-In and Desdemona’s fight could be explained by one word: Carelessness. It was the decisive factor in Desdemona losing. If she had left the Lord’s Hall and returned to her true form to fight with Kang Chul-In, victory would definitely have been Desdemona’s. No, not just victory. She would’ve completely pushed Kang Chl-In down. She could’ve easily deflected Kang Chul-In’s attacks and she could have used level-11 and level-12 magic to break through his S++ skill. 

However, she didn’t do that. It was because she never would’ve imagined that her life would be in danger in her human body. Also, Desdemona’s battle experience wasn’t that high because she had been so powerful. All the battles she fought beforehand were one-sidedly in her favor. 


Desdemona trembled as she faded away. An intense pain was whipping inside of her. Mitra had a vortex property that was whirling around in her body so her internal organs would obviously be crushed. 

I… lost to a m-mere human?

And with that thought, 


Desdemona fell. 


Everyone was surprised. 

“H-His Majesty…”

Especially Drakan. 

“Defeated a… true dragon?”

It was impossible for Kang Chul-In to defeat a true dragon no matter how strong he was. It was nature’s law that a human couldn’t win against a true dragon, but he had won. Although Desdemona had lost during an attack while she was changing into her true form, there was no doubt that Kang Chul-In was victorious. 

“This powerful little girl.”

Kang Chul-In was also surprised. 

“She survived even after being hit with that?”

Mitra was a holy sword, but that was only when its opponents were human. Desdemona was a dragon, one that would be extremely weak against Mitra’s properties. The fact her body hadn’t exploded even with a vortex inside of her meant that her physique was beyond imagination. 

It was even more shocking that she wasn’t dead, but had just fainted. There was probably no stronger living being in the world than her. 

“If we actually went at it… I would’ve died.”

The proud Kang Chul-In couldn’t help but acknowledge it as well. If she had succeeded in changing, he would’ve most definitely lost. Oraclomind was telling him that the amount of mana within Desdemona wasn’t something a human could handle. Kang Chul-In could feel an immense amount of mana that he wouldn’t have been able to look at even back when he was at his strongest. 

“Well, since I did win…”

It wasn’t a victory that he liked, but it was a victory nevertheless. 

“Now I need to…”

While he was muttering to himself, he suddenly wavered and fell over. 



The mana in his heart was jumping around. The drake’s heart wasn’t completely absorbed before he fought and side effects that were hard to handle had come along with it. 

I have to… control…

Kang Chul-In tried to calm the sparking mana down, but it was breaking his body in real-time, not able to be controlled. 

Stop… please…

“Y-your Majesty!”

“Your Majestyyyyyy-!”

“Support His Majesty, quick!”

“What are you all doing!?”

He could see his subordinates frantically dashing over, crying out for him. 


At the same time, Kang Chul-In lost consciousness. 


In the VVIP hospital room of Valhalla Kingdom, 




Kang Chul-In was greeted by his family when he opened his eyes. 

“How long… has it been?”

The first thing he spoke about was how much time had passed because he felt like it had been a while, but his question was buried under Arshelly’s cries. 


Tears were brimming in her eyes as she ran into his arms. 

“Heuk... Dad, I thought you were going to die…”


“Don’t get hurt like that again, okay? Heuk, heuk…”

Arshelly seemed to be quite surprised. 

“Husband… why would you fight with a true dragon... Goodness!”

Ninetails spoke with an angry face. 

“Were you planning on making me into a widow? Hm?”


“I hate you! I really really hate you!”

Normally, she would’ve greeted him with a smiling face since she was the oldest of his wives, but she seemed to be inconsolable considering who he had just fought. 

“Yeah, she’s right!”

Lee Chae-Rin began to nag as well. 

“Why!? Until when will you make us worry!? Hm?”

Adding onto that, 

“Your Majesty… you were too careless this time…”

Skadi, who had recently made some progress with him, also spoke up. 

“Your Majesty, when will you think of your body…?”

“Goodness… how will I save you if my heart is beating so fast? Hm?”

Lucia and Alfred scolded him as well. 


Kang Chul-In’s response to everything was the definition of responsibility. 

“It’s fine since I didn’t die.”

He was ever the same. 

“The time? How long was I lying down?” Kang Chul-In asked Alfred. 

“It has been two weeks, Your Majesty.”

“So it’s been a while.”

“That’s not something someone who’s been unconscious for 2 weeks should say. How can someone who has a family now be so irres…”



“A-Alfred… I… it hurts a lot…”

Kang Chul-In gripped his chest and made a pained face. 

“In the future… when I’m better… then…”


“I’m too tired right now…”

It was an excuse. Alfred’s Blood Heal was an overpowered healing skill healed Kang Chul-In from the exploding mana. He was only trying to get out of the nagging by pretending like he was still hurt. 

A vein popped out on Alfred’s forehead, but the old vampire could calm his rage down. It wasn’t the first time that Kang Chul-In had caused a mess and returned to be healed by Alfred. 


Alfred laughed internally. 

Is there a need for me to nag!? You now have her Majesties.

Yes, it was time for Alfred to stop nagging. To be frank, who would want to be a nagger? This was all just a natural result of Kang Chul-In being such a troublemaker. But now, it was different. 

“I hate you!”

“Are you going to stay quiet like that? Your Majesty?”

“Your Majesty… you need to take care of yourself sometimes too…”

Alfred didn’t have to nag because Kang Chul-In’s wives were doing that role for him. 

“Dad… heuk… if you get hurt like that I’m so sad…”

Arshelly’s desperate plea was added on top of that. 

“O-Oh, dear…”

Kang Chul-In stopped pretending to be hurt and suffered from the nag attack of the four women. No, he thought he was going to suffer. 


Laputa suddenly shook. 

“Is something the matter?”

“It seems like the dragon is struggling, “ Alfred replied. 

“The dragon?”

Kang Chul-In’s eyes widened. 

“That bitch is here?”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“The reason?”

“Your subordinates said that she needed to die by your hand.”

“Ah, I see.”

He nodded his head. 

“But it probably wasn’t easy to tie her up.”

“Indeed, Your Majesty. It was possible because the dragon isn’t in a good condition. Nilus, and her Highness, who were in charge of sealing her, said a week would be the limit.”

“Yeah, father! That bad dragon unnie is super strong!”

“Your Majesty! Are you up?”

Just then, Drakan ran into the hospital room like he was flying and reported to Kang Chul-In. 

“Your Majesty, the true dragon Desdemona is causing a ruckus saying that she requests to meet you.”


“Yes, Your Majesty.”

As soon as he finished speaking, 


A sharp voice shook Laputa. 

-Hey, you cowardly bastard! Are you listening? Huh?

It seemed like even though she was sealed her mouth was alive. 

-Just a few words, You human bastard!

And that shout made a vein pop out on Kang Chul-In’s forehead. 

“Where does she think this is?”

Not only did she destroy his wife’s home (although in reality, that was Kang Chul-in), Desdemona was now acting noisily in his home. 


Kang Chul-In tightened his fists and burst up from the bed. 

“Lead the way, Drakan.”

“Y-your Majesty…”



“I must educate that girl.”

Everyone knew that education here meant mental training. 


A flame of greed grew in Kang Chul-In’s head as he moved. 

Do true dragons have dragon hearts too?

If he absorbed her dragon heart after butchering her… Kang Chul-In thought that he might be able to destroy a planet. 


The ancient Black Dragon Desdemona was quarantined in Kang Chul-In’s individual training room with her limbs all tied up. 


“W-What is this!?”

Kang Chul-In was taken aback. 


The method that Desdemona was tied up in…


She was tied up like a tortoise. 


Desdemona shouted with rage seeing Kang Chul-In. 

“You pervert!”


“You ordered this, right?”


“Why would you tie me up like this, huh?”

Desdemona’s ears were red, humiliated and embarrassed to be in that position. 

It was a relief that she wasn’t naked. 


The one behind the monstrous tying method, Podolski, shrugged. 


“Yes, Your Majesty!”

“Can you tie her up in an appropriate manner?”

“Haha… when else would I be able to tie up a true dragon in my lifetime?”


“It was an honor for my family, Your Majesty.”

After he replied, he used Dorian’s Epic Item, Obscura, that he must’ve borrowed and took a selfie with Desdemona in the background. 

That crazy bastard…

Kang Chul-In’s teeth shivered in humiliation and he covered his eyes. 

He was tired. Podolski was an excellent subordinate, but his problem was that his strange taste was revealed whenever he tied someone up. 

“Hey, human.”

While Kang Chul-In didn’t know what to do in the awkward situation, Desdemona growled. 

“Let me go this instant.”


“It’s too humiliating, so let me go.”

Desdemona didn’t seem to know her place. Her attitude was ridiculous. 


Kang Chul-In sighed in disbelief and grabbed Desdemona’s club, Pain Maker. 

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