Chapter 297: Kang Chul-In Vs. Desdemona (3)

Indeed. What Kang Chul-In had cut wasn’t Desdemona’s actual body but only a decoy. 

“I was almost tricked.”

Kang Chul-In was surprised at how clean the decoy was. Desdemona’s decoy was extremely realistic. 

“It would be perfect if the touch wasn’t different.”

Yes, the touch. Kang Chul-In had cut countless people in his current life and past life combined. Even if it was a decoy that a dragon had made, it was impossible to trick Kang Chul-In when it came to killing something. 


On the throne, Desdemona lifted a corner of her mouth. 

“A mere human dares to judge my magic?”

“You’re only a lizard but you’re so arrogant.”


“My subordinate says you’re a dragon. So isn’t a dragon a lizard?”

Just then, Drakan murmured quietly from his fainted position. 

“Y-Your Majesty… so what I meant is… keuk…”

Drakan was hit with an unexpected attack by Kang Chul-In. 


Desdemona laughed. It was the composure of the strong. To her, humans were just bugs that she could step on and kill at any moment. 

“You’re pretty arrogant, huh? Human?”

“Isn’t it arrogant for a lizard to judge a human?”

However, Kang Chul-In didn’t bend to her. How could someone from Earth know about a true dragon that even Pangaeans didn’t know about? From Kang Chul-In’s perspective, Desdemona was only a mutant lizard that could turn into a speaking human. 

“You really want to die, hm? It wasn’t enough to hit-and-run but you want to blabber in front of me?”

“Where did the hit-and-run thing come from?”

Kang Chul-In asked Desdemona. He didn’t know why he had to be implicated as a hit-and-runner when he was all for safe driving. 

“Are you asking because you don’t know?”


“Well, fine, I’ll tell you. You’ll feel less wronged if you know why you died.”

Desdemona had a tray brought over. 

“Video play.”

Then, she casted a spell. 

-I’m raising the altitude, so everyone go back inside!

In the playing video, he could see himself disappearing after hitting Desdemona’s lair. 


Kang Chul-In realized why the lizard was calling him a hit-and-runner. 

“That’s nothing.”

However, his reaction was shameless. 

“I guess lizards are pretty small-minded, huh?”


“Tsk tsk… you’re making such a mess just because a part of your roof was broken. No, shouldn’t you pay for the damage done to the lower part of our castle?”

If the other side requested a reasonable amount, Kang Chul-In would’ve given it. But Desdemona was different. She had invaded his wife’s home and was beating up his subordinates. They had gone beyond the point of striking a deal. 

Why, you ask? Because Kang Chul-In’s temper was as fiery as a dragon’s. 

Shake shake…!

Desdemona trembled at Kang Chul-In’s attitude. 

“You dare!”

A sharp sound rang out in the Lord’s Hall. 



Everyone clutched their chests and plopped down at Desdemona’s angry shout. Dragon Fear. It was a force that wasn’t possible for a “fake dragon” to have. Even if it wasn’t her actual body, it was powerful. 

“You dare...”

Only Kang Chul-In was unaffected by the Dragon Fear. 

“You dare to scream in my wife’s home?”

At the same time, Kang Chul-In caused a sonic boom and dashed at Desdemona. 


A knife-like wind whirled around Desdemona from Kang Chul-In. 


Ninetails’s throne crumbled to pieces. 

It was then.

When had she appeared?

“With that weak attack...”

Desdemona smiled coldly, having dug into Kang Chul-In’s blind spot by teleporting. 

“You were trying to kill me? You arrogant human?”

Desdemona aimed a fist towards Kang Chul-In’s left ribs. 


Kang Chul-In crossed Kaiforce and Mitra to block the fist. 


A large explosive sound that almost ripped the surrounding people’s eardrums rang out. 


A pained groan escaped from Kang Chul-In’s mouth. 

An extraordinary destructive power!

He had definitely blocked it. But the hands with the swords in them, his arms, and even his sides throbbed. His sides just throbbed but he felt like his internal organs were being crushed. 

“Ha, you blocked it?”

Desdemona grinned and began an additional attack. 

She gripped his collar and threw him forcefully to the ground. 

“I’ll make you into sausage!”

How dare she!


Kang Chul-In immediately used fancy acrobatic skills to escape Desdemona’s grip. He was falling short on strength? Then he would win with tact. Kang Chul-In was a martial artist who had seen thousands of battlefields. That could make Desdemona, a dragon with no fighting experience who had been sleeping for a thousand years, bend down to him. 


Kaiforce was swung at Desdemona’s waist. 

“Do you really think…”

Just when Desdemona was about to mock Kang Chul-In again, 


The sword of light, Mitra, aimed precisely at Desdemona’s open spot. 


While Desdemona’s eyes were filled with shock, with an ominous sound, a drop of blood slid down Desdemona’s arm. 

I-I was… cut? By… a mere human?

Desdemona was shocked. She had never imagined in her dragon life that she would be hurt by a mere human. Even if she was in her human form. 


She didn’t have more time to be shocked because Kaiforce, which had suddenly taken the force of a whip, was flying at her to bind her, and Mitra was shining brilliantly coming at the speed of light. 

What does he think he’s doing!?

“الجنوبیة كوریا“


 “!الاحتیال بعملة كویتیة مزیفة”



Desdemona reflected it by using five level-8 magic spells. This was the true reason why dragons were fearsome. Just by saying the most important part of a spell, she could cast her magic in less than 95% of the time it took human magicians. 


[Energy is filling up! (Absorption rate : 82%)]

[Energy is filling up! (Absorption rate : 99%)]

[Energy is filling up! (Absorption rate : 86%)]

[Energy is filling up! (Absorption rate : 93%)]

[Energy is filling up! (Absorption rate : 71%)]

It might’ve been dragon magic, but it was still magic! His S++  skill was blocking Desdemona’s dragon magic perfectly. Also, Desdemona’s magical energies were bestowing him great strength. 

[Mana is overflowing!]

[Warning, you need to release the mana you absorbed!]

Let’s see if you can block this too. 

Kang Chul-In thrust all the magical energy from his dragon heart’s mana into the sword of light, Kaiforce. 

-M, Master!

He could hear Mitra’s urgent shout. 

-This… t-too, powerful!

Shut up and bear it!


The fact that it was hard for a holy being like Mitra meant that it could also be dangerous to an ancient dragon. 

No way!

Desdemona was shocked. A mere human had not only chewed up her magic but created an attack powerful enough for her to feel danger. The hit-and-runner in front of her didn’t seem to be a normal human. 

Do you think I’ll be hit?

But that was it. Desdemona wasn’t going to let Kang Chul-In succeed in his attack. 

“التي الأخبار“! 

She casted a spell again. The level-10 dragon magic Charge Barrier formed in front of her. She could guarantee that no human could pierce through this barrier. 


An evil smile grew on Kang Chul-In’s face. 

Do you think this is all I have? Lizard?

[Release amplified!]


At the same time, the Amplifier Talisman on his neck began to vibrate. 


Shock filled Desdemona’s eyes. 

I can’t block it!

Kang Chul-In didn’t use the Amplifier Talisman until the end to make Desdemona make the wrong choice and she had naively created a level-10 barrier. Of course, this was enough to block his attack, but not enough to block the released energy increased by 120%. This meant that Kang Chul-In had completely tricked Desdemona!

And the result was...


The destruction of the Charge Barrier. 


A scream came from the ancient dragon’s mouth. 

“B-Be careful!”

“It’s coming down!”

“Run away!”

Kang Chul-In’s attack not only swallowed Desdemona but destroyed everything around it, and the shock of it brought down half of the Lord’s Hall. 


Kang Chul-In looked flustered. He felt like he could see Ninetails already nagging him. 

H-Husband! What did you do to my house!

Ah, so this is what a sad beast was? A sad beast known as a  “married man.”

“How should I explain this…”

Just when Kang Chul-In was mumbling to himself, his senses sent him a warning. 


She’s… alive?

Kang Chul-In could feel it. 

Beyond the thick smoke and the crumbled marble, a great being was about to descend. 


Kang Chul-In threw his body. 


“Haaa… so I can’t do it with a human body, huh?”

Desdemona’s draconic eyes blazed. She was currently in a mess. 

“Fine, let’s see this to the end.”

As soon as she finished muttering to herself, she was wrapped in light. This was a kind of regression. She was getting rid of the weak human body and returning to her true form, a dragon. It was hurtful to her pride, but there was nothing she could do. She had to acknowledge it. That hit-and-runner was a powerful human that she couldn’t defeat in her polymorphed form!

I’ll painstakingly make you feel how weak you are. 

She hardened her resolve to make that hit-and-runner know what a true dragon was. 

“Do you think I’ll let you?”

However, Kang Chul-In wasn’t someone who would simply let his opponent become stronger. He was a man who knew how to go in sharply while his enemy was at their weakest. 


Desdemona shouted urgently, but he was merciless. 


Right before she changed, the sword of light, Mitra, entered her side. 

Then… a whirlwind began to form. 

T-This is...!

Desdemona could feel it. A condensed whirlwind. A violent storm that could rip iron to shreds was entering her body!


Another scream came from the ancient level dragon. It was a desperate scream. 

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