Chapter 294: Desdemona in Fox Valley (2)

12 hours ago…        

“Whoa~! This place looks the same.”

Desdemona was in astonishment as she looked at the city of demi-humans that had thousands of years of history. Fox Valley was the same as ever. It was a city filled with pure white marble. It was exactly as Desdemona remembered. 

“Does Ninetails still rule over here?”

Seeing as how there was a fox symbol on the walls of the castle, it seemed so. To her, who was a true dragon, Ninetails was the leader of the demi-humans… something like their king. But right now, it was more important to catch the criminal than to look for a fox. 


Desdemona asked a question to a demi-human girl who was passing by. 


“Nuh uh.”


“You’re speaking casually to me, bitch. Watch it.”

“Ah, yes ma’am...”

The demi-human girl was flabbergasted by what the girl who looked to be the same age as her was saying, but like the woodcutter, she gave in to her because of the aura she gave off. 

“I heard the greatest artist in Fox Valley is ...

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