Chapter 292: Lee Ji-Tae Becomes a Lord (2)


The young Lord, Lily Sephardi, was looking at Kang Chul-In with shining eyes. 

“Thank you… truly… thank you…”

Tears brimmed in the little girl’s eyes. 

“H-how cute…!”

“Keuk! M-my heart…!”

“It must’ve been hard…”

Nilus, Dorian, and Kim Sung-Hee almost had a heart attack from how adorable Lily was. Anyone would’ve wanted to pinch her cheeks. 

“Give it.”

However, Lily’s looks didn’t work on Kang Chul-In. He had the cheat character Arshelly by his side. Even though Lily’s charms were outstanding, they wouldn’t work on someone who had the cutest and loveliest daughter in all of Pangaea. 


“That necklace.”

Kang Chul-In pointed at Lily’s neck. 


“A contract is a contract.”


“You’re not planning on dining and dashing, hm?”


Lily shook her hands. How could she dare to dash in front of the person in front of her? No one in this world could dare to ask Kang Chul-In to do something for free, unless they had a hundred, no, a thousand lives. 

“Here it is, oppa.”

Lily handed her necklace, the Amplifier Talisman, over to Kang Chul-In. 

“Thank you so…”

“I’ll use it well.”

Kang Chul-In snatched the Amplifier Talisman from her.


Lily realized the truth just then. 

O-oppa was a bad guy, heuk!

She had just realized that Kang Chul-In’s only goal was the Amplifier Talisman. 


Despite the depressed reaction that Lily had, Kang Chul-In had a satisfied face. 

Ke… His Majesty is definitely evil!

T-that demon…

What a scary person… he has no blood or tears…

He looked like an adult who took candy from a baby, and the people around him looked twice at him. 

[Epic] Amplifier Talisman

Equipment Type: Accessory (Bracelet)

Endurance: 100/100

Option 1: Health +250

Option 2: Mana +250

Option 3: Attack power +50

Option 4: Spell power +50

-Amplification: It releases the energy in the bracelet and increases the rate at which it is released. 

Energy released for 5 seconds +120%

Cooltime: 240 Hours

As I thought!

Kang Chul-In was joyful after seeing the options of the item that was a part of the Trinity Impact. 

“Hey, kiddo.”

He spoke again. 


“I’m saying this again, but don’t do something stupid like taking apart your army.”


“And remember. Your decision to make a territory without an army made what Sumire did for you useless.”

His words were effective. 


Lily shook. It was because what Kang Chul-In said was painfully correct. 

“Do you understand now?”

“Yes! I know what you’re saying now, oppa!”



“This mistake was enough to last you a lifetime. Usually, these mistakes lead to your territory's downfall.”

That was true. Lily’s mistake could've been the leading factor to destroying her territory. If Kang Chul-In hadn’t interfered, it was obvious what would’ve happened. 


Lily tried to jump into Kang Chul-In’s arms with tears brimming in her eyes. 


She failed. Kang Chul-In was holding her back with his finger pressing against her forehead. 



“You’re not a booger-dripper.”


“Lords don’t have genders or ages.”

This was the belief of a man who had pride in the position of Lords. 

“You’re not a little girl. You have the responsibility of everything in your territory.”


“So become stronger.”


“At the very least, you should do what your secretary died trying to do.”

Don’t act like a child. Don’t make Sumire’s death futile. Fulfill all your responsibilities as a Lord. 

The above three were genuine pieces of advice that the Supreme King of the West Kang Chul-In was giving to Lord Lily Sephardi. 

“I-I got it! Oppa…”

“Don’t call me oppa.”


“I have a daughter that’s your age.”


Lily gasped. She knew he was married, but she didn’t know he had a daughter!

“Anyways, I’ll give you some of my forces so use them to restore your territory.”


She had a depressed voice. The fact that her prince in shining armor was a dad crumbled a fantasy she had. 

“Oh, and also,” Kang Chul-In added on, “no after service.”

“W-what do you mean?”

“I’m saying that when you’re attacked again, I won’t help you.”

He was already busy enough. He couldn’t take care of her after he was finished with all the work he had to do. 


However, Lily didn’t look sad. 

Yeah, I can do this!

She couldn’t crumble here. She had done so much to protect the territory. It was a territory she barely managed to protect by selling Sumire’s items. She couldn’t let outsiders invade it again!

“Instead, I’ll send 10,000 soldiers from the Shatyameba territory to support you.”


“Of course. I’ll send two squads as soon as the construction of Itaracia is finished.”

“T-thank you! Op… I-I mean, your Majesty!” Lily shouted in a strong voice. 

I should return as soon as possible. However, all Kang Chul-In was thinking of was the family vacation. All he could see was his family having a good time on some tropical island on Earth. 



A painful groan escaped from Atal Ramanujan’s mouth. Anyone would scream if their brains were sucked out by tentacles while they were alive. Also, he was terrified beyond what anyone could imagine. 


Lee Ji-Tae still sucked the data out of Atal Ramanujan’s head regardless of how scared Atal was. 

[Downloading Overlord Atal Ramanujan’s information data (54%)]

[Downloading Overlord Atal Ramanujan’s information data (76%)]

[Downloading Overlord Atal Ramanujan’s information data (99%)]

[Download complete!]

The absorption of the brain was done. 


Atal Ramanujan’s corpse fell feebly to the ground having lost its prime organ. This was the result of trusting Lee Ji-Tae. It was a futile end for an Overlord. 

[Analyzing information data!]

The brain cells from Atal Ramanujan began to provide an immense amount of data. 

[The system has detected a change in adventurer Lee Ji-Tae’s condition!]

Then, something shocking happened. 

[Adventurer Lee Ji-Tae, position change!}

[Adventurer Lee Ji-Tae is being changed from the ‘Adventurer’ class to the ‘Lord’ class! (Adventurer Lee Ji-Tae →Lord Lee Ji-Tae)]

At the same time, a shining light surrounded Lee Ji-Tae’s body. 

[Ownershp of the Shatmayeba territory is being given to Lord Lee Ji-Tae!]

[The Soul Core of the Shatmayeba territory, the ‘Swadhisthana,’ is being bound to Lord Lee Ji-Tae!]

A change in his position! Lee Ji-Tae was the first adventurer to become a Lord!


[Lord Lee Ji-Tae, promotion to Overlord! (Lord Lee Ji-Tae→Overlord Lee Ji-Tae)]

He had received Atal Ramanujan’s position. 


This was something that Lee Ji-Tae hadn’t been able to imagine, so he was surprised. 

“An Overlord… I, I’m an Overlord!”

A shocked voice came from Lee Ji-Tae’s mouth. Ah, what kind of happy event was this!? He needed forces to take revenge on Kang Chul-In and served Atal Ramanujan as a result of it. 

“With my power… with my forces…”

But now, things were different. 

“Kang Chul-In… I’ll break you apart… no matter what…”

He could face off against Kang Chul-In on his own. The condition of the territory was a mess, but it wasn’t impossible to restore it with his abilities. It would be easier if he could control the weather, but unfortunately, he wasn’t the owner of the epic item that was the White Fan. 

Its owner was Kang Chul-In’s tactician, Kwak Jung. 



Skadi closed her eyes in the shower while the water poured down on her. 

Your Majesty…

Her head was filled with thoughts about Kang Chul-In. He was a scary man. He was deathly cold, cruel, and merciless. The people of Valhalla considered him the benevolent leader of the century, but he was a supervillain. Demons from hell might be less evil than him. 


Your Majesty…

Skadi’s cheeks were flushed like a peach while she thought of Kang Chul-In. It was strange. Kang Chul-In was definitely a villain and a powerful man without any blood or tears. However, Skadi found herself being attracted to his charms whenever she thought of him. 

“No one can touch my family.”

“You dare to touch my daughter?”

“Mother, did you take the supplements I got for you last time?”

“Daughter, I love you.”

“Come here, Lee Chae-Rin.”

“Did you sleep well? Ninetails?”

Kang Chul-In was more a family man than anyone else. He was a merciless demon to his enemies, but to his family, he was the best family man, although a bit dense.

“I-I also… Your Majesty’s love…”

It was just then, when Skadi was muttering to herself. 


The door to the shower opened. 

“Were you washing…”

Kang Chul-In froze when he entered the shower. 

“Y-your Majesty!”

Skadi was extremely surprised. Why was Kang Chul-In, who had gone away to work, here? And while she was naked in the shower at that!

“W-why are you in Ninetails’ room?”

Kang Chul-In asked, taken aback. 



“She said the ocean view of my room was nice so she wanted to borrow it for one day…”

Skadi explained the situation. 

“I-I see…”

Kang Chul-In scratched the back of his head awkwardly. Of course, he didn’t do anything unmanly like covering his important parts. Why? Because he was a “confident man!”

“T-then, I’ll be off.”


“Continue with your shower.”

Kang Chul-In turned around. 


Just then, Skadi stopped Kang Chul-In. 

No, she didn’t just stop him. 


Kang Chul-In felt something soft on his back. Skadi had hugged him from behind!

“Y-your Majesty…!”


“Please… please give me some of your time…”

Skadi spoke in a desperate voice towards Kang Chul-In. 

“Just a little... will do…”

“Do you have something to say?”

Kang Chul-In asked, his back still turned. 

“D-do… you not like me…?!”


“You never look at me…”

It was a timid statement for someone who had done an extreme physical act just now. 

“What are you…?”

“I.. I’m also your wife.”

“Did anyone say otherwise?”


“No matter what anyone says, the fact that you’re my wife won’t change.”


Skadi continued. 

“You’ve never looked for me…”


“You had a good time with first sister and second sister… but you never came to my room…”

That was true. 


But Kang Chul-In had something to say about that. 

“The Esmeralda Territory…”

“That’s not fair…”


“I’m also a woman…”

Skadi countered his attack. 

“I also have the desire to be loved by you…”


“Your Majesty… are you planning on throwing me away after being done with the Esmeralda territory?”


“Are you planning on kicking me out of the Kang family coldly?”

She was desperate. Skadi seemed worried that she would be thrown away by Kang Chul-In. 


Kang Chul-In’s reaction to this was, 

“Come here.”



He pulled the naked Skadi into his wide chest.

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