Chapter 291: Lee Ji Tae Becomes a Lord

After the black silhouette left,

“To think… he was an Aganaga…”

While remembering the strange meeting with his own species, Lee Ji-Tae walked. He was heading towards the Shatmayeba territory. He was planning on returning to Overlord Atal Ramanujan. 


He had heard a slight explanation, but he still didn’t understand everything. Lee Ji-Tae, who prided himself on being smart, had never felt more confused than this. There was only one answer. 

“Is… the only thing left for me to do… is eat people…?”

Consuming human brains. He realized why the Agnaga existed. Also, for the “abilities” that the black silhouette had spoken about, he would have to consume brains anyway. 

“I suppose it doesn’t matter.”

Lee Ji-Tae grit his teeth. 

“If only I can take revenge… if I can avenge Alex…”

What did it matter? He had already gone over the edge. After his resurrection, whenever he felt starved, he consumed humans. There was nothing stopping him, who had already done what humans shouldn’t do. Also, he had managed to convince Atal Ramanujan to create the third entity, but they had already lost. He wasn’t in the position to be picky. 

“The awakening of my abilities… ability awakening…”

Repeating those words,...

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