Chapter 290: The Black Silhouette

“Let’s move.” 

The black silhouette led Lee Ji-Tae away. 

“Pausing time is not an easy feat for me too.” 

“T-That means… I can survive...” 

“Don’t make me repeat myself.” 


“Didn’t I tell you already that you are too important to die here? Well then, let’s go.” 

The black silhouette then grabbed Lee Ji-Tae’s arm. 


With that, the two of them vanished. Time began to pass again, and the headquarters collapsed.  


“Woah! This is just...” 

On Zeppelin, Kwak Jung was standing on the bow, watching the Itaracia castle fall. 

“Kueh… absurd… absolutely absurd… does this insane firepower even make sense?”

It wasn’t an exaggeration. Valhalla Kingdom’s firepower was terrifying. The fortress in Itaracia might have been small, but to demolish it in 10 minutes was quite jaw-dropping. 

“Well then, since the mission is complete… shall we begin the base construction?” 

Base construction. Any soldier would dread those words. However, Valhalla had people who were specialized in such laborious tasks... 

  • Werber Engineer Brigade, and Mithril Engineer Brigade! 

Kwak Jung shouted...

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