Chapter 285: Kang Chul-In, the One-Man Army! (2)

Meanwhile, in the Chamonix Mountains’ Itaracia Fortress... 

“A blitz tactic… advancing our army rapidly is the only solution.” 

Lee Ji-Tae arrived at the best conclusion he could at the moment. 


“Yes, commander-in-chief!” 

“Send an order to the main force to head east.” 

“Yes, sir!” 

Lee Ji-Tae had yet to conquer Zolushka completely, but he had no intention to dilly-dally. Time was precious. Atal Ramanujan’s soldiers were poorly trained, and supplies were running low. He couldn’t afford to drag the war on any further.  

Zolushka, Iota, Gothika, and Shen… if we conquer these four territories and claim their farming land and mines, we will still be able to sustain the military expenses, albeit not by much. 

However, he also didn’t want to cut off more than he could chew. If he could conquer Shen, which possessed fertile lands along the Khartoum river, Atal Ramanujan’s financial outlook would be much better. In addition, Lee Ji-Tae could form a ‘super defense’ across the triangle connecting the borders of Iota, Gothika and Shen. 

I have to be careful. Both Valhalla and Gullveig are fighting for supremacy. They want a 1v1 situation, not an emergence of a third superpower.   

Lee Ji-Tae had a sharp intuition.  He knew how to see the big picture. 


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