Chapter 279: Han Ye-Sun (1)


“Mr. Kang Chul-In himself?”

“Husband, film it with your camera!”

“Keum… I wonder what someone like that will say.”

The reactions to the fact that Kang Chul-In was giving a lecture were explosive. Kang Chul-In was someone that you might meet once in a lifetime; he was rarer than a celebrity. Also, he was a hero who had protected South Korea from scary monsters. Listening to a lecture from such a man? This was a huge honor for the little seedlings and for the parents. 

However, the problem was that Kang Chul-In didn’t have anything to say to these nose-snifflers. 

How am I supposed to fill 40 minutes up?

What was he supposed to talk about?

How to use servants? Or how to cleanly cut the neck off your opponent? How to make Rothschild suffer?


Anything Kang Chul-In was good at wouldn’t be good for the children. 

“Arshelly’s father?”

Just then, Han Ye-Sun spoke to Kang Chul-In with slit eyes. 

“Are you starting?”


“Look, the children are waiting.”


“Stay strong, Arshelly’s father.”

They said that if a woman had a grudge, she could even make it snow in June. That was the Han Ye-Sun of now. 


Han Ye-Sun’s glare on Kang Chul-In was so sharp that it was like the...

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