Chapter 276: Dad is Coming!

“The principal… the principal…!”

Arshelly couldn’t finish her sentence. 


Han Ye-Sun patted Arshelly’s back and soothed her in a calming voice. 

“What did the principal do?


Arshelly explained what happened in the principal’s room. 

“There’s a parent classroom observation class…”


“The principal said… I have to bring my dad…”

It wasn’t something special. All parents would participate in a classroom observation at some point, even when the kids were in kindergarten. After all, all parents wanted to see how their child did at school. 


For a moment, Han Ye-Sun tilted her head because she was wondering why Arshelly was sad. There wasn’t any reason for a smart and dependable child to be upset about a parent classroom observation. 


Arshelly continued. 

“Dad… class…”


“Said I have… to… hing…”


Han Ye-Sun felt like she knew why Arshelly was being like this. 

Who was Arshelly’s father? Kang Chul-In, the most famous celebrity in the world, was Arshelly’s father. He was a supernaturalist, tycoon, soldier of the highest rank, dimensional traveler, and more! He was even a true hero who had protected South Korea from monsters from another dimension!

Some of the media even said that Kang Chul-In could be a new presidential candidate during the next election. That meant that the principal was trying to use Arshelly to bring a busy man into the school. 


Because, if he could call a...

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