Chapter 271: Kang Chul-In in the Pentagon (2)

“K-Kang Chul In!”

“The Supreme King of the West?!”

“N-No way…! H-How is that guy inside the Pentagon!”

“Am I… seeing… things…?”

The sovereigns of the Gullveig Alliance were all taken aback. 

Kang Chul-In? Why was the captain of their enemy forces who should be at the Deathwin territory here in the heart of the Gullveig Alliance? It was a sight that they couldn’t believe no matter how many times they looked. 

Keuk… those expressions. 

Kang Chul-In inwardly snickered looking at the sovereigns of the Gullveig Alliance. 

What a sight it was! There couldn’t be anything more worth seeing than those faces paled white with fear. 

Well, it worked out well. Since the richest person is now dead...

Kang Chul-In’s eyes landed on Cordilleras’ head, which was rolling on the ground. 

Cordilleras, ruler of the Ifugao territory, from the Philippines, was the rice man of the Gullveig Alliance. 

His specialty was the S++ skill “Ten Thousand Dan” [1], and the production of rice and wheat of the Ifugao territory was about 250% more than other territories of the same type. 

He was a very important person in taking care of the Gullveig Alliance military’s food. Because of that, Kang Chul-In was extremely happy. He had easily gotten rid of a crucial person in charge of the supplies, so it was already worth it, sneaking into the Pentagon...

Oh shoot!

Kang Chul-In’s face crumpled. 

Shit... I was too rushed… I should’ve absorbed it if it was an S++ specialty... Sigh...

It was because he completely lost it when he saw Cordilleras. 

The theatrical effects of cutting his head off were amazing, but it was his mistake not using Skill Absorption. 

It was such a shame. 

“Oh well, there’s nothing I can do.”

Kang Chul-In shook his head as he spoke. 

“Anyways, everyone put your heads on the floor.”

Then, he ‘ordered’ the sovereigns of the Gullveig Alliance to do as he said. 

He was the strongest. 

In this Pentagon without Albrecht Vilhelm, Ao Xin, or Andrei Ivanovich, who would stop him?

Putting their heads on the floor if Kang Chul-In said so would be best for them. 

“W-What happened, miss Mei Ling!?”

However, the sovereigns of the Gullveig Alliance ignored the order and turned their heads to Mei Ling instead. 

“Why did that person come inside the Pentagon with you, hm?”

“Please explain!”

“Did this crazy woman... Have you been communicating with Kang Chul-In?”


Mei Ling answered, trembling. 

“T-That’s not i-it… t-that man… t-threatened m-me and my son… t-there was n-nothing I-I c-could do… w-we were t-too p-powerless...”

Her explanation raised chaos. 

“Did you perhaps… sell us to survive?”

“Are you done talking?”

“You sold us to save yourself?”

“That’s too much! How could you think of bringing the captain of the enemies into the base of the alliance?! You’re none other than the wife of the leader!”

The blame flew towards Mei Ling. 

Of course it would. If she was a woman with a brain, she would’ve chosen to be killed by Kang Chul-In. 

This Pentagon was the heart of the alliance. Whatever the reason, bringing Kang Chul-In in here was a severe act of betrayal, even if it was a choice made to save a newborn baby. 

“You’ll pay for this, you betrayer!”

“I’ll definitely tell this to Sir Vilhelm, and you’ll get what you deserve!”

“Your life was that precious to you?”

“You whore!”

The arrow of blame didn’t seem to have any end. 


Mei Ling trembled, holding Viktor Vilhelm closely to her. 

How should she take care of this?

It was fine making a deal with the demon after being tricked by his smooth talk, but with the derision of the sovereigns, she was thinking that it might’ve been better to die. 


The demon, Kang Chul-In, smiled. 

This is way better than hurting you and that booger-dripper. 

This was also one of Kang Chul-In’s plans. 

With this, Vilhelm’s political reputation would decrease, and he would have to pay for Mei Ling’s actions.

Also, the location of the Pentagon was right underground the Bifrost territory, so Vilhelm would receive backlash for the loose security. 

Their trust in you is lost, Vilhelm. 

Now, it was obvious that the sovereigns of the Gullveig Alliance wouldn’t follow Vilhelm. He lost their trust, which was something that couldn’t be purchased with money. 

T-This is it! T-This is what that person was after from the beginning. He wasn’t interested in me or Viktor in the first place! He was aiming for the split of the alliance!


Mei Ling belatedly realized Kang Chul-In’s motive. Kang Chul-In was really a scary man. His martial arts, the cruelness of cutting someone’s neck with a single stroke, and even that evil head of his… ah, how scary the Supreme King of the West was!

“Good, very good.”

Kang Chul-In spoke with a snicker after watching them silently. 

“Ripping each other apart… it’s so nice to see. It’s good… but let me ask you one thing.”

And his smile quickly turned to fury. 


It was tremendous!

A powerful energy began to swirl around Kang Chul-In. 

“Why are you so confidently doing something else in front of me? Did you all have some dragon meat? Why don’t you share if you have some good stuff?”

But to this, the reaction of the sovereigns was just...

“Kang Chul-In… his spirit is fierce...”

“Do you think you can fight against all of us?”

“You don’t know that you walked into a tiger’s cave on your own two feet… we saw that you were extremely arrogant at the second Lords’ Meeting. However, we’ll make you pay for that arrogance today.”

“Where do you think this is? Even if you’re strong, you’re alone!”

Unexpectedly, they didn’t seem scared at all. 

This was the power of a group.

Sometimes, hyenas gathered in a group to even hunt down lions!

It seemed like the sovereigns didn’t think of Kang Chul-In as a danger. 

“...These bastards?”

At the unexpected response, a vein popped out of Kang Chul-In’s forehead. 

He had overlooked the power of a group. 

Then… there was nothing he could do except show them... 

The great power of the Supreme King of the West!

Beep, beeeep!

The siren began to ring. 

[Pentagon control base!]

[A dangerous person has intruded into the command room!]

[Code, Disaster, Disaster!]

[All forces to the command room! All forces to the command room!]

The announcement sounded like they were trying to fix the fence after they already lost the cattle. 

They only just realized the situation and wanted to fix it now? He was already inside the deepest part of the Pentagon, in the command room!


“That word” came from Kang Chul-In’s mouth. 


Even if he didn’t have many, there were still beings to fight with him. 


Spectre knights. 

No, now they were the spectre cavalry, riding on the backs of phantom steeds. 


The phantom steeds wailed. 


“S-Spectre… cavalry...!”

“What kind of...!”

The sovereigns of the Gullveig Alliance moved back with shock but it was already too late. 

“I already told you to put your heads on the ground.”

Kang Chul-In started to move with Kaiforce, the spectre cavalry behind him.

“You dared to ignore me… fine, lead yourselves to your own destruction.”

The demon descended. 

It was showtime. 


At the same time... 

“Whoa… look at the firepower...”

It was incredible. 

Even Kang Chul-In’s forces would be destroyed if hit with those attacks twice. 

[Your majesty, H-Hecate… how great… I was amazed.]

Kwak Jung sang Hecate’s praises. 

[Hut, you were surprised? You weakling.]


[Hohoho~! This is how much I amount to!]

[Wow… you definitely have the greatest firepower in all of Pangaea. Speaking of…]


[Can we see it again? Hehehe~!]

[No, go back.]

[What? Your Majesty! If you do it just one more...]

Kwak Jung’s response was what anyone else would have wanted. 

If they attack their enemies one more time with that attack, the war would lean towards the victory of the Valhalla Kingdom. 

[I can’t.]


[It’s over.]

But Kwak Jung’s wishes were just that. Wishes. 

[If I could use these consecutively, do you think I would’ve come under Kang Chul-In? The Supreme King of the West probably wouldn’t be Kang Chul-In but me.]


[They said you use your head well, but you didn’t even know something as simple as this? You’re a complete fake, aren’t you?]

[T-Then, not even a common firepower attack…]

[Not even that.]


[My cannons are exhausted. At least 24 hours have to pass until the attacks can begin again.]

[S-So that means...]

[It’s wise man time.]


[So work hard.]

As soon as she finished speaking, the flagship Temeraire began to move further away from the west. Since it couldn’t be in combat anymore, it was completely leaving the battlefield. 



Thanks to that, Kwak Jung stood blanky in his position for a while. 

Only now did he understand what Hecate’s nickname, the “female Kang Chul-In,” meant. 

Hecate was as uncontrollable as Kang Chul-In was!

“Well, since she did what she could.”

Kwak Jung acknowledged what Hecate did. 

Technically, Hecate had done the work of 2 people. 

[Gullveig Alliance!]

Just then, the Overlord Ao Xin’s voice rang in the battlefield. 

[Don’t be shaken! There’s no war without any deaths!]

Ao Xin’s speciality was [Population Increase], and it meant that the number of people in his territory increased rapidly. 

With that speciality, Ao Xin was able to gather a great number of forces.

And that voice!

It was the Authority of an Overlord. 

This Authority called [Agitator] was a high-level military skill that interfered with the brain waves of one’s allied forces to control them as the user liked. 

[It’s a heartbreaking thing to lose your comrades, but stepping back like this is humiliating as a soldier! If we step back it means the death of our comrades was for nothing! I, Overlord Ao Xin, don’t believe that the warriors of our Gullveig Alliance will surrender merely because of this!]

It was a heated provocation!

Ao Xin continued to spew words. 

[Alright, let’s go fight! There were a lot of sacrifices, but it’s only 30,000! Our numbers are still well over 50,000! Warriors! Go and show those evil people how brave and scary we are! Forget about fear! Fight, and fight for victory!]

The effects were immediate. 

“You’re right!”

“Hey, you bastards! Does our alliance look weak?!”

“Hurrah for the Gullveig Alliance!”

“Hurrah for his Majesty Vilhelm!”

“Hurrah for his Majesty Ao Xin!”

After the interference of Agitator, the alliance soldiers flipped out like they were high on drugs. 

That was Ao Xin’s ability. 

He didn’t have the ability to create a strong force, but he could momentarily change a ragtag bunch into strong warriors!


“Let’s go, let’s go and destroy them!”

“Climb the castle walls!”

The 50,000 soldiers under the Gullveig Alliance began to climb the Deathwin Fortress’s walls. 

Their spirit was tremendous. 

Even the greatest warriors in Pangaea, the forces of the Valhalla Kingdom, felt threatened. 

And that wasn’t the end of it. 

Spark, spark!

Time and space began to crumble, and 10,000 monstrous beings appeared. 

-Krr, krrk?!



[Chimera arsenal corps, destroy the enemies!]

Vilhelm’s voice rang out through the magic-engineered voice amplification. 

The chimera arsenal corps was a squad made of chimera which had cloaking abilities. Each of these murder weapons had a unique threatening skill other than the cloaking ability. 

For example, the four-legged beast. 


A chimera with a red egg sac climbed the Deathwin Fortress’s walls. 

With the sound of an explosion, the chimera’s body burst apart. It killed itself. 



“I-I can’t breathe… uh...”

The Valhalla soldiers who were swept away by the explosion began to scream horrifically and collapse. 

It was because an extremely acidic liquid spewed out from the chimera’s body. 

“W-What’s that!?”

Kwak Jung was startled. 

Boom, boom!

Meanwhile, the sound of chimera exploding continued to ring out on the battlefield. 

“This is...!”

Kwak Jung realized what it was.  

This was the true power of the large Gullveig Alliance. 

[1] Dan is a unit of measurement used for grains 

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