Chapter 261: Thanks for the Meal

  • The Valhalla army’s intentions are clear.

Kwak Jun spoke.


  • What they need is time. 


  • Isn’t there a cliché saying that attack is the best form of defence? 

The crux.

Kwak Jun was tackling the fundamental reason behind this war. 

  • The Valhalla army is not aiming for victory. 


  • It hasn’t even been a year since the nation’s birth. Hence, its main priority would be to stabilize the domestic affairs and achieve harmony within. That alone takes time! The enemy would rather launch an attack first than to be attacked by a gigantic force called the Gullveig Alliance. And while its soldiers fight outside the nation’s borders, Valhalla plans to strengthen its cohesion.

“Yes, that’s right! You are right, Kwak Jun!”

Vilhelm nearly slapped his forehead in epiphany. 

  • The Valhalla Kingdom has no interest in achieving victory. It would be good if they could, but it’s difficult to expect anything from its smaller-scale army. Moreover, the Supreme King of the West himself is not participating in the war. 

“Does that mean…?”

  • Yes, the enemy only desires small victories or defeats. Consequently, Valhalla will try to sign an armistice after multiple small battles. 

“Those sly bastards…! You think I will let you?” 

  • You certainly will. 

“Why would I? What do I have to lose…?”

Vilhelm stiffened up, but Kwak Jun quickly corrected his thoughts. 

  • Isn’t the Gullveig Alliance similar? 


  • A mob - that is the reality of the Gullveig Alliance. Great in number, but poor in quality. 

That was the truth.

The Gullveig Alliance had comparable equipment and supplies to the Valhalla Kingdom, but the quality of soldiers was vastly inferior. 

The soldiers of Valhalla were extremely well-trained through high intensity battle simulations.

In addition, they were proud to be soldiers thanks to Kang Chul-In’s policy which respected the veterans. The fact that they were part of the ‘unbeatable army’ also reinforced their morale. 

To top it all off, the Valhalla soldiers possessed the most battle experience in Pangaea. 


Vilhelm cleared his throat. He didn’t feel comfortable listening to this “insult,” but it was a gesture that he agreed.  

  • Tactician Kwak Jung is a scary man, but what made Valhalla so strong is the quality of its army. Strictly speaking, isn’t the Valhalla army objectively the greatest army in Pangaea?


  • Our Gullveig Alliance is fighting against those men. If we do not achieve good results in this war, your Majesty would have to withdraw your army and sign the armistice. We would be running low on resources. 

That was the reality.

The Gullveig Alliance boasted an incredible economic power, but that wasn’t enough to sustain through a long, tedious war.

“If that happens...” 

  • Yes, we would be playing by Kang Chul-In’s rules. As you know, the combination of the Supreme King of the West and Overlord Lee Chae-Rin is a threat. Power and money. What could be scarier? 


  • With time, Valhalla will eventually be on par with the Gullveig Alliance in strength. And then...” 

“That must never happen!”

Vilhelm shouted. 

“How could we ever let that happen!?” 

  • Yes, that’s right. 

Kwak Jun nodded.

  • That should never happen. Therefore… don’t be fooled by Kwak Jung’s tricks and just charge at the enemy with brute force. It’s wiser to deploy the whole army to conquer Deathwin.


  • Yes, Kwak Jung will do anything he can to stop this all-out attack. But do not be swayed by that. We can trample on the enemy soldiers with a sheer number of men, which is indeed the main advantage of the Gullveig Alliance. 


Vilhelm was shocked. 


Even his body trembled. 

Right, why didn’t I think of this? I shouldn’t have been swayed by Kwak Jung’s schemes!

It was a simple but effective solution, as the Gullveig Alliance lacked the strategizing mind of Valhalla. Even if it was tedious, the best action was to conquer the land of Deathwin, which was situated at the two giants’ boundaries. 

“Kwak Jun…!” 

Vilhelm stared at the screen. 

  • Yes, your Majesty? 

“You are right.”

  • I’m flattered. It’s just a trivial suggestion. 

“No, I will follow your plan.”

  • Your Majesty, please think about this carefully. If you just hastily follow my plan, you may end up in a sticky situation. 

“There’s nothing to think about further. If we fail, the blame lies on me and my army, not you. I’m not an idiot who blames it on others.”

In other words, Vilhelm had decided to heed Kwak Jung’s opinion fully, and attack the land of Deathwin. 

“Kwak Jun, can you help me for a while?” 

  • I beg your pardon? 

“If you come here and command our alliance army...” 

  • I apologize. 


  • His Majesty Vito Clemenza is currently very ill. I can’t leave Paramount at such a critical time. 

“What a pity.” 

  • I, too, wish to help your Majesty to the best of my abilities. I apologize once again. 

Kwak Jun bowed at Vilhelm via the screen. 

Damn it!

Vilhelm was dying from anxiety. 

He wanted to observe Kwak Jun’s abilities personally, but he had refused to join him in the war. 

Vilhelm couldn’t threaten or kidnap him as well. Kwak Jun had a valid reason to decline. 

I will make you my subordinate no matter what. 

Vilhelm swore. 

Kwak Jun. 

He was the key to fighting against Kang Chul-In’s tactician, Kwak Jung. 


“Wishing you the best for the war, your Majesty.” 

Kwak Jun told Vilhelm and ended the call. 

“Now to hint to the other party… Kwak Jung, let’s see how good you are.” 

He mumbled to himself and began to write on a scroll. 

The encrypted, confidential message was as follows: 

[To: Kwak Jung, the tactician of the Kingdom of Valhalla.]

Instigated Albrecht Vilhelm to launch an all-out attack. (You should know the reason) 

Target: Deathwin territory. 

Will be difficult to defend.

I will observe your decisions. 

Good luck. 

[Sender: Kwak Jun, the tactician of the Paramount territory.]



The magma breath from the fire turtle Cyamodus announced the start of Rothschild’s gold dragon raid. 

Success rate… around 30%? 

Kang Chul-In predicted. 

It was a risky raid, indeed. 

In fact, it was almost an impossible mission. There was a reason why everybody who got the awakening quest left it for later. 

To attempt the quest immediately after hitting level 70 was a suicide call. 

Well, whether they succeed or fail is none of my business. 

Kang Chul-In grinned. 

Indeed, it didn’t matter whether Rothschild could clear the quest. 

All Kang Chul-In had to do was watch with some popcorn in his hands and make his move when the timing was right. 

“Now, Rothschild! Hurry up, make my throne! Hahahaha~!” 

Kang Chul-In laughed like a crazy man.


Dorian intervened. 

“What throne? Don’t you have a throne? The one made from mithril? I heard Ms. Chae-Rin gave you that as the dowry?” 

“I do.” 

“Then why is Rothschild making you a throne?” 

“Not all thrones are the same.” 

Kang Chul-In smiled and replied. 

“Isn’t a throne made from a gold dragon’s skull the most befitting for a classy king like me?” 

“I-I suppose.” 

“Of course it is. And it’s more comfortable too.” 

“How do you know that? Not like you’ve sat on one before!” 

“I have.” 

“Huh? When? Where?” 

“Very long ago?” 

“You are lying!” 

“Believe it or not.” 

Kang Chul-In grinned. 



His throne in the previous life was made from a gold dragon’s skull! 


“I will leave it to you again, Rothschild…! Hehehe!” 

That throne was loot from Rothschild’s territory!

In other words, Rothschild had successfully hunted down a gold dragon in the past as well. 


The battle was incredible to watch.

  • Roarrrr!

50 metres in length. 

The gold dragon that had come out of its lair was magnificent, vicious, beautiful and mysterious at the same time. 

Just think!

Those brilliant golden scales!

They were emitting light. 

From its head to the tail, the gold dragon was covered in a brilliant ray of heavenly light. 

“Holding, holding!” 

Rothschild shouted. 

“The chains, chains!” 

“Magicians, cast your AOE binding spells!” 


All the explorers and soldiers were doing their job. 

Bang, bang!

Meanwhile, magic-engineered artillery fired shells at the gold dragon and Cyamodus the fire turtle unleashed its magma breath. 

Not bad.

It was a sight to behold. 

Dragon hunting was a rare occasion. Kang Chul-In was even munching on some popcorn while he watched. 

About four hours passed. 

The entire area was in ruins, but the battle between the humans and the gold dragon seemed to come to an end. 

“Let’s go.” 

Kang Chul-In threw his half-eaten popcorn packet aside and began to move. 


  • Grrr, Grrrrr…!

The gold dragon growled in agony. 

A total wreck. 

Its brilliant scales were drenched in fresh blood. Two of its three horns were broken, and its right wing was completely torn into pieces.

To top all of that off, its long tail had been chopped in half. 


  • Roarrrr!

Dragon Fear! 

The gold dragon did not show any signs of weakness. Befitting the strongest creature in Pangaea, it never lost its dignity even in its final moments. 

“Huff… puff...” 

 Rothschild gasped for air as he stared at the gold dragon. 

“Let’s…end this...”

Rothschild pointed his epic-ranked sword, ‘Sigurd,’ at the gold dragon. 

The sword was in a bad state. 

It had chips and crack lines everywhere, making it practically unusable. 

Flick, flick!

However, the sword still had a strong current of energy surrounding it. That was because Sigurd was a ‘dragon-slaying sword’. 

Dragon Slayer! 

Sigurd added +50% damage on any dragon-type monsters. 

Thus, it was releasing its final bit of energy to fulfill its duty. 

Rothschild grasped Sigurd tightly. 

With this… I will surpass Kang Chul-In!

It was the final moment. 


A new world would open up for him the moment he sliced the gold dragon’s throat. 


Rothschild propelled himself forward. 

I did it, I really did it!

Rothschild’s eyes gleamed in excitement. He had a juicy prize right before him. 

“Thanks for the meal!” 

At that moment. 

An irritating voice could be heard. 


Rothschild’s face crumpled in horror. 

The corners of his mouth were curved upwards.

Kang Chul-In. His arch nemesis was stabbing Kaiforce into the gold dragon’s neck. 

“N-Noooooooooo! You fuckerrrrrrrrrr!” 

Rothschild screamed desperately. 

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