Chapter 260: Work, Rothschild!

In the Bifrost Territory’s Lords’ Hall... 


Vilhelm smacked the table loudly. 

“Loss? We lost the battle?”

It was a voice filled with fury. 

“Do you think that makes any sense?”

His anger was expected. 

There were 20,000 of the Valhalla forces, but there were 70,000 of the Gullveig Coalition’s forces. 


The Goji battle, loss.

Their supply routes, cut off. 

The Gongbang battle, loss. 

The result of their battle was always a loss. 

In one battle, they had been victorious, just barely, but the Valhalla forces had succeeded in escaping the net of the Gullveig Coalition like rats. Vilhelm was like a chicken that was chasing after a dog. 

“A military without Kang Chul-In, and we have three times more their numbers, but… this can’t be!”

He was going crazy. 

Whenever he tried to do something, Hecate would appear to throw her cannonballs, and the Full Metal Dragon stopped whatever progress he was making. 

And that wasn’t the end of it. 

The magician called Ninetails swept away the Gullveig Coalition forces with a single attack. 

It wasn’t like the Gullveig forces were just common humans, either. 

The chimeras, fighter planes, and the machine squads from the Gullveig forces were clearly above the Valhalla forces. 

But the fact that they had still lost...

“Is it because our army sucks, or because our enemies are too good?”

Vilhelm quietly muttered to himself. 

“Kwak Jung.”

It was then... 

“His slyness is leading to our continual loss.”

A man dressed in clothes that Chinese emperors wore spoke. It was Aoxin. 

“The Valhalla forces are strong, but in my opinion, seeing the high-quality strategies, this can only be explained by...”


“That person called Kwak Jung. It’s clear that the Supreme King of the West’s tactician is at least 3 steps ahead of us.”

“No way.”

“Look at this.”

Aoxin pointed at the map. 

“Take a look at this battle. How many different paths could our forces take?”

“Aren’t there 4?”

“Then how about the Valhalla forces?”

“It probably depends on our army.”

“Here, we blocked the Valhallans, and sealed their back routes, right?”


“Alright, and look at how the Valhalla forces moved. It’s impossible to tell how they’ll move in the future, but we can track their movements now.”

Aoxin marked the route that the Valhalla forces used. 

“So, how is it?”

“T-This is!”

Vilhelm was completely taken aback. 

“You’re right.”

Aoxin nodded.

“From the beginning, this man has been moving with all our plans in mind. From the combination of our forces, and even their escape routes.”

“T-This can’t be!”

“This Kwak Jung guy is a scary person. Isn’t it like going against A.I software and not a human?”

It made sense. 

If Aoxin was right, Kwak Jung’s abilities were outstanding. 


“What should we do!?”

“If that Kwak Jung’s strategies are that amazing, we won’t get anywhere even by outnumbering them, yeah?”

“Isn’t this a big problem, Mr.Vilhelm?”

The Lords in the Gullveig Coalition started to murmur. 


Vilhelm coughed. 

He felt like he knew why Kang Chul-In left him in charge. 

A scary brain. 

He had a subordinate who had the entire game board in his entire hand, so what would he have to worry about?

Kang Chul-In… how did he get such a person!

Vilhelm was genuinely envious. As a Lord who ruled over multiple people, of course he would be envious of his enemy. 

“Your Majesty!”

Just as Vilhelm was being envious of Kang Chul-In, a messenger came with a report. 

“The tactician of Lord Vito Clemenza, Kwak Jun, has requested for a call.”

“Is that so?”

It was good timing. 

He felt a migraine coming because of the boring war talk. 

Also, he was curious why Kwak Jun, who was so amusing, wanted to contact him. 

“Everyone, I’ll be right back.”

Vilhelm immediately headed for the conference room.


[Have you been well, your Majesty?]

Beyond the screen, Kwak Jun greeted Vilhelm. 

“You look good, Kwak Jun.”

[It’s all thanks to your attention.]

“Alright, so what’s up?”

[Like I promised, we dominated 5 of the territories.]


[I contacted you because I thought that I showed you enough contribution.]


Vilhelm gasped in astonishment. 

Five territories?

It was true that he hadn’t believed him when he said that he would dominate 3 territories in a week. 

He had only funded them because he was amused, but...

“Is that possible?”

[If it wasn’t for your support, we wouldn’t have even dreamt of it.]

Kwak Jun bowed his head modestly. 

“No, of course not.”


“People can’t just easily dominate territories with a million gold. Tell me, how was it possible?”


Kwak Jun shortly explained how he dominated the 5 territories to Vilhelm. 


Vilhelm was surprised again. It was because Kwak Jun’s strategies were surprising. 

[It’s beginning now, your Majesty.]

Kwak Jun spoke. 

[We’ll continue to use the support you gave us to attack against the Baldur region.]


[Please leave it to me, your Majesty!]

Just then, Vilhelm’s eyes flashed like a hawk. 

It’s this person!

He needed someone to rival Kwak Jung. If it was someone who dominated 5 territories in less than 2 weeks, he felt like he would be able to stand against Kwak Jung. 

“Kwak Jun.”

Vilhelm spoke in a serious voice. 

[Yes, your Majesty.]

“Do you want to work under me?”

It was his greed.

The greed to have someone skilled under him. It was a desire that all Lords would have. 

[I apologize.]

But Kwak Jun immediately rejected Vilhelm’s offer. 


Vilhelm’s voice was sharp. 

“Vito Clemenza is...”

He was going to say that Vito Clemenza was “just a Lord from the rural outskirts.”

[Your Majesty, in the East, there’s a saying that goes like this:]


[Goonsabuilchae[1]. It means that a Lord, teacher, and father are the same. I am loyal to Vito Clemenza. I understand you’re looking kindly upon me, but I’ll pretend I didn’t hear anything. I apologize, your Majesty.]

It was a firm rejection. 


Vilhelm seemed to want to ask Kwak Jun again, but he quickly changed his attitude. 

“No, never mind. I apologize. I seem to have unintentionally tested your loyalty to Vito Clemenza, Kwak Jun.”


“I sincerely apologize.”

Unexpectedly, Vilhelm didn’t try to force it and apologized instead. 

The rank 2 Lord who was the leader of a large scale coalition apologized!

[Y-your Majesty…!]

Kwak Jun’s words faded away like he was touched. 

“Anyways, you’ve worked hard. It was worth it trusting you. I’ll leave it to you in the future as well, Kwak Jun.”

[Of course, your Majesty!]

“But I have something I’m curious about.”

[Please go ahead, sir.]

“Why don’t you use your actual name? I heard you changed your name to Kwak Jung.”

[That is...]

Kwak Jun made an awkward face and explained the reason. 

[Right now, Kwak Jung, the Supreme King of the West Kang Chul-In’s tactician, is more famous.]


[When my fame is above Kwak Jung’s and the name ‘Kwak Jung’ only describes me, I’ll use that name.]

That meant that this was a matter of pride. 

“I hope that day comes soon.”

[Thank you, your Majesty!]

“Then I’ll end the call now. I have an important conference...”

[Can I say something before that?]


[I heard that you’re struggling because of the Valhalla forces.]


[During times like these, I think that it’s best to crush them with power. Right now, Kwak Jung’s strategy is to stretch out the war with small victories. He will now...]

Kwak Jun began to speak about the key points of the Valhalla forces’ strategy. 


Koong, koong!

It was early in the morning. 

A large turtle with a castle on its back took its place on the Nürburg mountain. 

“Get down, quickly!”

“Adventurers, this way!”

“Long-range attackers go to the back!”

All kinds of people came from Cyamodus castle. 

There were about 200 of them. 

They were adventurers that Rothschild had gathered. It was the squad that had been created to hunt the dragon.

 “Squad, settle down!”


“Squad, rank and file!”

“Rank and file!”

That wasn’t the end of hunters. 

After them, the greatest soldiers of the Cyamodus territory, about 2000 people, began to come down and get into their ranks. 

On top of that, there were different magician squads. 

The number of people that Rothschild gathered to capture the gold dragon was a colossal number. 


It was a clear voice that rang out. 

Rothschild had appeared at some time and was shouting at the soldiers. 

“Today, we have gathered to accomplish something that has never been done!”

He wasn’t wrong. 

If you hunted a dragon, you could earn the title “Dragon Slayer.” It was a priceless title that even money couldn’t buy. 

Not only that, but they would also receive gold and silver pieces, the dragon heart, dragon bones, dragon scales, dragon meant, blood, among others. 

Since it was a raid that they were risking their lives for, the rewards they would get certainly made up for it. 

“We can do it!”

Rothschild shouted. 

“We are strong, and we have numbers! We even have the Cyamodus!”

The turtle Cyamodus. 

This gigantic monster with a castle on its back defended them and was the key point to lead their raid to success. 


Rothschild pulled out his last card. 

“The adventurers that survive will all receive 4000 gold!”

The reactions of the adventurers were fired up. 


“We can do it!”

“A dragon is all it is!”


Four thousand gold was almost 2 million dollars, so of course their reaction would be like this. 

Of course, there would be some who died, but it was only a case of “maybe.”


At the same time, about 1 kilometre away from where Rothschild’s forces were, Kang Chul-In was having a good time watching this scene. 

“Yeah! Good job, Rothschild! That’s the way to go!”


The Team Browser members—Dorain Explorer, David Chrome, Sean Firefox, and John Safari—looked blankly at the happy Kang Chul-In. 

They were only thinking of one thing. 

Ugh, he’s my friend, but still...!

Kang Chul-In, I didn’t know he was that bad...

His personality...

What a scary human...

They realized once again how cruel and evil Kang Chul-In was. 


Not caring about what they were thinking, Kang Chul-In was half out of it thinking about stealing the gold dragon.

“Rothschild, you were my cormorant as well… hehe… yeah, giving me a present before you go… I’m so thankful that I don’t know what to do… k-keuk…! Work, Rothschild… work… work...”

The intent of the evil king was too clear. 

1. He would take the rewards and the points from Rothschild just before he attacked the gold dragon. 

2. He would kill Rothschild to avenge his past. 

3. He would gobble up the dragon’s corpse. 

It was a perfect highway robbery. 

1. 君師父一體

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