Chapter 260: Work, Rothschild!

In the Bifrost Territory’s Lords’ Hall... 


Vilhelm smacked the table loudly. 

“Loss? We lost the battle?”

It was a voice filled with fury. 

“Do you think that makes any sense?”

His anger was expected. 

There were 20,000 of the Valhalla forces, but there were 70,000 of the Gullveig Coalition’s forces. 


The Goji battle, loss.

Their supply routes, cut off. 

The Gongbang battle, loss. 

The result of their battle was always a loss. 

In one battle, they had been victorious, just barely, but the Valhalla forces had succeeded in escaping the net of the Gullveig Coalition like rats. Vilhelm was like a chicken that was chasing after a dog. 

“A military without Kang Chul-In, and we have three times more their numbers, but… this can’t be!”

He was going crazy. 

Whenever he tried to do something, Hecate would appear to throw her cannonballs, and the Full Metal Dragon stopped whatever progress he was making. 

And that wasn’t the end of it. 

The magician called Ninetails swept away the Gullveig Coalition forces with a single attack. 

It wasn’t like the Gullveig forces were just common humans, either. 

The chimeras, fighter planes, and the machine squads from the Gullveig forces were clearly above the Valhalla forces. 

But the...

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