Chapter 258: Aluko’s Report


Cladius screamed. 



-P-Please…! Uackkkkk!

Beyond the screen, a gruesome scene was playing. 



-I want to live!

-That’s not my business. 

-Your Majesty! P-Please!

-Relax, shut up, and just get beat. 


Kang Chul-In on the screen was merciless. 

“You savage! J-just kill him!”

It was to the point that Claudius unintentionally shouted for the death of his next-door neighbor. 

-Keuk, keukkkk! P-Please...

-Then why’d you ignore my letter?

-But… it was so… unbelievable...

-That’s your mistake, not mine. It’s normal to be punished if you don’t have faith. 


-So get beat up. 


How was a human so shameless and cruel?

If he had said that he wanted to beat someone up and kill them on the notice, it would’ve been easier to believe. 

That’s a demon! Not a human! A human can’t be like that!

Cladius was completely frozen in fear watching the scene. 


-Let’s end it now. 


-Any last words?

On the screen, Kang Chul-In asked Delcado a question with a sword emitting white light in his hand. 

-P-Please let me liv...



The light of the sword flashed as it drew an arc. 


Delcado collapsed. 

-Hey, you. 

Kang Chul-In spoke at the lens of the magic-engineered communication device. He was speaking to Claudius. 


-You have 4 hours and 30 minutes left.


-Decide by them. Whether you’re going to cut off your alliance with Rothschild or...

Kang Chul-In glanced at his feet when he said that, towards where the dead Delcado was. 

-You die. 


-I hope you make a wise decision. 

At the same time, the communication device was cut off. 


Psss, pssst!

The black and white screen filled Claudius’ vision. 

“The Supreme King of the West! The real Supreme King of the West! The Supreme King of the West killed...!”

Thanks to that, Claudius plopped to the floor blankly. 

5 hours. 

He had to choose by then.


“Wow, Kang Chul-In...”

Dorian clicked his tongue. 

“Truly a demon. Totally a demon.”

“...What’s with those eyes?”

“You’re really evil.”


“How can a person beat up people so well?”

“Can’t you do everything well if you just practice?”


“They say people who’ve eaten meat before eat it well.”


“It means I beat up a lot of people.”


“Well, it’s not something to brag about.”

Kang Chul-In grinned. 

That scary guy… just who did he beat up so much...

Dorain was scared. All he could talk about was how powerful...


Kang Chul-In spoke as he tapped Delcado’s head with his foot.

“Let’s clean up before we go.”


“Hey, get up.”

Kang Chul-In spoke to Delcado. 


Delcado groaned. 

Surprisingly, he was still alive. 

So this is useful during times like this. 

He smiled sourly looking at Mitra on his waist. 

Because Mitra couldn’t be used to kill anyone, no matter how much he cut someone, he wasn’t injured at all. 

In fact, Delcado was a mess after being beaten up by Kang Chul-In, but his body wasn’t split in half. 

“Hey, I said to get up.”


“Will you feel better once I actually kill you?”

“M-my body... won’t… lis...”

It seemed like he had been beaten up too much. 

“Tsk, there’s nothing we can do.”

Eventually Dorian stepped up. 


His dagger swiped down on Delcado’s neck. 


Delcado fell over after half a scream. He had fainted. 

“Since you did it, you carry him.”


“Then should I just kill him?”

“T-That’s not...”

“Then take care of him. I’ll leave first.”

Kang Chul-In broke through the office window to go outside. 


“...He’s breaking everything just because it isn’t his.”

Dorian shook his head, Delcado on his back. 


In a dark room deep inside the Cyamodus territory... 

A cocoon started to split apart. 

Rip, rip!

With an ominous sound, a white arm stretched out of the cocoon and ripped at the cocoon around itself. 

Rip, rip! Tear!

The process of ripping the cocoon continued. 

The right hand, left hand, and left leg. 

The body after that. 


Alex Rothschild breathed out when he ripped out of the cocoon. 

White smoke was coming from his body. 

“I feel... disgusting… very disgusting…”

Rothschild muttered as he looked at his bare body. 

His body was covered with a sticky liquid, and he looked quite grotesque. 

However, Rothschild’s muscles squirmed like they were alive, and each of his muscular fibers could be clearly seen. 

His muscular fibers looked like they were connected by Kevlar [1], not proteins. 

“So this is the power of Agnana...”

Rothschild muttered as he looked at his palms. 

“It’s dirty, but strong. This power… there’s no need to strengthen it. Just where did you get this kind of power, Andrei?”

It was then. 

-Are you there, your Majesty?

Akul’s voice rang out from a magic-engineered speaker. 

“ it, Akul?”

-It’s an emergency, your Majesty!”


-Overlord Lee Chae-rin’s military is heading for our Baldur region, and from the east, Lord Vito Clemenza’s army is coming, and has already swallowed three territories.

“Is that so…? Well, alright.”

Rothschild was relaxed even though the Baldur region was being attacked from both sides. 

“I’ll take care of it one by one while taking care of business.”

-That’s not all, sir!


-Some of the territories we are allied with have received letters from Kang Chul-In. 

“Kang Chul-In, again? Alright, explain.”

Akul spoke about the information in Kang Chul-In’s notice. 

“I see, I see...”

Rothschild wasn’t mad. 

“Pft, pft pft! That’s what he did? That Kang Chul-In did this to isolate me?”

-Y, Yes, sir...

“Well, sure, whatever.”

“What? Your Majesty, you have to prepare for...!”

“Prepare... Fine. I’ll call for a meeting one hour later, so tell the messengers to get ready.” 

-Understood, your Majesty...

Akul was flustered because Rothschild’s voice was so calm, but he didn’t ask why. Recently, Rothschild had called his subordinates depending on his mood and killed them, showing his tyrant instincts.


Rothschild sighed. 

“I suppose it’s time to settle things with you.”

His eyes were completely black with no whites. His clear blue eyes had disappeared. 

“Wait a little, Kang Chul-In. There’s not too long until your life is taken… ha, hahahahaha!”

Rothschild laughed ominously. 

While Rothschild was drunk on his new power, a periscope smaller than a pinkie disappeared through the ground. 



One week later... 

“D-Don’t come closer!”

Lord Gilbert shouted at the demon approaching him. 

“Don’t you have any refreshing lines?”

The demon spoke with a grin. 

“Don’t come, I said! Fuck off!”


“You demon-like bastard!”

Gilbert had quite a temper, seeing how he was shouting in the Lords’ Hall after all his guards and soldiers were just killed. 

That might’ve been why he had increased the security around his territory by 3 times and spent sleepless nights in the Lords’ Hall. 

It’s easy to tell who’s gonna burst out crying just by their faces. 

Kang Chul-In took a step closer to Gilbert. 

As he did, Gilbert fainted with bubbles in his mouth, right before Kaiforce landed in his head. 


Kang Chul-In sighed as he took Kaiforce back. 

“I’m tired.”

“Me too.”

Dorian, who had suddenly come from somewhere, spoke with a tired face. 

“And the clean up?”

“Good enough.”

“That’s fine.”

“Ugh… this isn’t something I want to do again. We send notices to the Lords so... and it’s hard when they move...”

“That’s why we’re holding the Lords hostage.”

“But it’s still hard… ugh...”

“Cheer up.”

Kang Chul-In dryly encouraged Dorain. 

It’s understandable that he’s tired. Since I’m also tired. 

To be honest, Kang Chul-In was tired as well. 

The two had used up all their energy causing messes in 5 different territories for the last week. 

“Huk, hukkk...”

“Haaa… haaaa...”


The same went for Dorian’s airborne forces, the Wyverns Woman Airborne Forces. 

They weren’t even at war, and causing terror in territories and running away was extremely tiring. 

They couldn’t even imagine fighting against Rothschild’s forces. 

“Anyway, shouldn’t we stop now? I think both of us will die from overworking ourselves if this keeps up.”

Dorian spoke in a raspy voice. 

“I was thinking of stopping anyway.”

Kang Chul-In replied. 

We’re at the limits now. 

It was true. 

The more time went on, the more the forces of the Lords were increasing. Even for him, it was dangerous to fight against all those soldiers. It was time to stop. 

But we still gained something. 

It wasn’t like this was for nothing. 

From the 5 Lords that they spoke about, two of them had been taken care of by Kang Chul-In and Dorian, and the other 3 returned to Rothschild to cut off their ties and hide. 

With this, Rothschild wouldn’t be able to ally himself with the Lords around himself for the time being. 

Also, the other Lords in the Baldur region were hiding themselves, saying they wouldn’t be on Rothschild’s side. They had definitely achieved what they came to do. 

Will you stay inside your territory even after I pressure you like this, Rothschild?

But something was strange. 

It was normal to show some kind of response to this, but it was quiet. Like he was planning something. 

It’s strange...

There was only one option for Rothschild to pick. 

It was hard for him to help the Gullveig Coalition because he was busy with the attacks from Lee Char-rin and Vito Clemenza. 

Then there was only one thing left. To swallow up the territories around him to gain power. That was the wisest path that Rothschild could take. 

But why? Just what is he trying to do in there...

Just then, he heard the sound of wings flapping and some owl human suddenly came from the ceiling. It was Aluko, from Fox Valley’s reconnaissance group.

“Aluko greets the Supreme King of the West!”

“Oh, it was you?”

“Yes, your Majesty.”

“Weren’t you watching over Rothschild?”

“Yes, sir.”

“But why are you here? Has the reconnaissance group been found?”

“No, sir.”

“Then why?”

“I came because I have important information to report to you!”


“Your Majesty, I’ll report it to you separately. Could you make some time...”

“Of course.”

Kang Chul-In nodded. 

“Your Majesty, Rothschild is currently...”

After they moved to another location, Aluko reported to Kang Chul-In. 


Kang Chul-In smirked when he heard the report. 

It seemed like his bad fate with his enemy was on the closing act. 

“The time to end that damned bastard’s life has come.”

[1] Kevlar.

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