Chapter 257: A Notice

“Oh, Brynhildr!”

Albrecht smiled widely seeing his joker, Brynhildr, as he came down from the magic circle.

“You’ve come!”

“Yes, your Majesty.”

“Good job. Since those savages from Valhalla have come in, our Gullveig Coalition is desperate for your power!”

He was treating him extremely kindly. 

Vilhelm acted like he was greeting his hidden lover. 

“How come I couldn’t get in touch with you?”


“I told you again and again to stay next to me...”

“I apologize.”

“No, that’s fine. Since you came in the face of danger, that’s enough.”

So what if he was a little late?

Vilhelm was satisfied that the only card he had that could rival Kang Chul-In was here on his orders. 

“Your Majesty.”

But Vilhelm’s hopes came crumbling down in a second.

“Yes, go ahead.”

“I apologize, but I won’t be participating in this war.”


Vilhelm suspected his ears. 

“You won’t participate in the war?”

“Yes, sir.”

“What are you talking about? You came this quickly after I contacted you but you won’t go out to war? Brynhildr, are you saying that you don’t care if...

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