Chapter 254: A Turbulent Continent (1)

Arshelly’s shining star-like eyes started to tear up. 

She was a Unit, having lost most of her memory from the past, but it wasn’t like she forgot everything. 

First, Kang Chul-In, no, Julius Berlineta Pon Aurangzeb. 

Arshelly remembered that he was the emperor of the empire and a generous father who loved her very much. 

She didn’t remember all the times she was with him, but she could remember that emotion. 

Also, Arshelly firmly believed that Kang Chul-In was Julius Berlineta Pon Aurangzeb. 

She also remembered one more thing: 

The wife of the Emperor of Blood and Iron, the empress of the empire, the person who had birthed Arshelly... 

Arshelly also remembered this person, who couldn’t be justified with just words. 


Clear tears like the mist of dawn dripped down her face. 

“M… Mo…”

A choked voice escaped her mouth. 

Ah, how could she forget?

Even if she forgot everything else, she wouldn’t forget the Emperor of Blood and Iron, her father, or the empress, her mother. 


Arshelly called the name that she hadn’t been able to for a thousand years and jumped into the arms of the woman she met in the hallway. 


“Heuk… heuk heuk… m-mo… m…!”

Arshelly began to sob in her arms.

“I… missed you… mom… gulp…! Heuk heuk…!” 


“I… was waiting nicely… I was brave… I didn’t cry!”

Arshelly wasn’t able to think reasonably...

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