Chapter 252: A Squirming Conspiracy

Meanwhile, at the same time.

“Your Majesty, your Majesty!”

“Call the physician, quick!”

“Move, move! No one should be in the hall to the hospital ward!”

Right after the second Lords’ Meeting ended, Fortress Laputa was in chaos.

[Reporting to all command, reporting to all command! Sir Alfred is wanted at the VVIP hospital ward immediately; this is a code zero situation. I repeat. Sir Alfred is wanted...]

A magically-engineered voice rang with Lucia’s voice looking for Alfred all over the castle.


The hall to the hospital ward was filled with Lee Chae-rin’s pleading shouts.

“Just what happened?”

Ninetails, who had been walking by the estuary near the hospital ward, quickly joined her.

“U-Unnie!” Lee Chae-rin sobbed.

“What happened, did...”

Ninetails wasn’t able to finish her sentence.


It was because she saw that the bloodied person who was being carried in was none other than Kang Chul-In.

“What happened? Why is Husband...”


“Stop crying and speak!”

“T-That’s… at the Lords’ Meeting...”

But Lee Chae-rin wasn’t able to finish.

“Hey, you! Move! Now!”

“Bring all of the...

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