Chapter 251: The Second Lords' Meeting (4)

Numerous question marks. 

Kang Chul-In’s facial expression was literally…

“What kind of bullshit is this!?” 

…full of horror. 

“Perhaps… did I cause you any inconvenience?” 

Kwak Jung, the tactician of Lord Vito Clemenza, spoke. 

“If I happened to be rude...” 

“Before that.” 

Kang Chul-In interrupted him. He had to ask questions to clarify his identity. 

“Who are you again?” 

A petrifying glare. 

Kwak Jung was faced with indescribable intimidation. 

It was the most fundamental question when identifying strangers. 

“I am...” 

Kwak Jung replied. 

“I am Kwak Jung, the tactician of Lord Vito Clemenza, who rules over the land of Paramount at the eastern end of Pangaea.”


“…I beg your pardon?” 

“Whose tactician?” 

“I work for his Majesty, Vito Clemenza.” 

“Your name?” 

“It’s Kwak Jung.”


“Well, you are hearing me speak now… I am Korean...”



Kang Chul-In accidentally spewed out vulgarities, but he did not care. He had a frown on his face. 

How can this be? 

Two Kwak Jungs?

The tactician of Lord Vito Clemenza, Kwak Jung, whom he had been searching for so desperately after the Great Summoning stood right before his eyes.

In that case, 

Did I pick the wrong one…?

It only meant that his own tactician wasn’t the Kwak Jung he had been looking for. 

“‘Kwak Jung,’ you say…? I have a tactician named Kwak Jung, too. Both of you have the same name...” 

“That’s not really the case.” 


“Just until a week ago, my real name was Kwak Jun. My mother incidentally had my fortune told, and the fortune teller told her that I’m destined to die early… ah, do you mind if I light up a stick?” 

Kwak Jun fished out a cigarette from his pocket.

“I’m a chronic smoker...” 

“Go ahead.”

“Thank you. Hu...” 

A thick layer of smoke rose up. 

… A chronic smoker. 

Kang Chul-In was flabbergasted. 

No matter how he looked, the Kwak Jung he had been searching for seemed to be this smoker in front of him, not the one buried in a pile of documents back in Laputa. 


Kang Chul-In spoke. 

Regardless, he had to find out why this ‘real Kwak Jung’ had approached him in the first place. 

“Why did you come to find me?” 

“I want to offer you a deal.” 

“What kind?” 

“A big one.” 

“Wouldn’t it make sense for your Lord to be present instead? Where is Vito Clemeza?” 

“His Majesty is not feeling well, hence I had to participate in the Lord meeting as his replacement. I hope to seek your understanding...” 

“I understand.” 

Kang Chul-In nodded. 

It wasn’t uncommon for Lords to send their subordinates to meetings if they could not make it personally. 

“What’s the deal about?” 

“I presume your Majesty desires to conquer the whole of Pangaea?” 

“I’m certainly not the only one.” 

“That’s true, but there’s a difference between mere dreamers and someone who has the capacity to fulfill the dream. Since I’m on it, why not bet on the more likely candidate?” 

“The details?” 

“Do you want the summarized version?” 

“Suit yourself.” 

“Alright. I, no, his Majesty, Vito Clemenza...” 

Kwak Jun hesitated for a moment before whispering in a very low tone. 

“…Wishes to create a two-way power struggle for your Majesty, Kang Chul-In.” 


“The two parties would be the Kingdom of Valhalla and the Gullveig Alliance. Isn’t this the big picture that you have been drawing?” 

From Kwak Jun’s words, Kang Chul-In could already notice one thing. 

Regardless of whether this stranger was the man he had been looking for, he had the intelligence to qualify as a dealer. 

“Tell me more.” 

Kang Chul-In let out a faint smile. 

With the conclusion of the ball, the second Lord meeting seemed to come to an end. 



A loud sound was heard, which instigated a commotion. 


An Asian man vomited a ton of blood. Someone had sent him flying into a wall in the Lord’s hall. 

“How dare you?” 

That someone, Kang Chul-In, snarled at the Asian man. 

“You dare to offer a shitty deal like this, you trash?” 

“Keuk, Kuhuk…!” 

“You want me to rip your tongue out?” 

“I… apologize… p-please… forgive… m-me...”

Kwak Jun pleaded while struggling to catch his breath. 


Kang Chul-In smirked. 

“Know your place. You dare to ask forgiveness after showing that disrespect?” 

“I-I’m sorry...” 

“I will crush your throat.” 


Kang Chul-In increased his grip force, causing Kwak Jun to scream in pain. 


Kwak Jun coughed out blood again. 

The color of the blood!

Kang Chul-In faltered slightly.

The blood… was dark red in color. Just like that of a patient with lung disease. 

If its etiology was indeed lung cancer, then the man before him truly fulfilled the conditions of the real Kwak Jung. 

“What’s wrong with them?” 

“Isn’t that Vito Clemenza’s messenger?” 

“It’s Kang Chul-In again…!” 

The other Lords had no clue on what Kang Chul-In was up to. 

Pzzt, pzzt!

At that moment. 

  • Supreme King, Kang Chul-In!

The space warped and Archon, the self-declared messenger of god, appeared to stop Kang Chul-In. 


In addition, Guardians equipped with armors of light also aimed their spears at him. 

“What is it, the dog of god?” 

Kang Chul-In mocked Archon. 

“Anything to say?” 

  • I stated this clearly before. In the Lord meeting, all forms of violence, rape, sexual harassment, robbery and murder are banned. 

“Oh, you did?” 

Despite Archon’s warnings, Kang Chul-In did not let go of Kwak Jun. He had just ignored the host of the Lord meeting.

“But what to do? I have no intention of listening to a god’s dog.” 

  • You will regret it. 

“Regret? Me?” 

  • The Supreme King of the West, I warn you as the messenger of god and as the host of this Lord meeting: Let go of that hand. I shall not tolerate any more violence. 

“What if I don’t?” 

With that, 

Kang Chul-In grasped Kwak Jun’s throat with even more force. 


Kwak Jun sounded as if he was about to die from breathlessness. 

It was a critical moment. 

If Kang Chul-In applied any more force, Kwak Jun’s throat would snap in half. 


At that instant!

  • Punish him!

Archon ordered the Guardians to charge at Kang Chul-In. 


Ten sharp spears flew towards Kang Chul-In. 

I can see them!

His eyes gleamed. 

He had already surpassed the human limits. 

His cognitive ability, dynamic visual acuity, spatial awareness and reflexes were products of intense training of the human potential to the max with the Oraclomind. They were not given to him through level ups. 

In other words, Kang Chul-In had already become the strongest human across both Pangaea and Earth!

Flick, flick!

Kang Chul-In rapidly rotated his body. 


The Guardians’ spears parried each other in the air. He had performed an incredible dodge.


Kang Chul-In did not stop. 


He kicked a Guardian’s abdomen and landed an uppercut on its chin below the casque.

That didn’t have much impact on the Guardian, of course, but it was not in vain.


Kang Chul-In had the Guardian’s spear in his hand. While he was dodging the attacks, he had snatched its weapon. 

“I’ve always wondered...” 

Kang Chul-In gave a murderous grin. 

“What would happen if I stab something sharp into your neck, arrogant bastard.” 

  • Supreme King of the West. 

“I shall have my answer today.”  

With that, Kang Chul-In charged at Archon with a blinding speed. 

  • Fool!

Archon did not flinch at all.

He stretched his arms and raised his hand, which was covered with blue flame. 

Flash! Pang! Bang!

With a tremendous sound, Kang Chul-In was sent flying for almost 100 metres. He crashed into a wall at the opposite of the Lord meeting. 

He coughed out blood. 


The shocked Lee Chae-Rin hurriedly ran towards Kang Chul-In, who had collapsed. 


However, the Guardians stopped her with their spears. 

“Move! I said move!” 

Lee Chae-Rin screamed, but to no avail. 

“Move you bastards! Are you trying to kill my friend!?” 

Dorian joined in as well, but only Kang Chul-In was capable of surpassing the human limits in the Lord’s hall. They couldn’t penetrate the thick armors of the Guardians. 

  • Supreme King of the West, Kang Chul-In. 

Archon moved in front of the fallen Kang Chul-In. It spoke in a cold, apathetic tone. 

  • Do you know your place now? 

“How dare you… do this to me! Urgh...” 

  • Arrogance will only bring you demise. 


  • Choose. 

“Choose what?” 

  • Do you want to die here, or follow the rules? 


  • I realize very well that you have surpassed the human limits. However, 

Archon stretched its hand towards Kang Chul-In. 


Mana began to swirl around the hand and formed a small ball of energy. 

  • That’s barely enough in this Lord’s hall. 


- I will ask for the last time. Do you want to die here, or apologize to the messenger of Lord Vito Clemenza and the rest of the Lords here?

Kang Chul-In was given a choice. 

He had to choose either his pride or survival. 

The answer seemed obvious. 

Kang Chul-In would rather die than to have his pride trampled on. That was the kind of man he was!

“My choice is...” 

Kang Chul-In began to speak.


Albrecht Vilhelm, the chairman of Gullveig Alliance, immediately visited the communication room after the Lord meeting. 

“What did you suggest?”

Vilhelm asked. 

  • ...

Kwak Jun did not reply. 

“What kind of suggestion did you make that infuriated Kang Chul-In so much?” 

  • ... 

No reply.

“Still keeping your mouth shut?” 

  • ...

“I don’t think I’m asking for too much, am I?” 

Vilhelm almost pleaded Kwak Jun. He was that curious. 

  • I apologize… I can’t tell you. 

Kwak Jun replied. 

  • It’s a diplomatic secret between the Supreme King of the West and me. 

“Is that so?” 

  • Yes. 

“You better spill the beans.” 

He threatened now. 

“Taking the previous occasion into account as well, I can easily frame you as an enemy. You should know this better.” 

The previous occasion referred to Kwak Jun declaring Paramount’s refusal to join the Gullveig Alliance in place of his master. 

“Your refusal to join the alliance, and the secret conversation with Kang Chul-In. These two reasons are enough.” 

  • ...!

“What are your options now? As the chairman of a gigantic alliance, I can easily erase your small territory’s existence off the map. There’s no guarantee that Kang Chul-In will keep your conversation confidential, either.” 

  • It’s not such a simple matter... 

“Ah, I think I know.” 

Vilhelm stoke his beard. 

“Perhaps what you suggested to him benefits your territory and Kang Chul-In, but puts the Gullveig Alliance in danger?” 

  • T-That!

“Seems like I’m right.” 

  • Your Majesty!

“Ah, don’t be too afraid. I’m in a very good mood today. It’s not often that you see Kang Chul-In, that arrogant bastard, kneeling helplessly on the floor. Speak up, I will be merciful.” 

Vilhelm smiled brightly. 

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