Chapter 246: The Crowning!

That night.



An unexpected thundercloud enveloped the sky.


Heavy rain began to crash down as well.

Noisy and eventful.

...Just like Kang Chul-In’s first night.


The next morning...

“His Majesty has arrived~!”

With Alfred’s announcement, Kang Chul-In and Ninetails entered the Lord’s Hall.

Something was off, however.

“Good morning.”

“G-Good… hah... morning… everyone...”

Unlike Kang Chul-In who looked fresh, Ninetails appeared to be in a bad condition.

She had messy hair, blank eyes, dark circles around her eyes, and pale lips.


Her legs were also shaky.

That wasn’t the queen of Fox Valley that everyone knew. Instead, Ninetails looked more like a chronically ill person.


All of the subjects in the hall couldn’t help but be shocked.

W-What even… he is even good in bed?

Kwak Jung, in particular, was shook to the core.

It was a form of jealousy.

As a man, no, as a member of the male species!

God damn it! How can a human be so good at everything?

At one look, Kang Chul-In was 100% the reason for Ninetails’ pitiful look.

For the past three years, including his previous life, he had been holding his...

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