Chapter 243: Kang Chul-In’s Dilemma


Drakan lost his cool after having his tail sliced off. His dragon-like ferocity, which he had displayed during his past battle with Kang Chul-In, had awakened. 


The same went for Amur. 

The tiger general, with fur standing on its end all around his whole body, flashed his sharp canines. 


Lucia foresaw the disaster that was about to happen. 


That was good. 

The more beast-like a demi-human was, the more powerful he was during a rampage. 

That, however, only held true when the opponent was ‘decently strong.’ This was just like how a rampaging Drakan and Amur could never defeat Kang Chul-In!

They will both die!

Lucia thought. 


She then immediately rushed in between Drakan and Amur and smashed them with her shield. 



Both Amur and Drakan were sent flying. They crashed onto the ground several meters away from her. 

We have to run no matter what!

Lucia displayed no bravado. 


She immediately dashed away, 

If she confronted the white knight, she would die before seeing Kang Chul-In’s face again. 

“Running away, huh?” 

The white knight spoke in a disappointed tone.  


He then made his move as well. 

His target...

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