Chapter 242: Shocking Defeat

In the past, during Ragnarok, there was a topic that was spoken about a lot amongst adventurers. 

Who was the strongest warrior among all Lords and Adventurers?

This wasn’t a question that could be easily answered.

300,000 people.

It wasn’t easy comparing 300,000 people with different talents.

Of course, there was a rough list that guessed the power differences among everyone, and Kang Chul-In was known to be the strongest of all.

But Kang Chul-In wasn’t always known as the strongest. There were a few rare existences that could stand up against him, and one of them was the ‘White Knight,’ Brunhilde.

The formless sword that hit with the speed of light.

He was one of the absolute strongest in Pangaea, and someone that was able to fight against Kang Chul-In.

“It’ll be quite interesting this time.”

Kang Chul-In said, smirking.

A fight to the death.

The White Knight Brunhilde was someone that even he had to risk his life fighting against.

It was up to the point that he had thought that if he died fighting one against one, his opponent at the time would be Brunhilde.

 Are you still powerful, Brunhilde?

Kang Chul-In quietly murmured to himself.

Enough to face me?

There was almost no information about Brunhilde.

Gender, nationality, where he was from, his goals… there was a lot of missing information.

After all, he was said to be wearing shining white armor around even his Lord, Albrecht Vilhelm, and never showed his true appearance.

“I’ll go tell mother.”

Saying that, Kang Chul-In headed back into the house.


After reading the Gulveig Alliance’s message, Laputa immediately began to set up in a defensive position.

The ones who were placed in the front lines were Laputa’s Crimson Dragon Brigade, as well as the Fierce Tiger Brigade.


The leader of the Crimson Dragon Brigade, Drakan, touched his moustache, which reminded one of a catfish.

He looked nothing like he did before.

His previous smooth-looking skin was all gone, replaced instead with glittering ruby-like scales.

“Why are you thinking so hard?”

Next to him, Amur, the leader of the Fierce Tiger Brigade, asked with a smile.

Amur also looked nothing like he did before.

Gold Tiger!

His stripes that were mixed with a gold and white color was extremely hard to see on almost any other tiger.

The reason for this drastic change was simple.

Transcendence stones!

Using the stones that Kang Chul-In had, both Drakan and Amur were able to get a 20% boost in their power.

Basically, the change in appearance was like evidence that their power increased.

“I was thinking of what strategies would fit in defending this area.”

Drakan answered.

“Pft, what strategy.”

Amur smirked.

“What can we do with that? If the enemies come with ridiculous numbers, all we can do is be meatshields, and fight to the death.”


“You don’t need to think of such useless and pointless things like strategy.”

Saying that, a fierce glint appeared in Amur’s eyes. His confidence seemed like it could pierce the skies.

“Hmph, idiot.”


Amur’s expression stiffened.

“What do you mean by that!?”

“It’s only obvious that you should think of strategy as a commander, but to turn your back on it? Can you really call yourself the commander of the Fierce Tiger Brigade?”


“That object that’s above your shoulders right there is something used to think. Stop acting like an ogre.”

Drakan said, staring at Amur like an idiot.

“What? Ogre? You damned lizard bastard!”

“Lizard?! You damned cat!”

It didn’t take much for a fight to break out.


Angry, Amur immediately rushed in and grabbed Drakan.

“Are you ready to shame your damned dragon race today?”

“Why don’t you talk after letting go, little cat? Or will you come to your senses after I rip off all of your fur?”

Drakan and Amur growled at each other.

They were like oil and water from the very beginning.

Huhu… It seems that commander Drakan is about to show what’s up to those stupid cats.

They said that these lizards will come to their senses if they’re beaten up, right?

Both the warriors of the Crimson Dragon Brigade and the Fierce Tiger Brigade stared in excitement.

The relationship between these two groups was as bad as the relationship of their two leaders.

This situation wasn’t too bad, however.

In the first place, Kang Chul-In had placed these two brigades next to each other in order to arouse their competitive spirit and strive to be better than each other.

“Woah, woah.”

But the hopes of the soldiers didn’t come true.

“Both of you, calm down.”

Wearing blue armor, Lucia jumped in between the two of them.

“If you’re going to fight, please do so in the designated area. This Lucia will not allow fighting here.”

Drakan and Amur closed their mouths.

Lucia was the right-hand woman of Kang Chul-In, which meant that they didn’t have the authority to disobey her orders.

“Yes, sir.”

“Yes, commander-in-chief!”

Both Dragon and Tiger nodded their heads, and stopped fighting each other. 

“Get ready to set up the cannon…”

Lucia stopped mid-sentence.


From far away, the enemies were rushing in.



Lucia was shocked.

Around five kilometres away, she could see tens of thousands of soldiers that were marching.

We’re late!

There was no time to set up their defensive line.

And they weren’t in a good position right now either.

“Everyone, we will retreat back to the Deathwin territory.”

A quick decision.

Lucia made the best decision she could right now, and the Laputa army immediately began to prepare for the retreat.

“Commander-in-chief Lucia!”

But it seemed like Amur had a different opinion.

“Speak, commander Amur.”

“We are strong. What need is there to retreat? If we just fight…”

“Commander Amur.”

Lucia spoke, her voice cold.


“Do… you want to die?”


“It seems that you still haven’t gotten used to the atmosphere of Laputa.”

Lucia said, stroking her shield, Aegis.

I-I might die!

At that moment, Amur was shocked at the terrifying aura.

Even though one wouldn’t know the outcome of the fight before they actually fought, the aura radiating from Lucia was terrifying. Amur felt like he might die before he actually got a chance to even retaliate.

“This is the first, and final warning, commander Amur.”

Lucia warned.

“Yes, sir.”

“Now then, we will retreat. All troops, retreat!”

Lucia once again shouted, signaling the retreat.


At that moment.

From the enemy lines, a Pegasus came running, closing the gap to the Laputa soldiers.

“The general of the Laputa army, come out!”

A charming voice.

The man on top of the Pegasus was a knight wearing white armor.


At this, the two commanders and Lucia stopped momentarily.

Come out?

Who was it that dared to call out the general of Laputa?

“That damned bastard…”

Though Amur was pissed,

“Let’s just back off.”

Lucia decided to continue the retreat, rather than fight.



With its wings spread, the Pegasus didn’t show any signs of slowing down.

“Are there only cowards in Laputa!?”

Shouting that, the white armored knight jumped into the front lines of the Laputa army.

“You dare!?”

At this, Amur also ran out.

Well then, show us your skill.

This time around, Lucia didn’t stop him.

Though retreating was important, they couldn’t let an enemy who had just ran into them escape like that, could they? For their morale, they had to kill them and show them their power.




It only took an instant for Amur’s gauntlet to break. 


A scream came out of the fierce tiger general’s mouth. It was because he had been pierced in the abdomen by one of the white knight’s strikes.

And now, the second strike…


Amur couldn’t do anything.

It was as if time itself had stopped.

Because by the time he was trying to get back up, the sword of the white knight had already approached Amur’s neck…


At that moment!


Drakan’s dragon bone sword prevented Amur’s death.


Drakan was shocked too, however.

This strength…

It was because of the aftershock of blocking that blow.

As evidence of that power, blood was dripping down the Drakonian’s hand.


At that moment, the knight disappeared once again.

I can’t dodge…

Shock filled Drakan’s eyes.


Forgetting his pride as a Draconian, Drakan threw his body away.


With a terrifying noise,


The large tail of a draconian fell to the ground.

He had undergone the humiliation of having his tail cut off in order to preserve his life.


Shock filled the eyes of everyone who was watching.

Amur’s defeat.

Drakan’s humiliation.

This was the most shocking event that had ever occurred in the history of the Laputa army.

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