Chapter 239: Three Daughters-In-Law

Nah, no way. 

Desdemona shook her head. 

Those rumors can’t be true. 

Unlike dragons, the human race had always enjoyed gossiping.  

Shuffle, shuffle!

Desdemona stepped away to stop eavesdropping, but she couldn’t help herself to listen a bit more.  

“You actually believe that nonsense?” 

“I’m serious! They say that the ancient gold dragon saved Fox Valley, the mist city!” 

“Huh? Really?” 

“Seems like it polymorphs into a human lord to entertain itself.” 

“No way.” 

“Apparently all the demi-humans already take it as a fact.” 

“Is that so?” 

“They even made a statue of the ancient gold dragon.” 

Desdemona stopped. 

Well… having at least one of my kind around would be nice. 

Desdemona had a bitter smile across her face. 

Maybe there was one dragon who had been hibernating without a care in the world… 

The ancient gold dragon? 


Desdemona only knew of one existence in Pangaea who qualified as a true dragon – herself. 

In other words, she was the last and only ancient dragon around. 


“Namo Amitabha...”

Park Sun-Ja was chanting a mantra in a temple in the Gyeonggi province in South Korea. 

“Dear Buddha.” 

She bowed in front of the buddha statue. 

“Please help my son get married...

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