Chapter 237: I’m Going!

“I… must have heard that wrong, right?” 

Lee Chae-Rin inquired. 


Kwak Jung shook his head. 

“You did hear it right, your Majesty.” 

“D-Did I?” 

“Certainly. As the diplomat of Laputa, I came here to officially propose a marriage between your Majesty and his Majesty, Kang Chul-In.” 

“You are pulling my leg.” 

“I’m not.” 

“Stop this prank please. Are you short on money? How much do you need?” 

Lee Chae-Rin couldn’t comprehend this situation. 


The same went for Lee Chae-Rin’s subordinates. 

Kang Chul-In did help Lee Chae-Rin quell a rebellion at the start of the Great Summoning, which knitted them close together. Even so, a marriage proposal was absurd. 

“Hmm… just to reiterate, I came here to propose a marriage between your Majesty and his Majesty.” 

“…That can’t be.” 

“I’m serious?” 


“Damn it! How many times do you need me to say it? Your Majesty, are you or are you not going to marry his Majesty, Kang Chul-In?” 

Kwak Jung was too frustrated to even care about Anubis’ previous warning. He had to shout to relay his message to Lee Chae-Rin, who was in disbelief. 



“Mr. Chul-In and I?”  

“That’s right?” 

“A m-marriage between Mr. Chul-In and I?” 

“Yes~! That’s right~!”


Lee Chae-Rin screamed. 

She blushed uncontrollably, almost as if she were about to explode. 

“You are saying….” 

“It’s the truth. Matters have already been discussed on our side, so I just came here to hear your thoughts.” 


“Are you keen on the marriage?” 

Lee Chae-Rin, however, could not reply to Kwak Jung’s question. 

It was because, 


She fainted on her chair from the shock. 

“Y-your Majesty!!!” 

“Are you alright?” 

Dorado’s subjects immediately crowded around Lee Chae-Rin. 

After some commotion, Kwak Jung initiated a private conversation with Lee Chae-Rin. 

He assumed that as fellow Koreans, they would have a more meaningful conversation than with the others around. It turned out to be a wise decision.

The Pangean people had a different perspective on things, after all. 

“Are you feeling better?” 

Kwak Jung handed a cup of ice water to Lee Chae-Rin. 

“Yes, I’m alright. I feel much better.” 

Despite those words, she was still pale from the shock. 

“Hmm… to be straightforward, what I mentioned just now was the key point.” 

“About… Mr. Chul-In and I are getting m-married?” 


Kwak Jung nodded. 

“Well, of course… I can’t say that that’s all there is to the story.” 

“What do you mean?” 

“Let me ask you first. Are you a Lord, your Majesty?” 

“I beg your pardon?” 

“I’m not asking the Korean lady, Lee Chae-Rin. I’m asking the one and only Lord of Dorado.” 

“To be honest… I don’t understand what you’re saying.” 

“Arranged marriage.” 


“This is no normal marriage. It’s more than just a couple developing feelings for each other and living happily ever after.” 

Kwak Jung’s gaze was extremely sobering. He had the same eyes as when he drove a knife into an enemy gang member’s abdomen without hesitation. 

“This is a marriage between Lord Kang Chul-In and Lord Lee Chae-Rin. Furthermore, it’s a union between Laputa and Dorado.” 

“I-I see….” 

Lee Chae-Rin replied timidly. 

That was to be expected. 

She would have agreed to an arranged marriage with Kang Chul-In if she was a Pangaean. However, she was an earthling. 

Didn’t every earthling desire to share sweet love with his or her partner, and hope for their feelings to eventually lead to marriage? 

“One more thing.” 

Kwak Jung pressured Lee Chae-Rin relentlessly. 

“His Majesty won’t just marry once.” 


“You know it. He is too supreme of a man to just have one woman by his side.” 


“His Majesty, Kang Chul-In, is a sovereign to the core. Does it make sense for the future conqueror of Pangaea to have just one spouse?” 

Lee Chae-Rin bit on her lower lip and kept quiet.

W-What… should I do….

She knew that Kang Chul-In was not a man to casually date someone. 

Not only was he a prideful Overlord, but he was also a workaholic. It was difficult to expect a normal romantic relationship from him. 

That aside, he would give Lee Chae-Rin a cold shoulder no matter how hard she tried. 


Does Mr. Chul-In really not have any feelings for me? Am I not good enough for him?

Lee Chae-Rin couldn’t apprehend this situation easily. She herself was a stunning woman after all.

“What’s the issue?” 

Kwak Jung asked. 


Lee Chae-Rin replied. 

“All marriages are the same eventually.” 

Kwak Jung tossed a casual remark. 

“What do you mean…?” 

“Is marriage such a big deal? You will develop feelings sooner or later as you face your partner every day.” 

“Well that...” 

“As I said before, if you wish for a normal romantic relationship with his Majesty, that will never happen. His Majesty cares more about his work than girls, so how long are you willing to wait for that to change? Probably not in your lifetime.” 

“What’s your point?” 

“This is a chance!” 


“Isn’t this a chance to be at his Majesty’s side, 24/7?” 


“You two are going to face each other, eat together, and rub your bodies together. Who knows? Maybe his Majesty will start to develop romantic feelings for your Majesty.” 

“Y-You think so?” 



“And also, his Majesty Kang Chul-In is softer than he seems. He may be a bit rough on the edges, but he takes good care of his people. Have you heard of the term ‘tsundere’?” 

“T-Tsundere? Mr. Chul-In’s a tsundere?”

“That’s right.” 

Kwak Jung replied with a grin. 

“That aside, marrying the strongest Overlord of this continent grants you a priceless ally. Who can possibly threaten Dorado afterwards?”

“That’s true.” 

“Furthermore, an opportunity to seduce a man that you can never date in normal circumstances! Kang Chul-In, marriage and a formidable power altogether! Selling this bundle for 39,800 won… or not, ehem… Anyways! If you are against the idea of sharing one man with other women, then I guess it can’t be helped. However, I urge you to think from a Lord’s perspective. Ah, and also….” 

“W-What is this?” 

“It’s a contract.” 


“You can’t just have an arranged marriage without a proper procedure.” 


“Please read carefully before making your decision. Well then, excuse me!” 

Kwak Jung disrespectfully pushed a scroll towards Lee Chae-Rin before getting up from his chair. 

Huehue… you will never say no to these terms and conditions, your Majesty, Lee Chae-Rin.

Kwak Jung, whose back now faced Lee Chae-Rin, chuckled slyly. 

According to his plan… Lee Chae-Rin was bound to say yes. 



The last lightning bolt struck. 


The scream, however, did not come from Kang Chul-In. 


Kang Chul-In shouted in shock after he identified his savior. 

“Y-your Majesty...” 

Lucia turned around and smiled faintly at Kang Chul-In. 

“It was quite… a powerful lightning bolt…”

“Are you okay?” 

“I can endure it.” 

Lucia slowly got herself up. 

Pzzt, pzzt! 

A blue spark constantly appeared around her body. 


Aegis, the Shield of God, was now black and fuming. 

“Lucia, your humble servant, had received an order to come aid your Majesty’s escape!” 

Lucia kneeled in front of Kang Chul-In.

“Your Majesty!” 

She then apologized. 

“I’m late to your rescue. I’ve committed an unforgivable sin! Please punish me!” 

“No, not at all.” 

Kang Chul-In shook his head. 

“What punishment? You’ve arrived in just the nick of time.”   

“Your Majesty!” 


“Please look up, your Majesty!” 

Lucia pointed at the sky. 

An aircraft floated in the cloudy sky. It was once Rothschild’s prized possession, named Zeppelin. 

“All according to plan.” 

Kang Chul-In grinned. 

From the very start, he had no intention of escaping via land. 

He had planned to escape on Zeppelin after summoning lightning, a squall and an earthquake upon Rothschild’s territory. 

“Your Majestyyyy!” 

At that moment, Podolski shouted at Kang Chul-In from Zeppelin’s prow. 

“Catch this!” 


A rope dropped down rapidly and stopped just in front of Kang Chul-In. 

“Let’s go!” 


Kang Chul-In grabbed Lucia by her waist and held onto the rope. 

“Ah, wait a second.” 

Before his escape, Kang Chul-In looked around his surroundings briefly.

“Your Majesty, what’s wrong…?”

“I swear to find that bastard who held me back.” 


“Ah, there he is.” 

Kang Chul-In stared into the distance, roughly 100 metres away. 



A massive air current began to wrap around Kaiforce. 


A whirlwind was soon formed. 


Kang Chul-In released a vortex which then swept across his target region. 


With a tremendous blare, 


Someone’s scream could be heard along with a splash of blood and flesh. 

“Deed done.” 

Kang Chul-In confirmed Alighieri’s death and let out a satisfied expression. 


That was useless against his Oraclomind. 


“You damn bastard...” 

Rothschild was completely mind blown, having witnessed his nemesis’ escape. 


She was his prized possession which he had excavated from the ancient ruins. Aircrafts like that were rare in Pangea. 

Money-wise, she was easily worth hundreds of thousands of gold.

But now, she was being used for his despicable nemesis’ escape. Rothschild was about to go crazy with anger. 

“Stop them!” 

Rothschild bellowed. 

“Catch that bastard, no matter what it takes!” 


Cyamodus, in response, struggled to move at a faster speed than before. 



Rothschild’s territory was destroyed further every time it made a move. 



Similar to the Full Metal Dragon, Zeppelin was equipped with ten V12 magic-engineered engines. Even the gigantic fire turtle could not catch up to her. 


Kang Chul-In, now on board of Zeppelin, laughed loudly at Rothschild. 

“That was entertaining, Rothschild!” 


“Well then, have fun rebuilding your territory! I’ll be on my way!”

Having said that, Kang Chul-In gradually disappeared from Rothschild’s vision. 

“Ah, ahhh…!” 

Rothschild gasped in despair. 


He then vomited blood onto the floor.

He was that infuriated.

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