Chapter 234: A Humble Wedding

Kang Chul-In’s gaze scanned the thick forest and ground 50 meters away from him.  

Let’s take a look. 

He activated the Oraclomind to amplify his brain power. 

The trembling ground. 

The swaying of leaves. 

The scent. 

The flow of wind. 

All kinds of information diffused into Kang Chul-In’s brain, allowing him to visualize the camouflaged enemies. This was the power of Oraclomind, which maximized its user’s five senses. 

It’s not just one or two enemies... 

Kang Chul-In let out a grin. 

In fact, about a hundred of them were in stealth mode. 

One could only assume that they had planned meticulously to kill him.


At this moment, Ninetails suddenly exclaimed. 

“Husband! These people are not enemies!” 

“Not enemies?” 

“They are my subordinates!”


“They are members of the Fox Valley Intelligence Agency.” 

Ninetails shouted over to where Kang Chul-In’s gaze rested on. 

“The Queen of the Fox Valley commands you:” 

A firm voice.

A stark contrast to her tone with Kang Chul-In.

It had a charismatic tone of a queen, indeed. 

“Show yourselves!” 

Immediately, those ‘enemies’ revealed themselves. 

Crack, crack!

The ground split into half.

Swish, swish!

The leaves swayed. 


“Your humble servant… Aluko… greets… her Majesty...”

A demi-human with an owl head bowed in front of Ninetails. 

“Yes, thank you for all your effort. Greet my husband, too.” 

“Y-Your… Majesty...” 

Aluko didn’t look too well. 

“Did I… surprise you… your Majesty… Kang Chul-In...” 


“You don’t… have to… worry… we are… her Majesty’s… bodyguards...” 

Aluko’s voice trailed off and his eyes were half-closed, almost as if he were about to fall asleep. 

“…Is he sleepy or something?” 

Kang Chul-In mumbled to himself in absurdity. 

“You are right, dear husband.” 


“An owl-human is nocturnal, so he tends to doze off during the day. However, he is more agile than any other being at night.” 

“I-I see...”

In fact, the 49 owl-humans that appeared with Aluko were dozing off as well. Some of them were even drooling. 

“Take a rest, Aluko.” 

At that moment, a demi-human with a rat-head appeared in front of Ninetails. 

“Schröder, your humble servant, greets her Majesty! And also his Majesty, Kang Chul-In!” 

He greeted both sovereigns in sequence. 

Behind him, 49 rat-humans were lined up. 

“I apologize for not telling you in advance, as this bodyguarding mission was to be done in secret.” 

“I see.” 

Kang Chul-In withdrew his Kaiforce and nodded. 

“Keep up the good work.” 

“Not at all! For her and his Majesties’ safety, this is nothing!” 

Schröder was a staunch man indeed. 

“The rat-humans are experts at burrowing. Thanks to that, they rarely get detected by the enemy radar. If it wasn’t for you husband, nobody would have noticed.” 

Ninetails explained. 


Kang Chul-In nodded his head and gave a satisfied expression. 

Rat-humans that were capable of burrowing. 

Owl-humans that were agile at night. 

They couldn’t have asked for better bodyguards in these foreign terrains. 

“You flatter us!” 

Schröder shouted loudly. 

“Not at all.” 

Kang Chul-In shook his head. 

“I didn’t notice your presence for the past few days, as well. Amazing stealth abilities you have.” 

“Thank you for your compliment!” 

“We’ll leave it to you, then. Don’t worry about me, focus your manpower on protecting Ninetails instead.” 

“Yes, Your Majesty!” 

“Well then, you may continue with your task.” 


The members of the Fox Valley Intelligence Agency returned to stealth mode. 

“Fantastic talents.” 

Kang Chul-In turned around to face Ninetails. 

“Right? They will all become your loyal subjects, too!” 

“Is that so?” 

“My body and soul, and all my possessions belong to you!” 


“You don’t have to feel burdened by that. They say God joins a husband and wife together!” 

Ninetails smiled as she spoke. 


Her everlasting devotion for Kang Chul-In moved him a little. 


You are a good woman, Ninetails.

He began to develop feelings towards the queen. 

Was it just because she was like the Giving Tree? 

…No way!

Ninetails not only displayed traits of a good wife, but she also revealed the innocence of a young girl. 

In addition, she was sometimes a femme fatale, who even had the cold-hearted Kang Chul-In on her fingertips. 

Last but not least, they were fiancées. It was natural for them to gradually develop feelings for each other. 


At that instant, the Needle of the Empress detected Kang Chul-In’s feelings and emitted a strong volt of electricity. 


He could barely hold his groan back. 

Damn it!

He really had to unlock the penalty option soon. 


A few days later, in the afternoon, Kang Chul-In and Ninetails infiltrated deep into the Baldur region and would reach Cyamodus soon afterwards. 

Soon, Cyamodus came into their sight.

“Pardon this brief inspection.”

The guards at the west gate of Cyamodus stopped Kang Chul-In and Ninetails. 

“Who are you and where are you from?” 

“We are Smith and Helena from one of the free cities. We happened to pass by during our honeymoon trip across the continent.” 

“Your ID?” 

“Here you go.” 

Kang Chul-In was a proficient liar. He handed over a fake ID to the guard. 


The guard inspected the ID for quite some time but, 

“You may enter.” 

He fell for the trick in the end. 

“Please get your visa from the immigration office by today evening, elsewise you will be deported for espionage.” 

“Certainly, will do. Thank you.” 

“Thank you for your hard work!” 

Fortunately, the two of them could pass through the gate without any friction with the guards. 

“Hold on!” 

At that instant. 

“Hey, was your name Smith?” 

An officer of the west gate garrison narrowed his eyes in suspicion. 

“What’s the problem?” 

Kang Chul-In replied casually. 

“You look familiar...” 

“How can that be? I am...” 

“No, I’m positive.” 

The officer dug through his pockets and whipped out a paper scroll. 

Damn it. 

Kang Chul-In’s face twitched. What was drawn on the paper scroll was none other than his own face. 

“Hmm…without this moustache, you look almost identical to Kang Chul-In.” 

The officer’s voice carried a hint of skepticism. 

Damn it, if only I had an item for disguise. 

Kang Chul-In was flustered inwardly. 

He carried many items, but none of them let him hide his identity. Wearing a mask would only stir more suspicion. 

“Oh-ho, Mr. Officer! Are you telling me that my dear husband looks like that evil and cruel Overlord?” 

Ninetails smiled and distracted the Officer. 



Ninetails’ eyes flashed with a pink beam of light. 

“Really? My handsome officer?” 

“T-That’s not…!”

“I’m disappointed...” 

Ninetails dropped her head. 

“N-No, not at all! Mrs. Helena, that is not true!” 

Suddenly, the officer’s attitude changed 180 degrees. 


“Of course!” 

Not everyone agreed with the officer, however. 

“Major Wilson! That man’s moustache is still very suspicious!” 

“That’s right! We should inspect him further…!” 

“What if that man is really the cruel Overlord Kang Chul-In!” 

The remaining soldiers persuaded their superior to review his decision. 

“Oh-ho, my dears?” 

However, Ninetails easily mesmerized them all.

“Do you really think so? Heung...”

Ninetails’ voice had a hint of mana of seduction. 

“W-We must have been mistaken...” 

“Please feel free to enter!”

“I love you...” 

Over twenty soldiers were seduced by Ninetails, becoming mindless idiots. 

“Husband, did I do well?” 

Ninetails smiled brightly. 

“That was excellent.” 

Kang Chul-In nodded and praised her. 


After that brief crisis, Kang Chul-In and Ninetails continued heading towards the heart of Rothschild’s territory. 

A day passed. 

“Groom Smith, do you solemnly swear to love bride Helena for eternity?” 

Kang Chul-In and Ninetails held a humble wedding in the temple of Kestos, the goddess of love, located in the outskirts of the city. Considering their status, it was really an unpretentious wedding. 

“I do.” 

Kang Chul-In replied. 

  • Marriage system activated!

  • Do you accept Ninetails as your wife? (Yes/No)

  • Yes!

The system notification popped up. 

“Bride Helena, do you solemnly swear to love groom Smith for eternity?” 


Ninetails replied.

“Now, you may kiss the bride!” 

The priest, who was notorious for his greed, instructed Kang Chul-In and Ninetails to kiss. 

“Here I go.” 

“Huh? Heub…!” 

Ninetails gasped as Kang Chul-In advanced towards her without warning. 

H-Husband…! H-Heung…!

Ninetails could hardly contain herself during her first ever kiss. It was extremely sweet and delightful. 


 Ninetails moaned throughout the kiss. 

H-Husband… you are too good at this!

It was because Kang Chul-In’s kissing technique was fantastic!

T-These two!

The priest stood there in shock as he witnessed the passionate kiss between the couple. 

H-How are they even kissing like that…!?

He had never seen anything like that before. 

After some time, the kiss finally ended. 

“D-Don’t look at me!” 

Ninetails whined cutely and covered her blushing face. 


Kang Chul-In smiled. 

He could still remember how she was about to pounce on him during their first encounter. Now, she was just a girl who puffed up her cheeks in embarrassment.  

  • Marriage established!

  • Ninetails is registered as your spouse!

The status notification finally announced their successful marriage. 

God damn it!

Kang Chul-In’s face stiffened suddenly. 

The notification… was a bit disturbing. 


Wife 1: (Locked!) 

Wife 2: Ninetails

Wife 3: Empty 

Concubine 1: Empty / Concubine 2: Empty 

Concubine 3: Empty / Concubine 4: Empty 

Concubine 5: Empty / Concubine 6: Empty 

Concubine 7: Empty 

What is this nonsense…!

It was a humble wedding indeed, but it was his first one nonetheless. But now the system was saying that she was his second wife? Kang Chul-In could hardly comprehend this bullshit. 

Pzzt, pzztt!

At that instant, the Needle of the Empress emitted a strong volt of electricity.


It sparked violently. 

-Warning, warning!

-Penalty option activating!

The catastrophe was finally about to begin!

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