Chapter 232: Kang Chul-In Decides to be Crowned!

Kang Chul-In, who had just sold his friend out, visited the satellite city of Balnibarbi. He then returned to Laputa amidst much support and applause from the citizens.  

“T-This place is...” 

“Feeling better now?” 

Inside Laputa’s sickbay, Kang Chul-In greeted Kim Sung-Hee, who just regained her consciousness. 

“You’ve done well.” 

He grinned and welcomed her. 

“I, I...” 

“You escaped somehow even after being infected by the undead virus.” 


“I assume it wasn’t easy to escape?” 


“You’ve done excellent work. Just a small pity that R8 was broken… Nonetheless, it was a mission perfectly executed. Thanks to you, we could deduce immediately that Aleister and Rothschild had formed an alliance and react accordingly.”

“Does that mean…!?” 

“Aleister is dead.”


“I smashed his life vessel in front of him, so he shall never be seen again. And this… is a present for you.” 

“T-This is!?” 

Kim Sung-Hee was extremely surprised. 

What Kang Chul-In handed over to her was a green wand with a jade-colored skull. 

“Jadeite Skull Wand!” 

Aleister’s keepsake!

An epic item which could not only grant the user the necromancy ability, but could also amplify his or her dark mana! 

It was simply priceless. 

“You can have it.” 


“Of course. You deserve it.” 



Kim Sung-Hee was extremely delighted, but she was troubled somewhat. She was an adventurer with zero association with...

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