Chapter 229: Stories of Old (pt. 5)

Was he planning to suicide or something? 

It seemed like Julius still didn’t know what kind of person his father was, as he stood there unmoved.

It was like the difference between the sky and the earth compared to the subordinates of Saturnos, as they all closed their eyes and clenched their fists, afraid of what was to come.



Shocking enough, the Emperor’s reaction was completely different to what they had expected.


Was it because he was so angry, that he was laughing like this?


“Yes, your Highness.”

“Let me ask one more time.”

The Emperor of the Mad Night walked in front of his son, and asked,

“Are you planning on revenge?”

“Yes, your Highness.”

But Julius’s answer was the same.


The subordinates watching seemed like they were about to cry.

Who knew if Saturnos got angry at Julius’s words, and decided to start a bloodbath? 

You won’t kill me, Saturnos.

But shockingly enough, the young Julius was confident that his father wouldn’t kill him.

With Saturnos’ personality, he wouldn’t be alive if he was going to die anyway. 

“Crown prince!”

At that moment,

“How dare you say such things like that to the Emperor!”

An old noble, Count Romulus, came out and shouted.

He was famed for sucking up in the capital, and there were rumors that he would sell even his daughter’s soul in order to look good in front of Saturnos.

“Immediately kneel down in front of…”


But Count Romulus couldn’t finish his words.

It was because Saturnos’ sword came flying at him, and chopped off his neck.



The old noble’s head rolled on the floor.


And from his neck, blood spewed out like a fountain.


The young Julius stayed unmoved, even as the blood from Count Romulus flew towards him. 

“You dare.”

Kicking Count Romulus’s decapitated head away, Saturnos continued speaking.

“You dare to interrupt me with your dirty mouth when I’m talking? And…”


“Even though you were born from a trash mother, you are still my son, and the crown prince of the republic. Isn’t that right, son?”

Julius didn’t answer.

“I like you.”

Saturnos said, smirking.

“You make me think ‘as expected of my child’.”


“As expected of my son.”

Julius still remained unmoved.

What was there to be happy about, to be accepted by a monster that had killed his mother?

“7 sons that I killed, and 3 daughters. And one of them was an adult too.”


“I didn’t like any of them at all. Whenever I went and tried to kill them, they all begged for mercy, with none of them vowing revenge like you. Basically, they were trash not worthy of mentioning. But you are different from them, son.”

As if he was happy, Saturnos was laughing.

“So, how long will it take for you to take revenge?”

“13 years.”

Julius answered.

Just 7 years old.

It was obvious that a normal child would be crying in Julius’ place.

“13 years...”

Saturnos said, thinking.

“Is that really enough?”

“Yes, your Highness.”

“Good, I’ll let you live then.”


“Go ahead, and try your revenge.”

What he said was shocking.

This wasn’t something that would come out from a tyrant’s mouth.


“Crown prince Julius Berlinetta Pon Aurangzeb shall be moved to the Northern Tundra base, as a soldier.”

Even though he had said that he would be saved, the Northern Tundras were a frozen wasteland that was like hell, as they had to defend against the invasion of barbarians every day.

“Well then, good luck surviving.”

Saturnos said, with an evil smile.

“Yes, your Highness.”

Julius said, bowing.

The Tundra?

He wasn’t afraid at all.

Instead, he was happy.

He finally had a chance to get out of his crazy father’s grasp, so why would he be afraid?

13 years, or precisely 4745 days later, you will die in my hands.

The young Julius clenched his fists, and 13 years later, that vow became reality.


“13 years ago, the day I became 7. Do you know what my dream was after you killed my mother?”

Julius stared at his archnemesis who was sitting atop the throne, and spoke.

“Was it to become Emperor?”

Saturnos asked.

“You’re wrong.”

“That’s funny, a crown prince who doesn’t dream of becoming the Emperor.”


Julius shook his head.

“Do you really think that everyone in the world is obsessed with power like you?”


“From 4745 days ago, my dream was to become a terrible son, and to kill you, my damned father.”

It was steel-like resolve.

Revenge, just for revenge!

Julius said that he had come to this point because of his resolve and determination to avenge his mother.

“And becoming Emperor is only a minor thing on the side for me.”

Julius spoke, smirking.

He spoke quite lightly, for someone that had led the rebellion and conquered the Royal Capital.

“Pft… Kuku…”

Saturnos also laughed.

“Is that really it, son? Even after starting the greatest rebellion in history? You’re going to say that all of this, all of this was just for your damned mother?”


“Idiotic, foolish child.”

Saturnos continued, his face full of disappointment.

“Do you really not know what it means to contain my blood, the blood of the royal family in the Ancient Republic? Listen here, idiotic child! You’re saying that becoming the alpha of this continent is worth less than your revenge for your stupid mother!”

But even after Saturnos’ words, Julius remained unfazed.

In the first place, he didn’t expect a psychopath like Saturnos to understand the feelings between a mother and her child.

“How funny.”

Julius said.

“I never told you to try to understand me. Oh, and…”


“Are you going to say that keeping me alive was so that you can enjoy something? Because you don’t feel any emotions, you want your one and only bloodline to ascend the throne, and become Emperor?”

This was the reason that Saturnos had gone mad.

They said that one shouldn’t take in more than they can handle.

Because he had everything, Saturnos went crazy.

Rape, murder, destruction, genocide. Saturnos had left everything behind and turned to his madness because there was nothing that could evoke his emotions anymore.


Suddenly, Saturnos started to laugh.

“As expected of my son… It seems like you’re the only one who understands me.”

“Well, that makes sense. For you, who was bored, it must have been interesting to watch as I grew in strength and slaughtered my enemies. But… let me just ask one thing.”


“If… If you had gotten this, would you have gone less crazy? Because you could feel some emotions?”

Saying that, Julius showed what was on his right hand.


At that moment, shock filled Saturnos’ eyes.


“That’s right, this was the thing that you had searched for for so long.”

What was on Julius’s hands was an artifact that seemed like it couldn’t exist in this world.

Rather, it was hard to even call it an artifact.

This ‘thing’ that was giving out a golden radiance looked as if there were two rings overlapping each other, but it looked as if it wasn’t made out of some material, but rather looking like it was made of pure energy.

“The… Rune of Immortality!”

That was right.

The thing on Julius’ hand was the Rune of Immortality that Saturnos had looked for for so long.

“To be precise, it’s the Rune of Three Lives.”


“Resurrection, Reincarnation, and Return. It’s the authority of a god that allows a human to live 3 different times.”

Julius laughed.

It was obvious that he was laughing at Saturnos.

“There were originally 3 of these rings.”


“So maybe, I should call it the Rune of Two Lives instead. Because I already used the Rune of Resurrection.”

“You… during that…”

“But of course.”


“2 years ago, Aventador wasn’t the only that died in the Waterfall of Despair.”

Terrifying secrets that defied the imagination of a human started to spill out of Julius’ mouth.

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