Chapter 224: Into the Dark Forest


The crowning quest.

The Awakening quest.

As well as the Tagore soldiers. Leaving these things behind, Kang Chul-In immediately headed back towards the Pandemonium region.

Before getting into the Teleportation circle, Kang Chul-In vowed to himself that he would save Kim Sung-Hee.

Was this not a cool and badass woman?

The passion and the determination to get stronger.

Kim Sung-Hee had risked her life in order to gain strength, and this was something that Kang Chul-In extremely respected.

And not only that,

“If you save my daughter, I will help you expand your business and go overseas. For Old Man Kwon, it would be difficult to go anywhere other than maybe like Japan.”


“Sung-Hee is my precious daughter. For that child…”

“So, you wanna save your daughter and put your hands in my business?”


“Really, do you think that half-assed acting would work against me? If you’re going to do that, look for someone else.” 

“Pretty smart for a youngster. I thought you were just a strong…”

“Do you wanna die?”


“This is between me and Kim Sung-Hee; it’s none of your business.”

“But I’m the father of…”

“The next time you continue to speak, I will break your teeth. Understand?”

“A-Alright… Please…”

He didn’t feel good that Kim Sung-Hee’s father was trying to use his daughter as a potential way to make money. And not only that, the fact that he was trying to use Kang Chul-In to make money as well didn’t sit well with him either.

“Let’s go, husband.”

The Ninetails pulled Kang Chul-In.

“Is it ready?”

The reason this was happening was that his servants argued that he should enjoy the company of the Ninetails. After all, it would only make sense if she was to become his wife.

Well, it shouldn’t be too bad anyway.

For once, Kang Chul-In agreed with them.

The Ninetails had come from a completely different environment than him.

There were a lot of things they had to work on.

“Huhu, a trip with my husband… I’m so excited.”

The Ninetails twisted her body, excited.


The touch of something soft and bouncy landed on Kang Chul-In’s arm.

“Why aren’t you talking, husband?”

“...We’re in front of my subordinates right now.”

Saying that, Kang Chul-In tried to take out his arm from the Ninetails’s embrace. 

“Hmph, mean!”

The Ninetails pouted.

But it wasn’t the expression of someone that was truly depressed or angry, because the Ninetails herself knew that Kang Chul-In had become much warmer compared to when they had first met.

“I will be back. I’m leaving everything up to you. Understood?’

“Yes, Milord. Have a good time!”

The subordinates spoke in unison.


A few hours after that, Kang Chul-In had left.

Timothy’s body shook, staring at a document.

It said the following:

Amount borrowed: 120,000 gold

Sale: 20,000 gold (20%)

Final fee: 100,000 gold 

Payment form: Lump sum payment.

From: Overlord of the Dorado territory, Lee Chae-Rin

“W-What is this…”

“Obviously, it’s an invoice.”

The envoy and the foreign minister of the Dorado territory, the Dwarf Golgo, said.

M-Milord! Are you planning on killing me?!

Timothy inwardly despaired.

To think they had to immediately pay 100,000 gold at once… to him, who was supposed to manage the money in the territory, this was like the sky collapsing on him.

No, no... Let’s calm down, Timothy. Was I not the one to help the territory when it was in a state of poverty? There must be a method!

Timothy tried his best to remain cool-headed.

There had to be a solution to this.


“Payment over time!”

Timothy played his final card.

“Is it not possible to pay this over time? Over 36 months, or even 12…”


But Golgo answered immediately.


“Because apparently, Overlord Kang Chul-In said that a man should pay at once.”


Hearing Golgo’s words, Timothy started to choke,



Fell to the ground, clutching the back of his neck.



At the same time in the office of the Bifrost Territory...

“We need to group up.”

After staring at the map for a couple of hours, Albrecht Vilhelm finally made a decision. His gaze was on the Ishtar region, where Kang Chul-In’s Laputa territory was located.

“There isn’t any Lord that can withstand Kang Chul-In’s army right now. It is obvious that if we don’t ally together, we will all fall eventually, like Baruk Al-Yusuf and Aleister…”

There were Overlords that had previously fallen to Kang Chul-In before, and as the second ranked Overlord, Kang Chul-In was extremely threatening to him.

There was only one answer left.

“Alliance, we need to work together!”

To group up with other Lords, with him as the leader, that was the only method left.


“Yes, Milord!”

As Albrecht Vilhelm shouted, one of his subordinates responded.

“Immediately get the envoys and messengers together and request a call with any Lords that have a good… no, all Lords, even if they don’t have a good relationship with us.”

“Yes, Milord!”

Vilhelm’s decision was what would decide the future of Pangaea.

This would be the start of the Gullveig Alliance, which had been one of the 3 forces that controlled a third of Pangaea in the past!


Along with the Ninetails and Dorian, Kang Chul-In headed towards the Dark Forest.

“Milord, from here we’ll lead the way.”

Roughly twenty White Lion Knights bowed towards Kang Chul-In respectfully.

“Oh, right.”

While they were walking in the forest, Dorian suddenly spoke.

“Kang Chul-In, I saw something strange.”

“Something strange?”

‘Yeah, there was something weird in the Necromantic Bay. I took a picture of it as well!”

Saying that, Dorian took something out of his pocket that looked rectangular.

“So you see this? This is…”

“An Obscura? It’s a polaroid camera from Pangaea.”

“...How did you know?”

“Hmph, you’re inside my grasp.”

Kang Chul-In said laughing,

D-Don’t tell me… Kang Chul-In is stalking me?

Dorian thought of some weird things, like he usually did.

“Anyways, give that to me.”

Saying that Kang Chul-In took the Obscura in Dorian’s hands.

[Epic] Obscura

Oh, the undying memories!

Type: Recording Device

Requirements: None

Cost: 1000 Gold every time

Special Ability: [Instantaneous Recording!]

-With a ‘click!’ sound, the present will be recorded.

The epic Item Obscura was the only item that could replace the modern-day camera in Pangaea.

“So, what’s the weird thing?”

“Look at the second photo.”

At Dorian’s words, Kang Chul-In pressed a button and moved to the second photo.


“What on…”

Kang Chul-In’s expression stiffened.

“What kind of disgusting…”

“Exactly. What the hell is that thing?”

Inside this picture was a half split cocoon. It looked like a house or a form of defense for when a bug prepares for chrysalis. 

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