Chapter 223: Not All Dragons Are The Same


It didn’t take much time for the peak of the mountain to break down.


As the tallest point of the Dragonia mountain range broke down, dust flew everywhere.

“Huu! Finally, I feel like I can breathe.”

A girl looked up at the sky and smiled refreshingly.

Pitch black hair.

Almost crystalline, amethyst eyes.

Jade-like skin.

This girl who looked about 10 was the ancient black dragon, Desdemona. She had changed her appearance by polymorphing.

If one asked her why she had changed into the appearance of a 10 year old, it would have to be purely her tastes.

“Ah, maybe I should have made an air refresher here or something.”

Desdemona said, licking her lips.

After sleeping for a thousand years while breathing in the dust from her cave, it wasn’t strange for her to think of an air refresher.

[Are you going?]

The system of the lair, Pinefly asked.


[I hope you have a nice time.]

“Hmph, what nice time? This might be the last time I go out entirely.”

[Well, yeah, maybe.]

“Well, whatever. There are still a few years until ‘that’ happens, and I also have lived for a long time too.”


“What is that sad voice that doesn’t fit that of an AI?”


“Anyway, good job until now.”

[No, master. I will clean the lair so that when master gets back…]


Desdemona shook her head.

“It will be a little bit difficult for me to get back.”

[Well then…]

“That’s right, use that.”

[Yes, master.]

Pinefly responded, and the huge lair started to glow red.

Wiing, wiing!

With the sounds of sirens going off, an announcement could be heard in the lair.

[Warning, warning!]

[The lair system has been turned off!]

[The A.I, Pinefly, will turn off!]

[The lair will explode in 5 minutes.]

[4:59… 58… 57… 56…]

“My home…”

Desdemona murmured to herself quietly.

Her age now at 7000.

When she became a ‘wyrm’ level dragon at age 3,000, she had beaten up and kicked out the ancient white dragon that lived here. She had lived here for 4000 years now.

4000 years.

Even though it sounded simple, that was definitely not a short amount of time, and it was extremely hard for her to part ways with this place that she had spent so much time in.

“Well, let’s forget about it.”

Trying to shake off her sadness, Desdemona started to walk away.


The miraculous ‘dragon language’.

With this magic that only dragons could use, Desdemona’s body started to float.


And with terrifying speeds, Desdemona’s body broke through the lair she had spent 4000 years of her life in.

[3:11… 10… 9… 8…]

After getting out of the lair, Desdemona didn’t leave right away and instead looked at the lair. She wanted to look at it, even in its last moments.

[6… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…]


[The lair has been closed.]

With the final announcement,



The lair started to fall, with an extremely large explosion.

“Goodbye, my home.”

Nodding slightly, Desdemona looked at her destroyed home.


At that moment.


A giant, blue-scaled creature came out and roared.

A long, golden horn that was shooting out lightning.

Flashing sky-blue scales.

Greenish eyes.

Webbed feet.

The monster that had just appeared was a blue dragon, that was famed to not lose in the slightest in terms of ferocity against even a black dragon.

It was obvious why this blue dragon had woken up.

It was because of the loud noise that came when Desdemona’s lair had been destroyed. It had come out to find out who dared to bother its sweet nap!

“And who the hell are you?”

Desdemona stared at the blue dragon with contemptuous eyes.

Her gaze wasn’t as if she was looking at her own species.

She had the eyes of one that looked at a lower being, like a human staring at a bug.

“You damned fake.”

Desdemona spoke towards the blue dragon.

“Hey, you lizard.”


“Get lost while I’m feeling nice. What do you think you’re doing in front of a true ancient dragon when you’re just a pack of experience for the ‘avengers’?”

Shockingly, Desdemona didn’t think that this blue dragon was on the same level as her.

They were somewhat different.

Unlike Desdemona who polymorphed and could talk, the blue dragon only roared, showing off its ferocity.

This was the difference between having an ego or not.

It was like the difference between the sky and the ground.


But even still, the blue dragon didn’t seem to understand any of Desdemona’s words.

Pzzt, pzzt!

Instead, it responded by charging up lightning in its horn, and shooting its specialty ‘Lightning Breath’ towards Desdemona.


“You dare?”

Saying that, Desdemona’s purplish eyes started to turn red, 


And in the blink of an eye, a gargantuan black dragon appeared.

-K… Krr…?

Looking at her, the blue dragon momentarily paused, forgetting to even shoot out its breath.

Whilst Desdemona was around 150 metres, the blue dragon was only around 55 metres.

Almost a 3 times difference.

Basically, it was putting a somewhat high-class Coupe in front of a ridiculously expensive sports car.


Poking her tail at the blue dragon’s face, Desdemona spoke.

-K… Kr...

“You wanna die? Huh?”


“What, you’re gonna continue staring at me like that? Looks like you really wanna die…”

At Desdemona’s words, the blue dragon immediately looked down.

It had no choice.

What could it do when this monstrosity of a being was telling it not to stare at it like that?

It was obvious it would just die or be eaten if it didn’t listen.

“Or are you mad that I bothered your sleep? Huh?”

Shake shake.

The blue dragon immediately shook its head fiercely.

“Oh, really?”

Nod nod.

It seemed like even the fiercest of monsters wanted to live.

“So, any other complaints?”

Shake shake~.

“You don’t, right?”

Nod nod~.

“If you’re a minor, then act like one, idiot!”


Desdemona’s tail smashed onto the blue dragon’s face.


But the only thing the blue dragon could do was remain silent, afraid of Desdemona.

“Fine then, get lost.”


The blue dragon immediately answered, before spreading its wings and flying away.

“Hmph, to think that a lowly lizard has the title of dragon… What a disgrace… Hu…”

Desdemona shook her head.



And at that moment, the sound of thunder rumbling in her stomach could be heard.

“Ah, maybe I should have just eaten it. It did look like the perfect size too… Hng…”

Desdemona stared at the blue dragon that was running away, and licked her lips. After sleeping for 1000 years, it was inevitable that she was hungry.


At the same time.

Ah, should I just arrange the marriage in the middle of that damned Vilhelm’s territory or something?

That was right, Kang Chul-In’s marriage.

His damned item, the Needle of the Empress, made it so that Laputa would be destroyed by 3 natural disasters if he arranged the marriage there.

And so, it didn’t sound bad to go into the middle of Albrecht Vilhelm’s territory, and destroy everything with this item there instead.

Wouldn’t that be cool?

This would be the first time in history that marriage would become a real threat and disaster.

Ha, this is ridiculous.

But still, Kang Chul-In wasn’t crazy enough to actually put this thought into action.

Marriage was something to be celebrated, and a Lord’s marriage was even more special.

[System error!]

[Things have changed, and thus the contents of the Awakening Quest have changed as well.]

[The original Awakening Quest, ‘Dragon Slayer,’ has been cancelled.]

What the hell?

Kang Chul-In’s expression stiffened.

A sudden error in the system, and the cancelling of a quest?

Dragon Slayer (cancelled)

Kill the blue dragon that lives within the Dragonia Mountain Range!

Reward: +10 Levels / 500,000 gold / +5 Enhancement of the Lord’s specialty.

Notification: Due to the fact that the blue dragon has left its habitat, this quest can no longer be done.

-Warning: The new Awakening Quest will be given in around 30 days when the System calculates a suitable quest.

-Alarm: Due to the System Error, you have been rewarded 3 [Random Unit Selection] tickets.

What the hell is going on…

Kang Chul-In bit his lips.

From his experience, this was the first time that the System had malfunctioned like this.

Even though the system looked like a simple ‘Status page’ from a game, it wasn’t something to underestimate.

A giant ‘something’ that controlled the Pangaea continent.

This was how Kang Chul-In thought of the system, and it was a mystery that no one had been able to solve.

But the system malfunctioned?

It was obvious that Kang Chul-In would be astonished.

Of course, this was because Kang Chul-In didn’t know the real reason behind why this had happened.

He didn’t know the truth... that the blue dragon had run away with its tail tucked between its legs after meeting Desdemona.

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