Chapter 223: Not All Dragons Are The Same


It didn’t take much time for the peak of the mountain to break down.


As the tallest point of the Dragonia mountain range broke down, dust flew everywhere.

“Huu! Finally, I feel like I can breathe.”

A girl looked up at the sky and smiled refreshingly.

Pitch black hair.

Almost crystalline, amethyst eyes.

Jade-like skin.

This girl who looked about 10 was the ancient black dragon, Desdemona. She had changed her appearance by polymorphing.

If one asked her why she had changed into the appearance of a 10 year old, it would have to be purely her tastes.

“Ah, maybe I should have made an air refresher here or something.”

Desdemona said, licking her lips.

After sleeping for a thousand years while breathing in the dust from her cave, it wasn’t strange for her to think of an air refresher.

[Are you going?]

The system of the lair, Pinefly asked.


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