Chapter 220: The Traitor’s Death

“H-How… the alarm magic didn’t even activate...” 

Aleister couldn’t fathom the situation he was in. 

The Nekromantik bay was hidden somewhere in the vast sewers. Finding its entrance was akin to finding a needle in a haystack. 

Even if the entrance was discovered, the skull-shaped faucets had to be rotated to enter the correct password. There was a lower chance of guessing it right than winning the lottery. 

Furthermore, an alarm was designed to sound when the password was entered wrongly, or when the voice-recognition magic detected an abnormality. 

In other words, it was almost impossible to sneak into the Nekromantik bay without him knowing. 

Aleister’s life vessel, nonetheless, now laid in Kang Chul-In’s hand. Aleister’s security measures were all in vain. 

“How… what even… there is an alarm magic installed within the Nekromantik bay...” 

“Oh, that?” 

Dorian, who had alighted from his black wyvern, received his queries. His face was red from numerous scratch marks. 

“This is my secret~!”


“’Presence Erasing Wine’. Heard of it before?” 

Dorian shook a flask containing a light purple liquid. It was his second secret drug following the Ghostifying Potion. 

“This wine completely deletes the presence of the consumer. With this, who would be scared of your alarm magic?” 


“As to how we entered, we used the Ghostifying Potion… well, it may be unfamiliar...

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