Chapter 218: Death Calling



Podolski and Nieu didn’t know how to respond. They just kept quiet. 

“Hu-hu… hu-hu-hu… Kang Chul-In better reward me well for this. I have this dungeon that requires some help to clear, so I shall get him to do my bidding!” Dorian revealed his everlasting confidence. 

It wasn’t surprising, as even Kang Chul-In acknowledged Dorian’s skills. In fact, everyone in Pangaea knew that he was the best dungeon conqueror in the world. 

“What do you plan to do?” 

“We shall sneak in.” Dorian replied to Podolski. 

“It’s gonna take an eternity to guess the password, plus deceiving the voice-recognition magic is difficult. If we break the wall, then the alarm will probably sound. There’s only one way. Let’s just not touch the wall.” 

“…May I beg your pardon, your Majesty?”

“Exactly as I said. If we don’t touch the wall, how would we get caught?” 

“I don’t quite understand...” Podolski and Nieu tilted their heads in confusion. Dorian’s plan was far too strange for them to comprehend. 


Dorian shook a flask with a silver liquid. 

“Ghostifying potion.” 


“This secret drug turns its consumer into a ghost for 30 seconds! With this, is there really a need to open the door? We can just go through the wall!” 

“W-Wow!” Podolski was amazed.

“How did you obtain this magical potion...” The same went for Nieu. 

Both of them had never even heard of a wonder drug that could turn someone into a ghost. 

“Haha your Majesty, that was a nice bluff.” 

“Your Majesty… if you wish to lie, please make it less obvious...” 

 In the end, both Podolski and Nieu stared at Dorian with disbelief. They both thought Dorian was making things up. 

“W-What’s up with those stares?” Dorian was flustered. 

“Your Majesty, can’t you just say honestly that you don’t have a method to enter the Nekromantik bay?” 

“Lying is bad!” 

Both of them criticized Dorian. 

“Grrr!” Dorian exclaimed. 

“I’m serious! Just trust me!” 

However, Podolski and Nieu continued to stare at Dorian with disbelief. 

It wasn’t their fault. 

Dorian’s story was too fantasy-like to believe. It was natural for some skepticism to brew. 

“Hey, I’m an Overlord. Do you think I lie about these things?” 

Nod nod!

The two of them nodded their heads vigorously. 

“Should’ve taken care of my image...” Dorian regretted, but it was too late. 

People already recognized him as the clumsy idiot, hence it would not be easy to fix this image. 

“Fuck it, watch carefully then! Hmph!” Dorian huffed and immediately gulped down the whole ghostifying potion in the flask. He distributed a flask to Podolski and Nieu each. 



The pair hesitated for a moment but decided to follow Dorian suit. They had nothing to lose. 

“Hold your horses!” Dorian shouted in excitement. 

Gradually, the transformation began. 


The three of them started to lose color in their skins, then eventually turned translucent. 


Swoop, swoop!



All of their clothes, equipment and accessories dropped onto the floor. 

They were naked now. 

In their current ghost state, their bodies were not physically present. The items could no longer remain on their bodies hence. 


Nieu, a demi-human girl, turned around immediately with a loud scream. 

“Oh, right. I forgot to tell you guys that we will become naked. Sorry Nieu...” Dorian scratched his head awkwardly. 

He himself wasn’t totally naked. 

He still wore his boots and a huge leather backpack, making him look like a pervert of some sort. 

These epic items were the ‘Almighty Combat Boots’ and the ‘Hole of Avarice’, which were compatible with the Ghostifying Potion’s effect. 

“Where are you looking! Turn around right now!” Nieu covered her private parts and hissed loudly at the men. 


“Shut up!” 


“You pervert! Molester! Trash! Kyaa!” Dorian apologized but the poor girl’s heart was already devastated. Dorian would have to expect many scratches on his face afterwards. 

“Haha...” Dorian laughed timidly and then, 

“Run!” He instantly dissolved into the wall. He had used the ghostifying potion’s effect to escape to the Nekromantik bay!

“D-Damn it!” 

Podolski also dissolved into the wall in panic. He didn’t want to be the next victim. 

“Dorian, you pervert!” Nieu’s cry reverberated in the sewers. 

Nonetheless, it was a success. 

They could pass through the wall without even touching it!


Kang Chul-In was familiar with the Death Calling’s options. 

In the past, Aleister had boasted to Kang Chul-In about the Death Calling while hunting the Blue Dragon. 

Its options were as follows: 

[Epic] Death Calling 

I will kill you, Overlord of Blood and Iron!

-The ruler of the black desert, necromancer Homedie Hamelin, loathed. 

Equipment Type 1: Musical Instrument (Flute) 

Equipment Type 2: Consumable (single use) 

Restriction 1: Necromancer only 

Restriction 2: Level 55 and above.

Durability: 1/1

Option 1: Dark Mana +1000

Option 2: Undead Affinity +7 levels

Option 3: Undead Monster Summon Mastery +7 levels 

Option 4: Magic Attack +280

Penalty Option: Unable to attack multiple enemies at once (single target) 

Unique Activation Option 1: Summon the Rats. 

-Upon activation, 100,000 level 70 death rats (immortal) are summoned (Duration: 5 minutes 10 seconds)

Unique Activation Option 2: Aura of Death

-Upon activation, select one entity as the target. The summoned death rats attack only the target with the aura (Duration: 5 minutes 30 seconds). 

* Warning: Death Calling disappears after its consumption. 

That was it. 

Death Calling was not a top-class magic that brought instant death or summoned meteor showers on the victim. Instead, it was an item that summoned an insane number of death rats to bite a single target to death. 

In other words, it was bullying. 

One might question what the big deal with those rats was.

However, a death rat was a horrifying undead monster that could never be thought of as a harmless animal. 

[Death Rat] 

Type: Undead/Demon/Rodent

Level: 70 

Health: Infinite

Life Span: 5 minutes 30 seconds

Strength: 500 / Intelligence: 500 / Agility: 1000

Characteristics: [Diamond Teeth] / [Jaw of Destruction] 

Ability: [Space Warp] 

death rats had a short lifespan of 5 minutes 30 seconds (even shorter than a dayfly’s) but they had infinite health which made them impossible to deal with. 

In addition, they were incredibly agile with lightning-fast attack and movement speed. 

That wasn’t all. 

death rats had [Diamond Teeth] and [Jaw of Destruction], which could even nibble through a dragon’s scale. They also had the [Space Warp] ability, allowing them to teleport next to their victim. 

It was no wonder that Kang Chul-In was so cautious. 

Squeak, squeak!

Countless death rats swarmed towards Kang Chul-In, filling up the entire floor. 

Each death rat was as big as a full-grown cat. To witness 100,000 of those gigantic rodents required much courage for the layman. 

Here they come!

Kang Chul-In, of course, was eager to face the rats and refused to back off. 

This was a skill which he had observed once in the past. 

Not to mention the special counter he had prepared for the death rats. What could possibly scare him? 

“Charge!” Aleister swung the Death Calling to shoot an Aura of Death at Kang Chul-In. 


Kang Chul-In had no intention of dodging it. 

He knew that he would be hit 100%, so it was meaningless for him to even try to dodge it. 

“Kang Chul-In, you bastard!” Aleister’s roar filled up the entire area. 

“You may be strong, but you can’t possibly overcome this obstacle! Kehahahaha! After your death, I shall enjoy making you into a spectre knight!” Aleister was extremely confident that the Death Calling could put an end to Kang Chul-In for good. 

“Go chew that arrogant bastard to death! My immortal rats!” 


Immediately, 100,000 death rats began to charge at Kang Chul-In. 

Aleister’s other undead monsters also began to move to hold Kang Chul-In in place.


Thank you Nilus, I’m grateful. 

Kang Chul-In already had the solution to defeat the Death Calling. Hence, Aleister’s confident words were nothing but bullshit to him. 


The death rats were just about to pounce at him. 


The Infinite Warping Device on Kang Chul-In’s right index finger emitted a flash of brilliant light. 


Suddenly, Kang Chul-In was nowhere to be seen. 

He had used the Infinite Warping Device to teleport to another dimension. 

“Huehuehue…!” Aleister, having witnessed his rival’s disappearance, sniggered proudly. 

“You think you can escape from the death rats?”

These undead monsters were able to use [Space Warp] and chase their victim to death, even if the latter used the Absolute Return Scroll. 



The swarm of death rats teleported, following the Aura of Death marked on Kang Chul-In. 



Kang Chul-In found himself in an unfamiliar forest. He immediately whipped out Kaiforce and Mitra and prepared for battle. 

 He knew that the death rats would follow him by sensing the Aura of Death on him.



-Squeak, squeak!

100,000 death rats charged at Kang Chul-In rabidly. 


Mitra and Kaiforce were swung to fend the death rats off Kang Chul-In. 


These undead monsters, however, were too fast and there were just too many of them. 

No matter how rapidly Kang Chul-In swung his swords, it was impossible to defend himself perfectly from the death rats. 

He did have a solution, though. 

Amplify brain capacity!

Kang Chul-In immediately activated the Oraclomind, decreasing his reaction time and increasing his spatial awareness exponentially. 

He received information of the death rats’ speed, direction and their angle of approach. His inhumane reflex subsequently allowed him to dodge every single attack. 


[3, 2, 1!]

[The cooldown time for the Infinite Warping Device has been reset!] 

Kang Chul-In let out a sigh of relief. 


He vanished again. 


Psst, psst!

The death rats teleported as well, following him. 


Kang Chul-In was now located at some beach. He held Kaiforce and Mitra like before and prepared for battle. 

Teleport 🡪 3 seconds of battle 🡪 Infinite Warping Device cooldown reset 🡪 Teleport again. 

All he had to do was to abuse this cycle. 

It took one second to teleport. 

Another second for the death rats to chase him down. 

3 seconds cooldown for the Infinite Warping Device. 

A total of 5 seconds. 

If he repeated this cycle 60 times, he could dodge the death rats for a duration of 300 seconds. That was enough for the Aura of Death to wear off. 

Wait for me, Aleister. 

Kang Chul-In made a cunning grin while dodging the death rats. 

It was almost time. 

Another 295 seconds and it was finally party time. 

Time for revenge!


“Keke...” Aleister waited for Kang Chul-In in an extremely laid-back manner. 

A few more seconds and he would see his enemy torn into pieces by the death rats. 

He assumed that Kang Chul-In would never be able to escape from the death rats, no matter how far he ran. 

If all went well, Aleister planned to drag Kang Chul-In’s limp corpse to the Nekromantik bay and make him the strongest spectre knight of all time. 

He could then exploit Kang Chul-In’s strength to reclaim his title as the great Overlord, even if he did lose this war. 

A few minutes had passed since.

“…Why isn’t he appearing?” Aleister started to get anxious as Kang Chul-In was nowhere to be seen. 

He thought the death rats could capture him within a minute or so. The Aura of Death was already about to expire. 

“Don’t tell me… did he die wherever he teleported to?” Aleister hurriedly checked the ranking page to see whether Kang Chul-In was still alive. It wasn’t 00:00 yet however, so the rankings were not refreshed. 

“No, that’s not it… if Kang Chul-In really did die, then the death rats would have returned by now...” Aleister mumbled to himself. 

Suddenly, there was a blinding flash of light. 


The spatial dimensions warped to reveal Kang Chul-In. 


The swarm of death rats also teleported to wherever Kang Chul-In was. 

At that moment, 

[3 seconds left for the death rats.] 

[3 seconds left for the Aura of Death.]

A notification popped up. 

“Eek, eek?!” Aleister realized that things were not going according to his plan. 

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