Chapter 215: The Full Metal Dragon Soars!

No, it wasn’t the bone dragon per se. 

This was a futuristic weapon known as the Full Metal Dragon. It was created by incorporating an anti-gravity device, 8 magic engineered V12 engines and other systems onto the bone dragon’s skeletal structure. 

In other words, it was a new-generation bomber equipped with the newest magic-engineering technology of Laputa!

Of course, Aleister had no idea. 

“Preposterous. This is preposterous!” Aleister could not accept the cold reality. 

Not only was he a necromancer to the core, he even became an undead on his own will. It infuriated Aleister to see Kang Chul-In control both the spectre knights and the bone dragon.

Like this, what was the point of selecting one’s class? 


Aleister’s body shook with various emotions, namely inferiority, jealousy, helplessness and humiliation. To think he would lose to Kang Chuk-In in even necromancy, his specialty. He could no longer maintain his composure.  



The Full Metal Dragon paid no attention to Aleister. It flew around in the sky before landing in the Laputan army’s base. 

“A d-dragon…”

“They actually managed to make this…”

“What in the world…”

The battle was ongoing in the background, but the Laputan soldiers were too captivated by the Full Metal Dragon’s appearance. 

It was truly a sight to behold.  


[Landing complete] 

[Artificial Intelligence ‘Loyalty’ activated!]


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