Chapter 215: The Full Metal Dragon Soars!

No, it wasn’t the bone dragon per se. 

This was a futuristic weapon known as the Full Metal Dragon. It was created by incorporating an anti-gravity device, 8 magic engineered V12 engines and other systems onto the bone dragon’s skeletal structure. 

In other words, it was a new-generation bomber equipped with the newest magic-engineering technology of Laputa!

Of course, Aleister had no idea. 

“Preposterous. This is preposterous!” Aleister could not accept the cold reality. 

Not only was he a necromancer to the core, he even became an undead on his own will. It infuriated Aleister to see Kang Chul-In control both the spectre knights and the bone dragon.

Like this, what was the point of selecting one’s class? 


Aleister’s body shook with various emotions, namely inferiority, jealousy, helplessness and humiliation. To think he would lose to Kang Chuk-In in even necromancy, his specialty. He could no longer maintain his composure.  



The Full Metal Dragon paid no attention to Aleister. It flew around in the sky before landing in the Laputan army’s base. 

“A d-dragon…”

“They actually managed to make this…”

“What in the world…”

The battle was ongoing in the background, but the Laputan soldiers were too captivated by the Full Metal Dragon’s appearance. 

It was truly a sight to behold.  


[Landing complete] 

[Artificial Intelligence ‘Loyalty’ activated!]

[Initiating owner recognition… Loading...]

[Owner recognition complete!] 

Once the Loyalty system was activated, the Full Metal Dragon turned around to face its sole master. 

“Hmm?” Even Kang Chul-In stopped his charge and met with the dragon’s eyes. 


The Full Metal Dragon laid its upper body flat onto the ground. It resembled how a subject greeted his king. 

“Interesting.” Kang Chul-In smiled. 

The dragon that once destroyed Seoul and fought with Kang Chul-In with its life on the line was now bowing down to him like a pet. 


“As expected from his Majesty… He even made a dragon his loyal subject...”



The Laputan soldiers could not stop admiring both Kang Chul-In and the Full Metal Dragon. 

His Majesty is truly a hero! He even subjugated a dragon. 

To think I’m his Majesty’s soldier... What a blessing to fight for him. 

Laputa is indeed a great nation that’s even capable of controlling a dragon!

For… Laputa!

The soldiers were eager with their loyalty, pride and respect towards their king and Laputa. The sight of a dragon bowing down to Kang Chul-In, a human, had such a huge visual effect. 

[You have become the owner of the Full Metal Dragon!]

While the soldiers continued to be surprised, Kang Chul-In inspected his notification window. 

[I’m Loyalty, the control system for the Full Metal Dragon. Welcome!] 



[Take off/Land]



[Automated Flight] 

[Cruise System]

[Artificial Intelligence Battle Protocol] 

[Smart Battle Navigation]

[Smart Flight Navigation]

[Rear Camera]

[Sunroof Open/Close]

<Attack Menu>

[Dragon Fear]

[Booster Activate]

[Hyper-precision Bombing] 

[Acid Breath]

<Ultimate Ability>

[Suicide Strike]

* Warning: Suicide Strike destroys the aircraft. Caution is needed. 

ThOse crazy bastards… They actually made it...

Kang Chul-In was surprised. 

In fact, he didn’t have high expectations for the Full Metal Project. 

It’s not that he didn’t trust his magic engineers back in Laputa. 

Fundamentally, he wasn’t an Overlord who specialized in magic like Franz or Ludwig Heinel. He thought that it had a low chance of success, but there was nothing to lose. 

However, the results were far too good. 

For Laputa’s engineers to generate a weapon of this caliber, it was now hardly an exaggeration to say that the nation possessed the greatest magic-engineering technology in the whole of Pangaea. 

Kang Chul-In almost began to wonder whether his men captured an alien and borrowed its technology.

Well… The magic engineers were once under Franz, so they should be pretty good after all. 

Kang Chul-In nodded his head in satisfaction. 

Who would have known that his Mecha Dom conquest in the past would become so fundamental for Laputa? Technology was indeed a nation’s power. 

I should give them higher bonuses and longer leaves. 

Kang Chul-In was willing to dish out even a 1000% bonus to the magic engineers and technicians for their achievement. 

There weren’t many of them anyway, so the extra cost was a trivial matter. 

[While deploying the Artificial Intelligence Battle Protocol, the Combat Power (CP) drops below 100%. Do you wish to ride the Full Metal Dragon and fight? Yes/No]

“...!” That was an unexpected notification. 

I can ride this dragon?

“Let’s try it.” Kang Chul-In, somewhat skeptical, pressed the ‘Yes’ button. 



The Full Metal Dragon’s skull split in half, revealing the cockpit. 

“What are the controls?” 

Even the great Kang Chul-In didn’t know how to operate a machine that he saw for the first time.  


[Uploading the flight manual to the controller’s mind!]

[Adjusting the controls optimally for the controller.]

[Upload complete!] 

Laputa’s advanced technology could overcome even this obstacle. Now Kang Chul-In really had his suspicions that an alien was trapped in Laputa’s laboratory. 


[Owner’s boarding complete] 

[Closing the cockpit.]



The Full Metal Dragon’s skull closed back. 

[Full Metal Dragon]

Fuel: 413/1,000

Status: Good

Rider(s): 1/1 


---4x Magic-engineered cannons (can equip up to 8!)

---5,000 Litres of acid (used for Acid Breath)

---8x A-rank Magic Gems (used for Booster)

---1x Ultra-low frequency wave generating device

---500x highly flammable oil

The equipped weapons were to Kang Chul-In’s liking as well. 

Bomb attacks with the magic-engineered cannons.  

Chemical attacks using the acid. 

Crowd control using the ultra-low frequency wave generating device.

And last but not least, fire attacks using the highly flammable oil. 

Although it wasn’t as grand as Hecate’s Temeraire territory, the Full Metal Dragon truly had the power to turn the table in this war. 

[Activating Smart Battle Navigation!]

[The enemy army comprises mainly undead monsters, hence Acid Breath is not suitable for use. Moreover, our men and the enemy are mingled in the battlefield, so the use of the highly flammable oil is not recommended as well.]

It was indeed a smart evaluation of the battlefield. 

[Using the magic-engineered cannons to target the enemy’s main infrastructure and soldiers is the most efficient method.] 

“I shall do that.” Kang Chul-In agreed. 

If not for the Full Metal Dragon, he would have charged into the battlefield himself, riding on Altaica. 

[Would you like to add extra magic-engineered cannons to increase firepower?]

“That’s possible?” 

[Use the ‘Docking’ function!]

“Docking?” Kang Chul-In was confused, but he followed suit. 

[Adding four magic-engineered cannons!]

After using the [Docking] function, the Full Metal Dragon flew up briefly and landed on Laputa’s army base. 




Amongst the twelve magic-engineered artilleries, four were removed from the Caterpillar (tank) and were mounted on the Full Metal Dragon. 

[Docking complete!] 

[4 x magic-engineered cannons were added, now 8 in total! Firepower increased by 50%!] 

[Bombard the enemy base!] 

“...” Kang Chul-In was lost for words. 

“This… is a fantastic machine.”

It was baffling.

Kang Chul-In thought of giving the magic engineers of Laputa medals and merit for their distinguished service to the state. For Randolph Von Stroheim, he wished to give him a title of honor. 

 That’s for later. 

Kang Chul-In claimed his composure back. 

Now was war time, and it was time to fight. 

“Let’s go.” Kang Chul-In grabbed onto the controllers and took off from the ground. 

“Vroom, Vroooom!” 

 The 8 V12 magic-engineered engines let out an enormous noise. 

-Let’s go!

Kang Chul-In’s voice, amplified by the magic-engineered loudspeaker equipped onto the Full Metal Dragon, shook the entirety of the 18th peak. 

-I will attack the enemy base to open a path for you, my soldiers! Follow me!

Having heard this, the Laputan soldiers replied in the loudest voice they had ever made in the history of the nation. 

“Yes, your Majesty!” 

They started to charge at the enemy base again. This time, they were in high spirits like no other. 


“Let’s move!” 

“Yes sir!” 

Podolski and Nieu, the leader of cat assassins, were dashing towards the Deathwin territory. 

About 100 members of the counter intelligence corps and cat assassins followed. 

“Deathwin is empty right now. Its defence should be loose, hence just the few of you should be enough to invade it.” Podolski recalled his previous conversation with Kang Chul-In.

“Why is that so? Isn’t it Aleister’s main base nonetheless?”

“Deathwin has no human inhabitants.” 


“Everyone from slaves to even the leader, is an undead.  There’s no way there’s a sophisticated social infrastructure there. The defence is bound to be loose. In actual fact, Aleister is the heart of Deathwin itself. 

“Y-You are right!” 

“Here is a rough map to the Nekromantik bay. Pretend to perturb the enemy from the back, then try to conquer this area. 

“Is it really enough with just the few of us? I mean, the defence may be loose but for such an important place, there’s bound to be alarm magic...” 

That’s why I’ve already put a helper on standby. Don’t worry about it.” 

“A helper? Who is it? How do we meet him…” 

“He will join you sooner or later. Just do as you are told.” 

“Yes, your Majesty.” 

“I’m leaving this to you, Podolski.”

“Yes, your Majesty!” 

That was all. 

Kang Chul-In had only handed over a simple map to Podolski and informed him that a helper is on standby. 

At that moment, 

“W-Wait for me!” 

“Sorry! I’m running late!” 

“Woof woof!”

An idiotic voice could be heard from the back, together with the barks of a cute dog. 

“…your Majesty.” Podolski frowned the moment he discovered the helper’s identity. 

His skills aside, that man was someone who couldn’t be trusted!


[Do you wish to activate the Hyper-precision Bombing?]

The artificial intelligence Loyalty suggested to Kang Chul-In, who was now flying towards the 18th peak on his Full Metal Dragon. 

“Hyper-precision Bombing?”

[It syncs with Laputa’s magic-engineered satellite and analyzes the GPS to reduce the margin of error.] 

“Oh-hoh.” This was technology commonly found in many artilleries, but the Full Metal Dragon’s attack was bound to be more precise due to its shorter attack range. One could say that it had a 100% precision rate. 

“Sounds good, so do it.” 

[Yes, your Majesty!]

Kang Chul-In activated the Hyper-precision Bombing. 

[Hyper-precision Bombing, activated!] 

[3,2,1… Fire!] 



The eight cannons mounted on the Full Metal Dragon breathed fire. 



The enemy base started to crumble, as the bombs were directed towards any clusters of undead monsters that could be detected. 

That side seems to be having some trouble. 

Kang Chul-In steered his joystick to move the Full Metal Dragon towards his soldiers, who were in midst of a tough battle. 


The Full Metal Dragon landed in between the undead monsters and the Laputa soldiers. 

-I shall make a path. 

Kang Chul-In’s voice was heard from the magic-engineered loudspeaker. 



The Full Metal Dragon then started to whip its tail ferociously and trampled the undead monsters. 

About 200 skeleton soldiers were smashed into pieces from its attacks. 


Kang Chul-In, satisfied once again, flew towards another region. 

Now to deal with the enemy turrets!

Aleister’s magic-engineered artilleries were his next target. 


The Full Metal Dragon breathed fire, turning Aleister’s magic-engineered artilleries into scraps in a matter of seconds. 

It was a pity to watch those expensive weapons get destroyed, but Kang Chul-In knew to forgo looting them to minimize his army’s casualties. 

Does this count as an easy victory? 

Kang Chul-In smiled inwardly. 

There was nothing that could stop this man. 

Deathwin did not possess a single unit that could challenge the Full Metal Dragon. 

In that case, this war could have a victor sooner than he thought. That is, if he managed to successfully dodge Aleister’s Death Calling. 


“W-What’s going on!? What’s happening!?” Aleister was close to having a breakdown. 

He thought of entering the battlefield to help, but the bone dragon prevented him from doing so. 

His main base was getting pummeled, but what could he do? 

Moreover, the Laputan soldiers were creeping closer to Omega the Fortress. The war had become completely one-sided. 

There’s no choice...

Without the reinforcements, it seemed hopeless for Deathwin. 


Aleister took out a black flute from an inner compartment of his robe. It was the Death Calling – the item that Kang Chul-In was so cautious about. 

“Alright Kang Chul-In! Let’s see if you, you bastard, can still survive after listening to this melody of death! You think you can escape death just because you own the bone dragon? Hehe… Kang Chul-In… even if I lose this war, this 18th peak shall become your grave!” 

Aleister let out a cunning smile and began to move. He was about to step out of Omega to face Kang Chul-In. 


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