Chapter 214: Preparations Complete

Everyone busily moved to prepare for the all-out attack. 

At the 18th base, Laputa’s army constantly knocked on Aleister’s doors. Back at home, engineers and technicians were working overtime to complete the Full Metal Project. 

Nilus and his magic troop were also immensely busy accomplishing their mission, which had their leader’s life on stake. 

“Focus.” Meanwhile, Kang Chul-In was in a lotus position, strengthening his brain power. He was practicing Oraclomind in his spare time. 

It was intense self-discipline indeed. However, it wasn’t surprising that he’d train. 

An Overlord had tons of duties to fulfill, so Kang Chul-In did not have much time to train usually, unless he used his spare time.

A few days passed by. The morning for the all-out attack finally came.

“Your Majesty.” Lucia cautiously entered Kang Chul-In’s tent. 

“Ah, you came.” Kang Chul-In broke his focus from Oraclomind and opened his eyes.

“You are amazing, your Majesty. How are you so diligent?”

“It’s nothing.” 

“Across the entirety of Pangaea, nobody should be as diligent as you, your Majesty. Isn’t it tiring?” 

“Well, that’s the life of an Overlord.” 

"Your Majesty…”

“When I tell myself that it’s my destiny, the fatigue strangely disappears.” Kang Chul-In replied nonchalantly. 

“Since it’s only natural for an Overlord.” 

It was hardly a b...

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