Chapter 211: Good News Incoming

“Urgh… Urghhhhhh!” Aleister shivered with rage and agony after his call with Vilhelm. 

Clatter, clatter…!

Aleister’s thin body, which was literally skin-and-bones, shook relentlessly. 

His anger was indeed justified. 

The loss at the third peak was just too grievous. 

Two thousand Igniters which he spent enormous fortune and effort on froze to death, while the Immortal Cavalry lost 50 phantom steeds before getting annihilated. 

Losing Quidor, his faithful right-hand man, was heartbreaking as well.  

But to top it all off… he learned something new which infuriated him. 

“Spectre knights! What the hell! That damn evil bastard!” He came to realize that the masked commander who burned his undead army to a crisp during the Fox Valley siege was none other than Kang Chul-In himself. 

“Since then… Why! What in the world!? What did I even do to you Kang Chul-In!?” The cry of the infuriated half-lich shook the whole hall. 

Aleister, who had no idea of the past, could never comprehend why Kang Chul-In disturbed him so much. He found it extremely unfair. 

Kang Chul-In, of course, paid no attention to Aleister’s stressful situation. 

“Alright then… let’s see who wins…! I promise to kill you and make you my slave… grrr!” Aleister...

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