Chapter 206: The Girl Awakens!

Everyone has had their heyday. 

This was true for Alfred as well, who appeared to be a mere old butler. 

Very long ago, there was a vampire who contested for the title of Vampire Lord with other true vampires. 

Alfred Northroad de Saedius!

As the most ferocious and vicious of the five contesters, he failed to become the Vampire Lord but was strong enough to carve fear into everyone’s heart, just like how Kang Chul-In did before his return! 

“Oi, maggot.” 

Alfred was no longer the gentle butler he previously was. Now a tyrant, he glared at Rothschild, flashing his sharp fangs. 

“Do I, Alfred Northroad de Saedius, look easy to you? Huh?” 


“To be belittled by this trash...”   

For a moment, Rothschild thought he saw a resemblance between Kang Chul-In and this old butler. He had the chills.

Kang Chul In had this overwhelming charisma and pride in him. It was as if he had the whole world under his control. 

Alfred also had this demeanor.  Like king, like subject.  

Maybe it was because Alfred was once a man who strived to become the best too. 

“You probably looked down upon me…” 

Blood-red light radiated from Alfred’s eyes, and his body simultaneously transformed at unbelievable speeds. Rothschild could not respond in time.  



His bones and muscles were twisted, 

Rip Rip! 

His skin turned inside out. 


Alfred let out a long breath and opened his eyes. 

The true vampire, after transformation, had a noble-like beauty. 

Pale, but spotless and wrinkle-less skin. 

Red, glowing lips. 

Snow white hair drooping down to his waist. 

Twitching muscles that had sculpture-like definition. 

And a pair of crimson-red eyes that looked almost as if blood would drip down at any moment. 

This appearance was truly that of Alfred, the true vampire, in his prime. 

“You mere butler….” Rothschild was about to say something, but Alfred’s speed in his true form was as fast as Kang Chul In’s. 


With a screeching sound, 

“What?” Alfred, who was already behind Rothschild, whispered in his ear. 

“Say that again.” 


“Go on.” 

His movement was too quick for Rothschild to even respond. 

“Hmm….” Alfred glanced over Rothschild and flicked his tongue. 

“…!” Rothschild shuddered from fear.  

“Let me have a taste.” 

Immediately, Alfred drove his fangs into Rothschild’s neck without mercy. 

A True Vampire like Alfred could suck blood from his victims without using his mouth, but he did that to give Rothschild a greater sense of fear and humiliation. 


This chilling sound could be heard. 

“Heuk, heuuukk…!”  Rothschild let out a strange moan. 

It was not a moan due to pain, but more so due to intense excitement and pleasure. 

This phenomenon was due to a characteristic trait of the vampire race. In order to easily suck blood from humans, vampires could release toxins through their fangs which paralyzed the victims and made them feel good. 


Alfred began to suck Rothschild’s blood.  


Rothschild struggled, letting out a moan comprising both pleasure and fear, but it was in vain. He was already poisoned. 

Some time passed. 

“What a terrible taste. Even your blood tastes disgusting.”  Alfred, who just finished sucking blood, glared at Rothschild in disdain. The blood must have tasted really bad. 

 “I will let you know your place.” 

Alfred grabbed Rothschild’s golden hair, and 


Smashed his face onto the ground. 

Alfred did not stop there. 

He squashed Rothschild’s face onto the ground and grinded it back and forth. His intention was to disfigure Rothschild so badly that nobody could recognize him. 

“Your Majesty!” 

“You evil vampire, how dare you?!” 

Soldiers of Cyamodus, who witnessed Rothschild getting destroyed helplessly, hastily charged towards Alfred with their various weapons. 


“Get lost.” 

Although these were elite soldiers, they were no match for Alfred, a true vampire. 

“Argh, Arrrrghhh!!!” 


Roughly 20 of Rothschild’s soldiers became victims of Alfred’s ‘psychic bloodsucking’, and collapsed onto the ground as withered corpses. This happened because their magic resistance was lower than 25%. 

“How dare you… make a fuss on the great grounds of Laputa? You measly trash?”  Alfred snickered. 


“I shall cut your head off and present it to my King. Hehe… How glad will he be?” 


Rothschild could not retaliate at all, even after having his face pulverized and being laughed at. He was perfectly subjugated by Alfred. 

“Kekeke… This is your end….” 

At this very moment, 


Alfred suddenly stopped moving. 


He collapsed onto the ground, clutching onto his chest. 

“Wha, what is this…?” 

“Well? I wonder what happened?” 


“Nobody taught you to avoid eating anything on the ground, Kang Chul-In’s dog?” 

This voice did not come from Rothschild’s body on the floor. 


Alfred turned around instantly. 

He saw two Rothschilds with cunning smiles on their faces. 


Alfred was shocked. 

He did hear of Rothschild’s secret from Kang Chul-In, but he never ever dreamed of Rothschild being able to manipulate several clones at once. 

“Butler… How would Kang Chul-In react if I kill you?” 

“Butler… How would Kang Chul-In react if I kill you?” The two Rothschilds spoke simultaneously. 

“Will he ever lament? Like a girl? Hmm… that’s unlikely, too bad. That bastard is not the type to sob just because his faithful servant died. I guess he will be furious? Raving around all mad?”  

“Will he ever lament? Like a girl? Hmm… that’s unlikely, too bad. That bastard is not the type to sob just because his faithful servant died. I guess he will be furious? Raving around all mad?”  

This was a pretty disgusting sight for Alfred. 

Rothschild – the former archrival-cum-nemesis of Kang Chul-In in the past... was mocking him. What’s more, two Rothschilds! Alfred was infuriated. 

“How dare you…!?” Alfred posed himself to attack the two Rothschilds. 



He vomited blue-black blood. 

“Da- Damn it! What the fuck…!?” 

“I wonder why?” 

Another Rothschild appeared and answered Alfred. This was the man’s fourth clone. 


“The blood of these clones is made from the deadly toxin of gorgatrises, rotten blood of elves, dirty swamp water, the body fluid of a zombie, and the cerebrospinal fluid of a foetus poisoned with mercury.” 


“Isn’t it obvious why it tastes horrible, just like what you’ve said?” 

Each and every single one of these ingredients was disgusting. Even a vampire could not digest these. 


Alfred groaned in pain. 

He struggled to get himself up but it was not easy. 

He tried to use Blood Heal to clear the toxins, but in vain. 

Even a True Vampire’s powerful healing abilities and toxin resistance were ineffective against the clone’s blood. Ironically, Alfred the true vampire got poisoned by blood. 

“I shall cut you up into pieces and send you to Kang Chul-In as a gift” 

The frontmost Rothschild started to move. 

“I will cut you into hundreds, no, thousands of pieces.” 

“I will cut you into hundreds, no, thousands of pieces.” 

The remaining two Rothschilds followed the main one and moved towards Alfred. 

Alfred Northroad de Saedius was facing the biggest crisis of his life. 


The main grounds of Laputa were getting destroyed, but its army continued to march. 

It was definitely a wise decision. 

Be it in the past or the present, Kang Chul-In faced difficulties due to Rothschild and Lee Gong-Myung’s trickeries. Sometimes, the crisis was great enough for him to draw back his army.

“If I keep wavering over these small things, there will be no end.” 

Kang Chul-In felt that whenever he started making moves in accordance to the enemy’s intentions, it was highly likely to be a loss. 

Moreover, turning the army back towards Laputa was meaningless. Rothschild would already have run away. 

“A sacrifice for the greater good.” 

If the fortress was destroyed and if his political subjects were dead, the future administration of Laputa would be extremely difficult. However, obtaining the 18 peaks was indisputably a better move. 

In addition, if Kang Chul-In happened to lose the war or withdrew his army, he may end up being stranded in Ishtar. 

There was a possibility that a proper alliance formed by Overlords could lynch him. 

Hence, a conquest should be unwavering and proceed without hesitation!

After all, it didn’t suit Kang Chul-In, the Conquest Lord, to withdraw his army while heading towards the enemy’s grounds. 

“Your Majesty, we searched everywhere but no signs of undead monsters can be seen. It seems like they have already escaped the underground and moved somewhere else.” Podolski, who went on patrol, reported.

“Are you sure? You checked everywhere?” 

“Yes, Your Majesty. 50 Mole Men searched the underground meticulously but found nothing.” 

“Ok. Good job.” Kang Chul-In was satisfied. 

These Mole Men were absorbed into his army during his past conquest of Overlord Gonzales. They were able to efficiently travel underground, and discover any ambush from undead monsters. In a sense, they were counters. 

The first line of high ground defense is not that solid. It shouldn’t be too hard. 

Kang Chul-In was optimistic. 

This was no arrogance, but a judgment made from a meticulous analysis of the geography using the Cosmic Force. 

After all, from the first to third peak, there was little strategic value in obtaining them. The enemies won’t struggle to defend those areas. 

“Men!!” Kang Chul-In, with his gaze set on the first hill of the 18 peaks, shouted voluminously. 

“Charrrrrge!!!” The soldiers of Laputa yelled. 


“Let’s go! Let’s go and destroy all of them!!!” 

“Long live the great Laputa!!!” 

“Long live your Majesty!!!” 

“Destroy all of them!!!” 

They began to charge, shouting with all their might. This announced the first of the many battles to conquer the 18 peaks! 


While the intoxicated Alfred was still in the midst of a crisis facing Rothschild, Laputa’s main ground was getting wiped out. 


“H- Help… Kuhuk!”  

The unexpected invasion of 500 of Cyamodus’ elite soldiers murdered Laputa’s soldiers without mercy. 

Moreover, they even killed innocent subjects and chambermaids.

“No, no!”

The Goblin administrative supply officer, Timothy, despaired over this unbelievable sight. 

It required at least 30 minutes for the standing army to arrive at the fortress. Meanwhile, nothing could be done. 

It didn’t help that all of the powerful generals that Laputa took pride in were all deployed in the war. 

To add on, Rothschild didn’t just bring his elite soldiers. 

“A mere Goblin, acting like a human?” 

The proud general of Cyamodus, Orteus the Spear Master, saw Timothy and frowned. 


Orteus shot his spear towards Timothy. 

And at that very moment!


A sword flew in from an unknown direction and hit Orteus’ spear, deflecting it. 

“How dare you?”

A chilling voice. 

A knight, fully armed in white armour, was glaring at Orteus with anger evident in his eyes. 

It was Mikael, the Commander of Knights, who was dispatched to Balnibarbi, a satellite city of Laputa. 


Our Fortress… Mine and Father’s house…!  

Arshelly was furious. 

It was already exasperating enough to witness Rothschild and Vilhelm destroy South Korea – Kang Chul-In’s home nation - with their scandalous Dungeon Gate incident, but now they are even doing this to Laputa? 

The Princess of Laputa could watch no longer. 


Arshelly clenched her firsts firmly. 

“Never… I’m never going to let them be!!!” 

As soon as she finished talking, Arshelly was enveloped in a swirl of bright light. 

Something incredible happened. 

If Kang Chun-In was there, even he would have been shocked. Arshelly Berlineta Pon Aurangzeb, the Imperial Princess with unknown potential, had finally begun to show her true powers. 

At the center of it all was nothing other than ‘growth’ itself. 

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