Chapter 199: A great shift in power (pt. 4)

“It’s been a while, Overlord Albrecht Vilhelm.”

Kang Chul-In laughed, smiling at his former enemy.

To be completely honest, Albrecht Vilhelm was a hundred times more dangerous and resourceful than Alex Rothschild.

Rothschild was someone who lived off of his family’s ridiculous amount of money and the help of Lee Gong-Myung’s strategies. 

Snake-like bastard…

But Albrecht Vilhelm was different.

Internal affairs, money, and strategy. He was good at all of it.

“I’ve received your present well.”

Kang Chul-In said, smirking.

“It was truly a good one.”

-I never gave you a present though… Oh, if you’re talking about the specialty of our territory that we sent this time…


Kang Chul-In interrupted.

“That was you.”

-No, it wasn’t.

“Are you really going to deny it, even when there’s so much evidence?”

-Of course not.

Albrecht Vilhelm’s expression didn’t change at all.

-I think you’re misunderstanding something, Overlord Kang Chul-In.

“Is that so?”

-Of course. Why would I touch the 1st ranked Overlord? What’s good will happen for me if that happens?


-And if I were behind it, why would I send an envoy over to you? Minerva is the best, most trusted diplomat I have. 

Even though Kang Chul-In nearly went speechless, he didn’t show his anger. 

“Is that so…? But…”


“How are you going to explain monsters that appeared in Seoul that are natives of your territory?”


“Or will you stop denying it if I write up a list of the monsters and send it to you?”

At these words, Albrecht Vilhelm’s face stiffened.

My god… I knew I would get caught, but this quick?

He tried to deny it.

-Overlord Kang Chul-In, it really wasn’t me.


-It seems like we’ve been played by Alex Rothschild’s words.

Albrecht Vilhelm gave out an excuse that Kang Chul-In had already expected would come out.

“Still denying it, huh?”

-That’s right. A few months ago, I got an offer from Alex Rothschild where I lent him some dungeons so that he could level up. I would give him places to fight in return for money. I…

“Stop with that bullshit, you crazy bastard.”


“Who do you think you’re lying to?”

Kang Chul-In swore.

-O… On what basis are you…

“Are you joking around with me?”


“You’re saying that you lent him dungeons so that he can level up while you were having a dogfight with him over the Esmerelda territory?”



Kang Chul-In continued, remembering what happened in the past.

“How are you going to explain supporting Aleister, then? Your second wife, Fei Mei, is Ao Xin’s little sister, right? The two of you, I bet you allied due to that marriage.”

-How does that have to do with…

“Of course it has to do with it, you bastard.”

Kang Chul-In growled.

“I heard that Ao Xin gave 10,000 soldiers over to Aleister’s territory under the name of Alex Rothschild. You think I didn’t know that?”


“Stop pretending even when you know everything. You were trying to block my way by using Alex Rothschild and Lee Gong-Myung. You also tried to use Overlord Ao Xin’s troops that were given to Aleister to prevent me from expanding east.”


“Even while fighting against Alex Rothschild, you were scared of me. And that was the same for Alex Rothschild.”

At this point, it was difficult for Albrecht Vilhelm to continue and deny.

How… did he plant a spy or something?

Even though it made sense that Kang Chul-In could have heard of the fight over the Esmerelda territory through the news, that wasn’t the case for the other things.

Where the monsters were from.

His marriage with Fei Mei, Ao Xin’s little sister.

Helping Aleister.

As if I wouldn’t know.

Looking at Vilhelm who was visibly taken aback, Kang Chul-In laughed.

“Well, here’s my response to your present.”


“I sent you a present.”

At that moment, Albrecht Vilhelm’s Bifrost territory received a box.

-What is this? Don’t tell me it’s a bomb…

“As if. What, are you scared or something? I mean… I guess if you’re scared…”

-I’ll open it.

Angered by Kang Chul-In’s taunting, Vilhelm opened the box.


He was shocked.

-M… Minerva!

Because inside the box… was Minerva’s head.


Dragonia Mountain range, otherwise known as the Himalayas of Pangaea.

At the highest peak, a black dragon was resting.


The dragon angrily breathed out flames, burning one side of the lair.

-What bastard…

The dragon had already been angry for a couple of months.

It was because some damned bastard had broken off the top of its lair, and ran away. 

-Hu… since I’m awake anyway… Pinefly, on!

Feeling that it was almost fully awake and its body capabilities were at least at 90%, the black dragon turned the system of the cave on.

-Pinefly, ON!

A screen popped up in front of the dragon.

[Master, you’ve awoken.]

-How long was I asleep for?

[The time master has been asleep for is… 1001 years, 9 months, 21 days, 13 hours, 48 minutes and 3 seconds.]

-So, do you have the recorded screen for who or what hit the ceiling?

[There are 291,234 cases.]

As expected of the system, it had recorded everything that gave the lair even the tiniest bit of damage.

-Play the files. The one that made the rock fall on us.

[That’s impossible.]


[Due to an error, that file cannot be played.]

-Why not?

[Due to a thousand years passing, the system has become weaker. In order to watch that specific video, there is a need to take a look at each file…]

-Then show me the latest…

[The order has been messed up for the recorded videos.]

-So… I have to look through 291,234 videos in order to see who did that? All of them?

[Yes, but if your luck is good, then the first video might…]

-Shut up, you useless system.

But the black dragon didn’t give up.

-Whatever… I’ll start today.

It was as expected for the black dragon, which was famed to have the worst and most violent personality out of all dragons.

-Then, what should I do with the remaining time?

The black dragon wondered.

[Why not go out and have some fun?]

The Pinefly system said.

-Hmm… that doesn’t sound bad.

The dragon nodded.

It wasn’t a bad idea to travel around the Pangaea continent since it had woken up anyway. After all, it could go through the videos whenever it was free.

-Fine, I’ll do that then.

Saying that, the black dragon, or more accurately Desdemona’s, body started to turn brighter.

It was the sign that it was going to polymorph.

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